Jerome Desaulniers Human
Basic Information
Name Jerome Desaulniers
Pronouns He/Him
Age 34
Birthday March 15
Height 6'1'
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Daniel Sharman
Residence Location Starling Hills
Occupation Location Starling Hills
Occupation Web Designer
Vehicle A nice bike
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Animal Appearance
  • A seemingly always surprised expression
  • Glasses because contacts hurt his eyes
  • Blue eyes that are much more stunning without glasses, though
  • Tall and somewhat athletic
  • Artfully messy curls
  • Thinks of the little things, like forgoing the accents in his name to make it simpler (officially, it's written as Jérôme)
  • His parents traveled a lot when he was younger, so he knows how to make friends quickly. It also makes him a little less careful around people, because he's not used to having lasting consequences
  • Despite that, he's very helpful. Might laugh while helping, but not in a mean way.
  • Pretty chill with life in general
  • Little regard to a regular day/night cycle
  • Jerome was born in Québec City, Canada, to an American mom and a Canadian dad, who both loved to travel
  • Except the fact that he constantly lost his friends due to moving around, he had an overall happy and simple early life
  • He studied computer science with a minor in game design at Corcordia University (Montreal)
  • Now a freelance web designer
  • Moved to Colorado for its scenic view

  • Has his first vampire encounter with the relatively polite Beauregard. Doesn't know his name and doesn't remember his face
  • Spends some time moping about having been a snack
  • Has a second vampire encounter, this time with Kaida. She erased his memories but he knew the effects now, and is pretty pissed of having been a snack again
  • Meets Natalie right after, who helps him get home
  • This time Jerome takes it in stride, and he's just very, very curious about vampires. Also adopts a cat because he's still convinced that cats can see ghosts and detect vampires. Also Mr Orange Pants is very cute.
  • Ariadne Valis — A friend for now, went on two great dates!
  • Andie Miles — Designed a new web page for them, and they helped him be less fearful of cats. Considers them a friend.
  • Erin Gallagher — An acquaintance he met at Spider Books, they observed a big ginger cat together
  • Natalie Wright — Saved as Heroic Natalie in his phone, she helped him after his second vampire attack
  • Amber Bray — Valentines' 2024 date! Ongoing.
  • Desaulniers is pronounced "Day-zoh-nyay" but he really doesn't mind if people mess it up
  • Speaks French and English, each one with the accent of the other language, and many programming languages as well
  • Dreams of making his own video games one day
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