Itxaro Ibaiguren Common Vampire
Basic Information
Name Itxaro Ibaiguren
Pronouns she/her
Age 434
Birthday Feb 14
Height 5'7
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Amaia Aberasturi
Residence Location Valencia
Vehicle 2003 Toyota Camry
Vampire Stats
Age turned 22
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
First Ability Shielding
Power/Animal Description -Developed when she was 10 years old
-Is able to hold the shield in place around her for up to 20 minutes
-Can hold the shield around herself and others for up to 7 minutes
-Can blast objects/people back up to 5ft 5 times
Side effects:
-Using the shield at all hurts, but is tolerable until it isn't.
-After 5 minutes of use by herself or 3 minutes of use with others, blood starts to seep from every pore on her body
-After 10 minutes of use by herself or 5 minutes of use with others, she begins to wither
-After 20 minutes of use by herself or 5 minutes of use with others, she will bloodlust
-Using the shield to blast people/objects away will cause an electric shock to pulse through her body each time, with increasing intensity
-The final blast will cause her to black out
Psychic Stats
Age turned 22
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
First Ability Shielding
Power Description -Developed when she was 10 years old
-Is able to hold the shield in place around her for up to 20 minutes
-Can hold the shield around herself and others for up to 7 minutes
-Can blast objects/people back up to 5ft 5 times
Side effects:
-Using the shield at all hurts, but is tolerable until it isn't.
-After 5 minutes of use by herself or 3 minutes of use with others, blood starts to seep from every pore on her body
-After 10 minutes of use by herself or 5 minutes of use with others, she begins to wither
-After 20 minutes of use by herself or 5 minutes of use with others, she will bloodlust
-Using the shield to blast people/objects away will cause an electric shock to pulse through her body each time, with increasing intensity
-The final blast will cause her to black out
Were Stats
Age turned 22
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
Animal Appearance
-Very into fashion
-Long, flowy hair
-Usually wearing jewelry
-Not super into makeup, but wears it lightly
-Mommy's girl
-Will not listen much to others
-Kindness has to be earned
-A little dramatic
-Still believes men shouldn't be vampires
-Mostly just dislikes men in general
-Likes weres and psychics though!
[tw: abuse, sexism, suicidal ideation]

Itxaro was born on February 14, 1588, the only child born to Todor and Hilargi Aroztegi in Zugarramurdi, Navarre, Spain. She spent her first year of life really only knowing the sight and sound of her mother, as Todor was generally away getting drunk. She was often hidden away in the house by her mother, out of sight of her drunken father.

Following the death of her maternal grandfather, Itxaro’s grandmother, Terese, moved into the home and Itxaro is often taken to the nearby caves by her mother and grandmother so that they can practice their magic. The pair found other psychics to practice with. By the time Itxaro was 10, she too had magic of her own, discovered through the practice in the caves with her mother, grandmother, and Magdalena.

When Itxaro was 18, she overheard her father talking to Txatxu, an ugly man just a few years younger than her father, about marrying her off to him. Deeply uninterested in the notion, Itxaro took matters into her own hands one right, purposefully rolling her drunk father on his back, knowing how often she or her mother had to clean up his own sick, and hoping for the best. Sure enough, her father choked on his own vomit and the women of the house are largely independent.

Around this time, the psychics tried to form a pact. It took a few tries, namely because Itxaro dealt with horrible side effects much earlier than the other women. Just a week shy of her 19th birthday, they are finally able to form a pact, though they refer to it as a coven and believe themselves to be witches.

Witch hunting hysteria swept through their area, largely in part due to the town preacher. Many fingers were pointed at many men, women and children in town, including Itxaro, Hilargi, Terese, and Magdalena. Led by Itxaro’s former intended, Txatxu, the women are accused of practicing witchcraft in the caves and of killing both Arnas and Todor.

The four women were successfully captured in the latter half of 1609 and were transferred to the nearby town of Logroño in prison carts. Txatxu and other male friends of Arnas and Todor follow behind the carts for a while, shouting hurtful accusations and insults at them. At one point, Txatxu grabbed a stick and tried to poke Itxaro through the slots on the cart. Terese, angered by the entire thing, used her shielding power to blast the stick and the men away from them. The men run away from the carts, terrified.

Because of her outburst, Terese was the first among the women to be found guilty and sentenced to death. The trial attracted a lot of public attention, including the attention of a Spanish vampire, Lucia.

Lucia was determined to free the women and managed to successfully do so for Hilargi, Magdalena, and Itxaro. Unfortunately, Terese was housed separately as she had already been found guilty. Neither Lucia nor the pact were able to free Terese and she was burned at the stake on Sunday, March 7, 1610. Itxaro and Hilargi promise revenge.

To aid in their revenge, Lucia offered the three psychics eternal life if they would also join her on her travels. The three accepted and Lucia turned the three into vampires. The group stayed in the caves throughout the Basque region, feasting on the blood of villagers in nearby towns. They formed a clutch, with Lucia as the leader.

