Kali Ito Intermediate Were Serval
Basic Information
Name Kali Ito
Pronouns She/Her
Age 24
Birthday Dec 14
Height 5'4
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Mao Yanqi
Residence Location Ridgefield
Occupation Location Camp Baron
Occupation Ranger @ Pine Peak Bed and Breakfast
Vehicle 2000 Subaru Outback
Vampire Stats
Age turned 19
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 19
Supernatural Eye Color Green
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 19
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Animal Appearance
  • 33 Inches at shoulder. 48 inches head-to-tail. 11 inches tail length. 42 pounds weight.
  • Tall but lean, definitely representative of a standard female serval.
  • Graceful movements with emotive and large ears.
  • Buff color base with traditional black stripes and spots.
  • Dense underbelly fur with a shorter coat on top.
  • Reference
  • Hygiene is her top priority. Clean hair, skin, and clothes.
  • Walks about with a very laid-back confident air.
  • Medium length black hair. Brown eyes.
  • Acrylic nails and makeup are common.
  • Left hand and knuckles tattooed.
  • Typically dresses a bit rough around the edges or with some streetwear inspiration.
  • Very stubborn with an eagerness to be in charge of situations.
  • Quick to anger and slow to forgive.
  • Skeptical of strangers. Especially non-weres.
  • Always on board with the wrong things.
  • Just generally reckless and rebellious.
  • Spoiled single child growing up on the outskirts of Seattle. Very average childhood, excelled more at the extracurricular classes.
  • Stayed in the area after graduation. Primarily worked downtown in malls at makeup stores and booths.
  • Definitely thought she could make it big. Be someone's personal makeup artist or something.
  • Just ended up developing a little bit of a party lifestyle. One late night she took a shortcut home which was a bad idea.
  • Thought she had found a weird stray cat and tried to take it home. Ended up pretty badly scratched which led to infection from...a Wereserval.
  • Shakily navigated things with the help of some other rogue cats. Managed to sort of relearn a more normal lifestyle.
  • Eventually ended up moving due to personal desires. Found a comfy place in a corner of this place.
  • Found a pretty nifty roomie named Jimmy. Basically her personal hype man.
  • Discovered another serval named Ox. A giant grouch who she's managed to tolerate and be tolerated by.
  • Gets a lot closer with Ox and a lot stronger too.
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