Myla Coggins Infected Human
Basic Information
Name Myla
Pronouns She/Her
Age 25
Birthday March 1
Height 5'3
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Madison Pettis
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Rice Bluff
Occupation MMA Fighter
Vehicle Feet or Transpo
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Animal Appearance
+Warm molten chocolate eyes
+Very curly hickory brown hair (even longer when straight but she doesn't have the patience for that)
+Neat in appearance; really loves to wear make up and is very good at it
+Random Freckles
+Often sports bruises or various splints from her career
-Firecracker/ very reactive to situations. Really could use the calm-down method
-Loving to those she is close to
-Respectful but her face may not match her intentions sometimes
-Storm of a personality
+ Myla was born to a pair of military parents; her father was a Marine and her mother was in the Air Force. Both made all their children grow up in a very regulated household that was generally filled with tension when they were disappointed in their kids.
+ Myla is the youngest of three kids with two older siblings followed by herself. Even though she is the baby it does not mean she was babied in the slightest. As with her siblings, she was expected to join a branch of the military to be, in what they believed, a productive member of society. Myla did not follow that path.
+ In school, she joined the wrestling and boxing teams, loving fitness and wellness but the structure of the military was not something for her. From a young age she was very much into various forms of martial arts training to hone her skills. Her parents did not care much at all so long as she applied herself and got the highest marks. In middle school, she went on to meet her best friend and first real boyfriend that she'd end up dating in high school. Compared to herself, he was a calm in her own personal storm.
+In high school, she struggled to follow the 'no fighting rule' especially when she saw bullying happening. It was not a rare occasion when her parents got called for her fighting and because of all of that, she nearly didn't graduate but her grades saved her.
+Graduating high school and getting accepted into collage wasn't easy on her; she didn't like how they ran things and even though she loved history and thrived in her paleontology class, it just didn't fit her. With her parents in her ear about whom she was with and what she wasn't doing, she broke it off with her first love and left college to pursue a career in MMA fighting. She still kept in contact with Dallas; even though he was never fond of hearing about her injuries, she still cared and wanted to share her achievements with someone.
+Present day, she is well known in the ring. She's won many belts and titles at the expense of her parents refusing to speak to her until she apologizes for not going into the military- that won't happen. At her last match a week ago, she found herself in an arm bar, both her elbow and shoulder breaking and taking her out of the game for several weeks to months. Depression set in as she couldn't fight, so she sought the company and sanctuary from a dear person while she tried to heal from the injuries and maybe pick up a hobby that doesn't involve fists.
-Knows boxing, judo, and jui-jitsue
-Is proud of her own mixed heritage of African American and Italian-Irish.
-Speaks English, Italian, and high school Spanish
-Has broken more bones than one person should; sprained more as well; she has finally learned what all the bones in the human body is from that at least.
-Loves fresh baked goods
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