General Info
Groups are comprised of at least four (including the leader) vampires or weres. Were groups can only be made up of weres of the same species, such as bears, tigers, alligators, etc. Should your group fall below four total members, your group has a three month long grace period to recruit someone by whatever means necessary, or else lose group magic and their claim on their territory. If the leader leaves the group or falls inactive, this grace period remains the same!

Vampires and weres can each sense when a territory is claimed by their respective races, but they can not sense claims made by other supernatural races. Humans and psychics will have no sense of a territory being claimed. Vampires and weres are also able to sense whether or not another individual of their race is in a group or not. They can only sense the specific group, however, if that group is also their own.


Leading a group is kind of a big deal! While recruits may help put in the legwork, leaders have the final say on territory and hub location and are often responsible for handling mishaps, spats, and keeping their pals in the loop of supernatural goings-on. (Learn more about what in-game powers leaders have here.)

As a player of a leader, you’ve got a little added responsibility, too! Real life comes first, but your leader may have other characters coming to them for help on occasion, so it’s important to keep in mind that you could find yourself in some surprise threads. If a group member needs your character’s assistance, but you’re unable to have an IC interaction about it for any reason, be sure to communicate this and seek a compromise.

A lively leader can really lift the spirit of a group. Consider ways to thread together as a group (full moons, holidays, etc.) and take the time to have your leader get to know their members. Groups formed on strong in-character bonds tend to last the longest and are most likely to appeal to new characters as well!

Ranks and roles (such as seconds/regents and soldiers/venators) can support the needs and duties of leaders and serve as a helping hand to the whole group! The more people your group has, the better it is to fill these supporting slots with folks who fit the bill. It can keep things running more smoothly, or at least dampen the flames in your beloved dumpster fire. (Learn more about ranks and roles here!)

Players can lead a maximum of three groups at once.

Current Groups

The following groups are currently active on Passing Strange:
Group Creation, Takeover, or Dissolution

Creating a Group

So, you’re ready to lead a group, are you? Great! The requirements are pretty simple, and are as follows:

Recruit your people!

You’ll need at least three members plus your leader. You can have individual threads with each or lump them all together in one big party thread. Just make sure they agree to join your treehouse club. (You'll need four separate players to count for the four members needed to make a group.)

Option 1: Check out the territory you want to claim and find a place to act as your headquarters!

This requires three total threads: one in the forum of your desired territory and two in your desired hub. The leader must be in at least two of these threads, one of which can also be an "open" thread that doesn't require another future group member.

The third can be two (or more!) future group members without their leader if you'd like. All members must have agreed to join in advance in order to count for a scoping thread! (If the territory you’re interested in is already claimed, reach out to that leader’s player to talk about the details of sharing… or struggling to share! And don't forget to work them out IC, too.)

Group hub location creation follows into the same rules as creating other sub-locations: They should be places that a variety of characters will want to (and be able to) post at! Hubs can be brand new locations or a takeover of an existing (unowned) one; the process will be the same.

Option 2: Pass on claiming a territory and focus on your friends!

Not every group wants to claim land; sometimes you want to work more low key. If your group prefers to live without being tethered to any specific place, you can skip claiming entirely!

This does come at a cost: without a territory, leaders can’t utilize powers tied to their territory. For example, a domina without a territory can’t dead sleep vampires “in their territory” because they don’t have one claimed. A king can’t sense rogues “in his territory” when he doesn’t have one.

In order to start a group without claiming territory, you’ll need three threads with at least two potential members who have already agreed to join bonding together. (It can’t be the same two members in every thread, and leaders only need to be involved for two of the three threads.) At least one of the threads should involve shifted time for weres or a hunt for vampires!

If you’d like to claim a territory later, you can follow the steps in option 1 with your already established group members, then let staff know.

Get approved!

Send your strange staffers a direct message on Discord with the links to all these completed threads, along with the following:
  • The desired name of your group
  • A name and description of your hub (if you're claiming territory), a list of group rules, and a small blurb about the leader
  • The hex code for the color you’d like to represent your group name
  • A pretty banner image for your group page (optional)!
Now: PARTY! Once your group has been approved and is set up, gather your mates to celebrate your shiny new group magic feelings!

Taking Over an Existing Group

Some people are just not meant to be leaders. If your character finds that is a case with the leader of their species’ group, there’s something they can do about it!

Please note, in the event of a group leader simply going inactive or otherwise leaving, these requirements don’t apply - group members can simply decide who their new leader will be if applicable, or, you know, hash it out.

  • Issue a challenge! Have your character inform the current group leader that they intend to take over leadership of the group.
  • You feelin’ lucky, punk? Figure out whether the current leader is willing to fight for their throne, or if they’re going to step down peacefully. If it’s a fight you want, all group members must be informed of the time, location, and nature of the fight, so that they may come observe if they so desire. Participants of the fight must respond within seven days for each round or the fight will be forfeit.
  • Restructure, or not. Whoever wins the fight becomes, or remains, the group leader. It’s up to the player and their character as to what happens to the loser, and any in-game changes around things like group rules and hubs should be taken to a staffer to get your page edited accordingly!
Learn more about challenges here!

Dissolving Groups

Sometimes, things just don’t work out. Should your supernatural group fall below four total members - whether it’s due to someone being marked inactive or some sort of IC fall out - the group has three months to recruit new members to keep the magic flowing. In the event that things don’t pan out that way, the magic falls apart, and the territory claim disappears. This can feel saddening or disappointing, but fret not! Your characters’ stories don’t have to end here - in fact, the loss of this magical bond can create some juiciness for writing.

In the event that this shattered group should rebuild down the line, the thread requirements for patching up are a little different from creating a brand new group from scratch, with a few conditions: a former group member must still be in ownership of the group’s former hub, and they must be attempting to re-claim the same territory. The steps for rebuilding are as follows:
  • Recruit your people IC! Remember, you need four total members including the leader for the official group.
  • Have two reestablishment threads featuring at least two of your already-agreed members! For groups claiming land, threads can both take place in the group’s hub, out about in the territory, or one in each. For groups without land, they can happen anywhere, but one must include shifted time for weres or a hunt for vampires. Just get your claws back in that meaty magic!
That’s it! Get the gang back together!