Iago Mora-Padron Intermediate Were Lion
Basic Information
Name Iago Evardo Mora-Padron
Pronouns He/Him
Age 41
Birthday Mar 9
Height 5' 5
Eyes Supernatural
Face Claim Diego Luna
Residence Location Cheyenne Point
Occupation Location Cheyenne Point
Occupation Carpentry
Vehicle 2008 Subaru Legacy [black]
Group Sunset Point Pride
Vampire Stats
Age turned 31
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 31
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 31
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
Animal Appearance
  • Dark mane, golden fur, lavender eyes
  • On the smaller size for a werelion, he is heavily maned but otherwise lithe
  • Stats: 9 ft long, plus 3 ft of tail. 485 lbs, 5 ft at shoulder
  • Reference!
  • "Kočka!" or "Kočička!"
  • His irises are permanently his lion's shade of lavender
  • His canine teeth are nearly an inch long on top and three quarters of that on bottom, unreasonably lion-like
  • There's a rowl around the edges of his words when he gets worked up but otherwise manages to sound basically normal
  • His fingernails are also pale, curved claws which he typically clips and files on his right hand and leaves sharp on his left--it's a choice
  • Short and slender, though athletic, he sees plenty of sun as well
  • Doesn't crop his hair very short, ever, alternating between growing it out a bit and cleaning up--but tidies up pretty well and keeps his beard in check nearly always
  • Dresses in jeans and other practical ways--favors items with hoods, and generally has very questionable fashion sense for a man of his age (someone's slowly correcting this)
  • Speaks English very well but has an inescapable accent
  • Not afraid to do the wrong thing, but usually believes it's for the right reason--looks out for others, but also his own interests
  • Not always as truthful as he should probably be, often secretive
  • Rowdy and energetic, at home or abroad, struggles with boredom
  • Hates being told what to do, or how to do it, you're special if you can make him listen to you regularly
  • Is not a leader, is not the greatest follower, really dislikes rules as a concept
  • Enjoys high places and a fair bit of risk--adrenaline is a hell of a drug
  • He hates being thought of as soft, but he really, really is
  • Born in 1980 in Monterrey, Mexico, middle child of seven, his father a rather well-off architect
  • Iago grew up knowing he had to work for what he earned
  • Was the kid who bullied the bullies at school, especially in protection of his siblings
  • Eventually left Mexico in his mid-twenties to study mechanical engineering in Georgia, and did well there until the girl he was crushing on (but who refused to give him the time of day) decided she was going to go do a service project in South America--he signed up with her
  • Spent a while learning carpentry and other structure building techniques and found he actually really enjoyed it--thought about staying
  • Also did a lot of exploring, which was ultimately to his detriment when one evening a lioness, deeply out of place in the jungle, decided he deserved a good mauling
  • It was a confusing time for him, especially when he found out the lioness was actually his unrequited love--Sara. She taught him a lot, but he was defiant of the rules she tried to keep him in line with
  • He ended up spending too much time out in the jungle as a lion, and he started to see bad side effects of this pretty early on, which only spurred him to spend more time hiding out
  • Iago stayed in South America for a long time, doing what he could to help the people there, and Sara would always come back on another project, and make a point of hunting him down. Beginning to think that she might actually care about him, after a few years he let her beg him to come back with her to the Pride she was a part of in the States. He didn't fit in but stayed for her
  • Though his experiences let him find work, Iago was not the most well suited to 'normal' life. He played as vigilante for a while for purpose and thrill
  • When the pride tired of him and decided to turn him out, Sara was among those who thought he should go in spite of the relationship he'd thought they'd had. He left the state that night, disillusioned
  • He arrived in Ridgefield in December 2018 with intent of work and a new life and hopes of finding interesting things
  • Eventually met and befriended Sokol, which was markedly significant because he sorta ended up falling stupidly and complicatedly in love with him or something, idk
  • Then one of his brothers came looking for him. Not great, but as a sucker, Iago agreed to let him live with him. Just for a bit. Which proved terrible decision making when only months later, Iago turned the man into a lion
  • That relationship became more nonexistent than rocky, really, but Iago chose to focus on what he had instead: a newly formed Pride with lions he felt wanted by
  • House Reference
  • yellow is the best color, don't @ him
  • Winner of Goddamnit, Moon Moon -- Which character isn't the brightest?
  • Winner of Oops... Did I Do That -- Most likely to accidentally turn someone
  • Nominated for Character Most likely to RP, Most Pettable Animal Form, Disaster Waiting to Happen, Best Shoulder to Cry On, Favorite Interspecies Relationship with Beauregard, The Odd Couple with Sokol, Characters That Should Be Friends with Gokiburi, Pair that Learned the Most From Each Other with Sokol, Pair Who Needs More Angst with Sokol for Yearbook 2020.
  • "Carly Rae Jepsen really connects with me as a hopeless romantic teenaged girl, and I love it. It's especially impressive considering that I'm none of those things."
  • Very good arts:
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