Lorena Sousa Common Were Hyena
Basic Information
Name Lorena Sousa
Pronouns she/her
Age 26
Birthday Jun 25
Height 5'5
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Karol Queiroz
Residence Location Cheyenne Point
Occupation Location Hawknell
Occupation Bar Tender @ The Terrace
Vehicle Public Transportation
Group Beaver Ditch Cackle
Vampire Stats
Age turned 25
Supernatural Eye Color Blue
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 25
Supernatural Eye Color Blue
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 25
Supernatural Eye Color Blue
Animal Appearance ➤ SPOTTED YEEN
➤ Height: 4.5 feet at shoulder
➤ Length: 8 feet nose to tail tip
➤ Weight: 180 lb.
Reference Image
Eye Color
➤ Somewhat slight in stature, with less than perfect posture.
➤ Freckle-faced with meticulously maintained eyebrows; sometimes wears makeup, but keeps it simple.
➤ Hair bounces around various shades of auburn, and is trimmed up to her shoulders occasionally, but seems to grow quicker these days.
➤ Clothing priorities are comfort over style, but can clean up well. Tends to spice it up behind the bar.
➤ Has a smattering of disconnected tattoos on her left arm.

➤ Scars:
⦾ Sports turning scars on her upper left arm, two rows of puncture marks on the inner and outer bicep, and more of the same on her left shoulder.
⦾ Has several silver scars from this thread: A deep, sideways groove in her tongue, a silvery two-inch line on the ridge of her right cheek, a T-shaped half-cross on her lower sternum, and a roughly two-inch line on the upper inner bicep of each arm.
➤ Has a tendency to be a bit awkward with new people or uncertain situations, but warms up with time.
➤ Largely friendly but typically guarded, slow to reveal certain parts of herself or her life; frequently a liar.
➤ Prone to nervousness, and sometimes makes decisions out of fearfulness.
➤ Non-confrontational in nature, tending to bow to the tide rather than go against the grain - though having a hyena in her head may make her snappy.
➤ Good at finding trouble: has poor impulse control, a knack for making bad decisions, and a dollop of self-loathing.
➤ Born in Sorocaba, Brazil in 1994. Parents moved to Los Alamos, New Mexico in 1997.

➤ Pretty typical childhood until the age of ten, when she discovered her first power during a temper tantrum - she meant to push her bookshelf in front of her door to keep her parents out and caused it to explode instead.

➤ Neither she nor her parents knew how to explain this, and did their best to keep it a secret and discouraged Lorena from using it as much as possible.

➤ As teenage hormones began, her parents dished out disgusting amounts of money putting her through anger management and putting her on medication meant to smother any risk of temper. She navigated much of her high school years like a zombie.

➤ Barely graduated, scraping past the threshold into adulthood with a strong C- average across the board. Stopped taking her medication shortly after, much to her parents' chagrin. Spent the next year or so clawing through a cycle of trying not to take the pills and then taking too many, so on and so forth. Suffice to say a few explosions happened.

➤ Things remained tense and stressful for a while as her parents struggled with their debt, property damage, and regret for their daughter who seemed hopelessly lost.

➤ At the age of 21, Lorena was approved for student loans and accepted into a public state university, majoring in mechanical engineering.

➤ Dropped out with a hefty lump of her own debt in the fall of 2017.

➤ With plenty of bad blood in her home, despite having a slightly better grip on her power, Lorena threw a proverbial dart at the map in the early summer of 2019 and landed in Colorado in June.

➤ Developed the power of necromancy shortly after moving to Colorado, having flu-like symptoms for several weeks, and struggled to make sense of it.

➤ In mid November, Lorena accidentally blew up the nightclub Barbarian with her imprint power after being cornered by someone she can't remember.

➤ November 27th, 2019, she followed a ghost into Las Almas and ended up witnessing a pair of hyenas shifting - she was promptly given an ultimatum, die or be turned.

➤ New Years Eve of 2019, she shifted in the company of Mateo and attacked him. After several weeks of post-fallout silence, they made amends.

➤ Is currently, albeit slowly, rebuilding her life around her new identity as a hyena.
➤ Goes by Lora outside of work
➤ Fluent in Portuguese, speaks a little bit of Spanish very poorly, no accent when speaking English.
➤ Builds little robots for fun sometimes
Allergic to walnuts
Apartment Reference
➤ Keeps a lighter on her person
Blue eye photo manips by Raylee <3
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