Natalie Wright Common Were Wolf
Basic Information
Name Natalie Wright
Pronouns She/Her
Age 32
Birthday October 24
Height 5' 7
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Crystal Reed
Residence Location Alameda
Occupation Location Alameda
Occupation Copywriter
Vehicle Subaru Outback
Group Pyrite Hollow Pack
Rank Second
Vampire Stats
Age turned 28
Supernatural Eye Color Green
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Turned By: Dante Orion (Push Too hard)
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 28
Supernatural Eye Color Green
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 28
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Turned By: Dante Orion (Push Too hard)
Animal Appearance
  • Has a typical teacher and indie vibe about her
  • Wears cute patterns on her blouses or skirts or pants
  • She loves to be casual and dress for what the needs are
  • Well kept medium to long dark brown hair
  • Wears a silver necklace with an antler as a pendant and a matching ring
  • A lighter can usually be found on her person after some advice from Cris.
  • Cares deeply for others and emphasizes, especially with children
  • Sense of loyalty and the need to be protective of those in her care. If she takes them under her wing, regardless as to whom they are, they can expect she will do her best to help them and make sure they are taken care of. At times, this has led her to be taken advantage of, especially when paired with her gullibility and belief that everyone has good in them.
  • When trying to help others she may forget about taking care of herself and has had situations blown up in her face, not realizing the harm the others were doing to her.
  • Easily forgives with a sincere apology, but there are a few cases where she will do no such thing even though it hurt her considerably to ignore them.
  • Not one for confrontation and will try to get around the need for it until it reaches a head. When that happens though, she’s a sobbing mess through her raised voice which she barely uses unless she’s absolutely needed to be heard.
  • Can always be counted on
  • Can be very stubborn in admitting to others that someone hurt her and subsequently approaching people that have warned her of the potential outcome
  • Enthusiastic love for mysteries and stories
  • Scared of vampires, but willing to give them the benefit of the doubt
  • A temper that can be drawn out especially when she's tired or frustrated
  • Prefers daylight and not being trapped in a car
  • Grew up in the outskirts of Denver to a fairly normal family
  • Father used to tell stories of things that went bump in the night along with other epics probably not meant for young kids ears as bed time stories
  • Loved ghost stories and Halloween as a kid which led to her interest in writing
  • Got into a huge fight with her parents. She told her mom to go die before running off to a friend's for the night without letting her parents know. They went out looking for her and while doing so, her mother got into an accident, but survived. Her dad was a lot more overbearing with knowing her schedule hour to hour, especially at night. This became one of Natalie's biggest regrets.
  • Went to college for English and Teaching because she wanted to cultivate the love of learning and exploring new worlds
  • Got interested in volunteering to help families
  • After graduation, scored a great position at Rice Bluff Elementary School as a grade school teacher that also does Creative Writing as an elective
  • Took training for becoming a Crisis Counselor, wanting to help her community out
  • Works as a Crisis Counselor when needed; usually the police or family services will call her to go to a scene
  • Got abducted by vampire Amilia Hale from a poetry night at the Chupacabra. A coyote were (Kai Cormyr) tried to save the day, but was thrown off the car after jumping onto it and smashing the window. After Amy fed and left her in the fields in the outskirts, a friendly werejag (Asha Rao) found her. Natalie told the jaguar about Amy and in comfort and to figure out the smell, sniffed and then calmed her with a lick to the hand. Without knowing it, Natalie wiped her tears with the same hand. Accidentally, the jaguar bit Natalie, but covered it up explaining that she wanted to be sure the human still bled in case wiping her tears had infected her. She bled and was not infected. The werejag told her that she was the only jaguar. After that, she was guided to the road and kept company till the police showed up to pick her up. This night basically reshaped Natalie's opinion on if the supernatural was real while traumatizing her significantly
  • Bit by Dante Orion (Wolf) so that's just great
  • She adopted a golden retriever named Boris after talking to her parents. His mission in life is lots of snuggles, walks, being friends with all of Natalie's students and friends. He's a huge lovebug. RIP BORIS, DANTE YEETED AND ATE HIM.
  • House Link
  • Roommates with Katya Orlovsky
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