Hinode Natsuki New Were Lion
Basic Information
Name Natsuki
Pronouns She/Her
Age 31
Birthday July 17
Height 5'4
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Wu Jinyan
Residence Location Reignhart
Occupation Location Other
Occupation Interpreter
Vehicle Public Transpo
Vampire Stats
Age turned 31
Supernatural Eye Color White
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 31
Supernatural Eye Color White
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 31
Supernatural Eye Color White
Animal Appearance Transvaal Lion info!:
Length (rump to head): 10 ft
Tail length: 3.5 ft loon with a floof bit at the end
Weight: 445 lbs
WOW looks!: Pretty Kitty Looks(add a little more sandy to the color)
Eye Color: Pearlescent White
+Long chocolate brown hair
+Fair complexion
+Warm dark brown eyes
+Slender figure
+Likes to look neat and tidy, not a hair out of place
+Claw mark scarring from left to the right side of her upper back
+Day Dreamer
+Emotion Bottler
~Born in the Tohoku Region, she was born to parents who were both busy layers. Natsuki was left to be mostly raised by her elderly grandparents or nannies while she went to school and excelled in her language skills and decided while young to be an interpreter.
~During the summers and falls, she and her family would take a trip to an Inn that had its own hot spring. It would be there that she'd meet; unknown to her, a vampire by the name of Niao Xia. He worked there for as long as she could remember as a child. Every time she went with her family, it never took her long to find him and become a slight shadow in her younger years.
~As she grew into her teen years, she started to volunteer her time at the Inn; helping with the rooms and cleaning between continuing her studies. Working there taught her a sense of responsibility but also freedom as her parents now no longer went with her when it came to visiting the Inn.
~It seemed natural for her to eventually see Xia as a brotherly figure and over time she started to call him Onnisan out of affection for him. Even though her parents went on to have two more children, she never grew close to her younger siblings as she was either focused on her studies or working at the inn.
~Graduating and instantly getting a job as an online interpreter; she was able to stay at the inn more and work there while also working to interpret for other people. Slowly, she was able to build her funds but she never really settled into buying a house and instead stuck to nearly permanently renting a room at the Inn and was able to balance her two jobs.
~In recent times, she had been saddened when she learned that Niao Xia was leaving for America. She send him off with a good luck charm and the promise to write to him while he was away. She didn't know when she'd see him again but she kept her promise to write letters to him.
~It hadn't been too long since Niao had left when Natsuki found herself in a pickle of trouble. She'd gone out late one evening, relaxing after working for nearly twelve hours with a group of people when she heard the sound of cans and boxes being knocked over. Normally she would have just walked away but instead, she investigated and was shocked by the sight of a massive feline rummaging around. It was instant what happened; Natsuki turned to run away but found her back suddenly burning with pain as she heard a snarl right behind her. She felt claws again but had managed to stab the beast with her pen in the eye before running away and to the inn again. Symptoms that she didn't understand and no DR seemed to help as they'd not seen her symptoms without an actual disease causing it. So, she left for America. She knew that Niao had been around for years so perhaps he had an idea of what could be wrong with her so that she could get back to her normal life.
-Speaks several languages; Japanese, Chinese, Korean, Dutch, Arabic, English, and is learning German
-Loves spa-like bubble baths
-Likes to create a variety of traditional hand fans and also practices traditional tategaki writing.
- Has 2 younger siblings that she barely knows but sends them yearly cards/gifts on their birthdays
-Never learned how to drive anything bigger than an electric bike.
-Dislikes what her parents named her- you ask she just gets saltier
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