River Moore Human
Basic Information
Name River Moore
Pronouns She/Her
Age 23
Birthday March 1
Height 5'10
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Courtney Eaton
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Valencia
Occupation Shop Clerk - The Akelarre Apothecary
Vehicle Public Transportation
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Animal Appearance
  • Medium brown hair.
  • Cottage-core aesthetic in clothing.
  • Only has her ears pierced, otherwise free of body modifications.
  • Is not oblivious to the world and its dangerous, but prefers to play willful ignorance.
  • Would always rather go out than stay in. Has no qualms with making quick friends with people.
  • A little tangle of (very lightly) crunchy and spiritual.
  • Youngest in a set of four. Her family moved from Utah to Colorado when she was young, doesn't remember it.
  • Her family settled down in the Ridgefield County area for some time. Middle class but things were certainly tight with four growing kids.
  • Left town for a little while after graduating but recently moved back home. Had dropped out of college due to a mix of failing and missing home.
  • So living at home with just her parents and working in the town over at an apothecary.
  • Desperate to experience Ridgefield County in a new light with its supernatural new wave glory and her adulthood.
  • Working at The Akelarre Apothecary pre-approved by Jesk.
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