Ridgefield's Pacts
These psychic groups have shed sweat, blood, and tears to become stronger together. They're now capable of reversing turnings, healing twice as fast, super special aura detection, swapping powers, and more!

Flower Pow-er Pact
founded Oct. 2022

Catriona Wood
Plant Manipulation Shielding Toxikinesis
Avienne Bellamy
Necromancy Detonation
Ruby Hughes
Terrakinesis Adaptation
Heather Hill
Telekinesis Summoning

Glitter Bomb Pact
founded Sep. 2021

Rika Venäläinen
Psycometry Toxikinesis Invisibility
Vanessa Anderson
Pyrokinesis Electrokinesis
Grace Lee
Projection Teleportation Acoustics

founded Dec. 2022

Agostina Sartore
Ferrokinesis Terrakinesis
Oliver Wyvern
Pyrokinesis Healing
Oscar Zhao
Electrokinesis Swiftness

Pop Rock Pact
founded March 2022

Ariadne Valis
Terrakinesis Electrokinesis Telepathy
Finlay Nelson
Animal Manipulation
Zachary Ellis
Hydrokinesis Teleportation Illusion