Auriane Cadieux Common Were Weasel
Basic Information
Name Auriane Cadieux
Pronouns She/Her
Age 20
Birthday February 26
Height 5'4
Eyes Hazel
Face Claim Milly Alcock
Residence Location
Vehicle 150CC Vespa in Mint Green
Vampire Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
Animal Appearance
Common Long tailed weasel
  • Dark brown dorsal pattern, cream toned underbelly,
  • White markings over the nose and cheeks, black tail tip.
Selfie // Profile
Petite frame, at 5'4", with blonde hair varying between the chin and shoulders - depending on if she decides to cut it herself, on a whim.

Her style varies between street casual and chic, depending on the ups and downs of her mood and energy levels.

Her Vespa
Distant, ricochets between haughty and subtly compassionate.

Moody, without a discernable method to her madness.

Trust issues with broad statured men, either defensive or flighty in response,
But can be blindsided by betrayal from others she thinks she can trust.

You know, typical Pisces stuff.
Went to a private, all-girls high school.
Excelled on the dive team, moderately successful at school work.

Scratched by what she thought was a wild animal her dorm mates had trapped her senior year.
Whaddya know, it was actually a bullied were-weasel social outcast, and a freshman to boot.
She toed the line between trying to stay with the in-crowd, and forging a were-animal family bond with her.

Her parents were typically distant workaholics, she largely parented herself.
Upon graduation, she moved here to dabble at community college,
But without any passions of her own, she eventually dropped out.
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