Waylin Reed Intermediate Were Fox
Basic Information
Name Waylin Viktor Reed
Pronouns he • him
Age 30
Birthday December 19
Height 5'10 / 177.5cm
Eyes Supernatural
Face Claim Dylan O'Brien
Residence Location Valencia
Occupation Location Other
Occupation Private Investigator
Vehicle Kawasaki Motorcycle (2021)
Vampire Stats
Age turned Eighteen
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned Eighteen
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned Eighteen
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
Animal Appearance
  • Red Fox - Vulpes vulpes (Melanistic Variant)
  • Shoulder Height: 30" (2.5ft // 76.2cm) || Length (Snout to Tail Tip): 75" (6.25ft // 190.5cm) || 54lbs (24.5kg)
  • With a dark dorsal stripe that runs down the length of his back, starting from the base of the neck and extending to the tail, the black fur fades to a white tip on his tail. The dark fur extends from his chest, down his front legs, stomach, and back legs with shades of red fur splattered throughout the dark fur at his sides, inner ears, and base of his tail.
  • Animal Size Comparison (Height): Standard German Shepherd
  • Reference Photo (Cross Fox)


  • May be more human than animal unless under heavy stress, then the animal brain takes over.
  • The fox is a curious creature, but like any wild animal, he can lash out if startled. He will often cause chaos/mischief that winds him in trouble rather than bite, but don't let that face fool you.
  • He detests chili peppers, peppermint, and, to an extent, eucalyptus, which are all great ways to get on his wrong side/shoo him off.
  • More often than not, the fox will attach itself to someone it likes which plays a vital part in interacting with others in the human form; however, this also goes for individuals the fox doesn't trust. If there are bad vibes, getting Waylin to trust will be hard.


  • NONE ( open to turnings )
  • Is he a Lumberjack with all that plaid? Homeless with all the layers? Who knows?
  • Is he a teen? An adult? Depends on if he decides to shave his facial hair (likes the stubble)
  • Zero poker face when it comes to hiding his emotions...too expressive
  • A gnarly looking scar on his right wrist/forearm where he was bitten by a werefox
  • Random splatter of freckles and moles from head to toe
  • Hair tends to be messy, does whatever it wants but will never touch shoulder length
  • Silver (Supernatural) Eyes + Eye Shine when light crosses his eyes: Increased Light Sensitivity
  • Sharper Teeth
  • Fidgets, always constantly moving about; undiagnosed ADHD
  • Stubborn. Stubborn. Stubborn. Oh, yeah, did I mention Stubborn?
  • He's a dork through and through, someone who loves to ramble about random (mainly useless) information
  • Tends to attach himself to nice people easily despite his skepticism due to feeling lonely
  • Earn his respect, and you have someone loyal for life, very passionate in protecting who he deems family/friends
  • Can be jealous/possessive of people getting close to 'his' person (refrains from romance due to this, but please love him)
  • Open to any friendship whether they are human or not; no bias towards species because everyone has a story to tell; just cautious around humans for fear of turning them in a freak accident
  • Nosy (and hyper fixates on interests) to a fault, which led him to become a Private Investigator
  • While he likes to plan things down to detail, he can also be brash/impatient and just wing whatever he has his mind set on accomplishing
  • Enjoys sparring, often finds it a way to comfort his inner beast (as well as himself) without shifting and keeps him on his toes
  • Born in a small cabin in Fernie, British Colombia (Canada) to Camille Dubois [French Canadian] and Lev Dubois (né Morozov) [Russian].
  • Grew up as an only child and wanted siblings, but his parents were lucky in conceiving him; Multilingual Household
  • Bitten at eighteen after helping a wounded fox trapped in a snare (he didn't notice the size, okay?)
  • Due to fear of hurting his parents, he shortly ran away from home after his first shift, which was agonizing
  • Started to develop abandonment issues and attached too easily, which meant easy moments of vulnerability with not-so-nice people.
