Jade Fox Intermediate Were Tiger
Basic Information
Name Jade Fox
Pronouns She/Her
Age 39
Birthday April 29
Height 5'2''
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Emilie de Ravin
Residence Location Rice Bluff
Occupation Searching
Vehicle 2013 Honda Fit
Vampire Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Green
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Animal Appearance Played by Toph of the Wildheart Animal Sanctuary, details by Rose! <3

  • Intelligent and strategic; a natural tactician
  • Very chatty; big on chuffing and mooing
  • Social butterfly
  • Weirdly comfortable in urban environments

Jade calls her Foxy to confuse people
  • Dyes her hair back to blonde after every good full moon, lets it natural if something bad happened
  • Often wears tiger striped clothes for fun
  • Bite mark scar on her left ring finger, fades a little with every shift
  • Enjoys time alone, pushes herself to be more social for her tiger’s sake
  • Keen sense of observation
  • Easily suspicious of others, puts herself self
  • Loyal once trust is earned
  • Sarcastic when comfortable with someone
  • Not always caring about consequences
  • Only child of a well-off family on the East coast, last name and town lost to history
  • Ran away from home at 17 with her high school sweetheart
  • They tried to make things work, she got a waitress job in a diner
  • And he made some... suspicious friends, then had a personality change that made him more aggressive and overall unpleasant
  • One day was an argument, the other a proposal
  • But in lieu of an engagement ring, she came home one evening to a tiger in their apartment, who bit her left hand, stealing two fingers
  • And her humanity
  • Turned out the suspicious friends were all weres and one of them had turned her boyfriend a few months ago
  • They joined the group, in which she was the only woman
  • Things were okay though, and their was a new hope of fixing things between her and her boyfriend, and maybe even start a family
  • Their relationship never fully recovered from this, being an on and off thing, but still caring for each other through it all
  • The first few years were tough, but the group, despite being often harsh, helped them both through it
  • After she started remembering her shifted time, she made a point of going for wilderness strolls out of the full moon period to develop the bond between her and the beast
  • In her early twenties she went from diner jobs to bartending, enjoying the precision needed to create drinks
  • As she grew more confident, she started being more vocal in the group, trying to defuse conflicts and redirect the energy towards sparring.
  • The idea of leaving and trying the solo life was starting to sound appealing sometimes, but this was her family now, and more importantly her tiger's, who thrived in the company of others
  • She was fulfilled in her solo adventures with the monthly extra shift, getting closer and closer to the city, learning to navigate it
  • Successfully "convincing" a nomadic vampire group to keep going and not get settled in town got the tiger leader to officially claim it for the group and install a strict "tigers only" rule
  • Years passed, and on one of her solo adventures, she met a werelionness and promptly escorted her out of town, with a few slaps and nibbles
  • They became friends despite this rocky first meeting and would hang out a lot
  • Despite her asking for an exception to be made for her friend, she was still attacked by the leader one fateful night and didn't survive the attack
  • It was then that she decided she would leave, but her boyfriend wanted to try something different: a challenge for leadership. Despite asking him not to do, he issued the challenge and got killed in the process
  • This was the last straw
  • Maybe there would never be a child in her life, but this group was not the right place for this anyway
  • So she left the state and changed her name
  • Starting at this point, she lived only one year in a place, and then moved on
  • If at first it was to avoid being found, after a while it became a quest to find the Right Place
  • She took self-defense classes along the way to consolidate what she already knew from sparring and got good enough to teach the basis as well
  • Arrived in Ridgefield in May of 2024 and looking forward to see if Colorado had this special something she was looking for
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