  • Moved to the States via Hitchhiking; Stayed at shelters until he got back on his feet (Montana)
  • Found a family of bobcats that took him under their wing to help learn about being a Were
  • Changed his name to Waylin Reed (né Nikolai Dubois); Started Community College & Graduated with a degree in Criminal Justice (Montana)
  • He managed to make a few friends, but none stuck after graduation; the family of bobcats moved, leaving Waylin to find his own footing once more as he felt it no longer necessary to stay with them
  • Joined the local police department, which lasted a year before people started to ask where he ran off to on full moons - decided it was time to pack up and move (Montana)
  • It also didn't help that the police environment was hard on an inexperienced shifter. He dealt with too many close encounters and thought it was best to avoid joining another department.
  • Backpacked across the states taking odd jobs and requests - frequently finding peace in helping others while he felt so alone/empty
  • Settled in Wyoming for a few years, where he earned a Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology
  • Realized after seeing one too many missing person flyers, he wanted to be a Private Investigator to help families find closure (hypocritical of his history of leaving his parents with only a note)
  • Continued to cross the country for cases, most being missing persons, but other investigative work was acquired because money is necessary and some jobs are easier to close than missing persons
  • Eventually found his way to Colorado, more specifically Ridgefield County, where he's been living for the past two years
  • Finally Decided to date someone in July
  • Became a Stuck Were in October
  • Boyfriend Dies in November
  • Becomes lost on what to do and finds himself celebrating his 30th birthday with a jaguar in December
  • January: Nothing but worked on his Mental State <3
  • February: Matthias (New Fox Friend + 1st New Fox in Years)
  • March: Participated in Fight Night (Didn't Win)
  • April: Solar Eclipse (Bleh); Decided he wants to Build a House
  • May: Met Bree (5/3) - gave an interview & personalities clicked from the start; visited California; met Malaya (2nd fox); ran into his adopted sister Emiko, who he hadn't seen in like 8 years; decided to team up with Karim to form an Investigation Agency (hopefully); meets Dottie Mae (a 3rd fox!!!); starts a relationship with Bree after a lengthy discussion (5/23); finished the house sketches but now has to figure out if Valencia is where he wants his permanent home!
  • June: Bree's Birthday (5/5); House Project Starts;
Emiko Mochizuki Adopted Sister; A lot of missed time to make up for; Good but a little Rocky
Eden Palmer Pseudo Sister; Confidant
Bree Frell Girlfriend (5/23/24); Potential Future Progeny; Potential Future Skulk Member; Confidant
Matthias Cooper Unrealized Bestest Best Friend; Future Skulk Relation: TBD
Malaya Perez Friend; Newbie Fox; Future Skulk Relation: Member
Pascale Proulx Friend; Easy Target for Short Jokes
Arianell Swann Ex-Therapist turned Friend/Cooking Student!
Grace Lee Queen Psychic; Friendly; Contact for any/all Psychic Needs
Newton Ellison A fellow sad man?? Shared Near-Death Experience; Potential Friends?
Ingrid Thompsen Princess of a Pride; Friendly; Potential Leader Confidant??
Amelia Hale Long Distance Best Friend; Moved to California
Byx Duncan Friend; Left after finishing College
Simon Vass Ex-Dead Boyfriend. Loved him, but started to realize the relationship was toxic and should have stayed friends. (RIP 11/21/23)
Asha Rao Unaware of her new status as a human, Waylin met Asha during his stint as a fox. His brawl with her resulted in him returning to human life, and he found a kindred spirit that appeared to understand him more than anyone else. Some guilt layered here, and he doesn't know how to reach out or if he should after their last encounter.
Abraham Barlet Yikes. Uncomfortable. Best to avoid.
Holly Hopper Newt's Friend; Unknown Relationship; Friendly
Sienna Rousseau Sad Stranger; Invested in seeing her become her own person; Fox Friend
Ezra Downer Friendly (Would like to become Friends)
Minx Rucker Frenemy
  • Previously known as Nikolai Viktor Dubois
  • Speaks: French (Intermediate), Russian (Intermediate), American Sign Language (Intermediate), Japanese (Beginner), & English
  • Panromantic Bisexual
  • Blood Type: AB-
  • Bachelor's Degree in Criminal Justice; Master's Degree in Forensic Psychology
  • Efficient in Melee & Hand-to-Hand Combat
  • Condo Floorplan
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