The inquisition heard about the caves in which they reside in the next round of witch trials, and the coven fled Zugarramurdi, leaving everything and everyone behind them. They headed west to Aix-en-Provence, France outside Marseille.

Unfortunately, the small, nomadic clutch were unaware of the fact that they were merely following the path of religious based hysteria. Soon after they arrived in Aix-en-Provence, a local priest was accused of pacting with the devil and causing possession of nuns. He was tortured and eventually killed by the local government. The group decides this isn’t the place for them and they head north.

Hysteria continued, and it seemed like nearly every village the group stopped in, there were accusations of witchcraft or demonic possessions being thrown around. Traumatized by her own experiences, Itxaro followed her mother’s suit, mostly attacking the men who were accusing women in these villages. The group continued north, to Germany, learning more about Lucia and her own experiences in being accused of witchcraft before becoming a vampire.

The clutch finally arrived in Germany, only to discover that many of the German villages were even worse than the Spanish and French ones for accusations of witchcraft. The group found that they were more restricted than ever and must proceed lightly. Though having managed to become stronger, the group often found themselves on the brink of being withered. Bloodlusts happened more frequently than before and many of their victims were killed rather than suggested into forgetting them.

The group arrived in Bamberg, Germany near the end of 1625 and several months later, the harvest the village was counting on was destroyed by a frost. Villagers, of course, blamed it on what else? Witchcraft. The Prince Bishop of Bamberg ordered an investigation, igniting one of the biggest witch hunts in all of Europe.

The vampires tried to belay fears when they can to try to save as many women as possible, but soon, a ban is initiated, making it illegal to criticize the trials. The group was forced to tread even more lightly.

While Magdalena was out in a field trying to encourage crop growth with her own power in an effort to stop some of the witch accusations being thrown around, a young boy saw her and alerted other villagers. They arrived quickly, catching Magdalena off guard. In her panic, she bloodlusted, but the townspeople set her on fire. Itxaro and Lucia both tried to stop Hilargi from going scorched earth over the loss of Magdalena.

Unfortunately, Hilargi still did. Lucia told Itxaro to stay behind as she went to the village to try to stop Hilargi from the massacre she was committing. Unfortunately, in all the fighting, Lucia was killed and the clutch bond was broken. Itxro stayed where she was, bloodlusting over this loss as she assumed both Lucia and her mother were killed. When her mother finally returned, Itxaro struggled with her emotions: fury at her mother’s carelessness that caused Lucia’s death, but relief at knowing that Hilargi was still alive and she wasn’t going to continue through this undead life alone.

Being the last two left of their family and clutch, Itxaro and Hilargi seek shelter in nearby Devil’s Cave outside of Pottenstein, Germany to try to regroup and figure out how to continue.

The years were hard as Hilargi seems to have become an entirely different person. Itxaro took up the mantle of being the motherly one, caring for her mother as best she can and trying to clean up the messes she left, particularly after her mother reverted back to a lesser powered vampire.

Life is increasingly difficult for Itxaro and she yearned for something outside of the life she’s been given. She came to befriend an old werewolf called Seitz. Having his own traumatic history, the two confided in each other often and enjoyed each other’s company. Unfortunately, Seitz was near the end of his life. The pair picked a spot for him to be buried and set to digging the grave at night. Itxaro helped him pass comfortably during his final shift and buried him in the spot they had picked. While sad, Itxaro still managed to find some solace in knowing her friend was at peace.

After Seitz’s death, Itxaro began putting everything she had into her mother. Eventually, Hilargi was able to free herself from the sharpest grips of depression, declared that she will go back to her maiden name, and wanted to get out of both the cave and Germany.

Itxaro was thrilled and joined her mother in deciding to become Itxaro Ibaiguren.Together, they decided to head to Vienna, Austria. They were happy to find that witch hysteria seemed to have not gripped this city and they were able to spend several years living in relative peace.

In 1679, a plague struck Vienna, killing a third of its population. Feasting only on the men affected with the illness, Itxaro joined her mother in caring for the women and children who fell ill, providing comfort to the dying while her mother tried to heal who she could. There were always discussions of offering eternal life to some of the psychics, though Hilargi was against it.

Even so, Itxaro decided to turn one psychic- a beautiful woman who was mute, but could communicate telepathically. Unfortunately, Ixtaro did not tell the woman this until after she came back to life. The woman, named Eliza, was not interested in vampiric life and refused to drink blood. Even through Itxaro’s begging, she passed away during the new moon. After, Itxaro vowed to never attempt to turn another person.

In 1681, the pair heard about witch trials reaching Salzburg, a town close to 200 miles away. They hope the hysteria doesn’t reach them, but mind their own powers during this time. Unfortunately by 1683, they had something else to worry about: the Ottomans.

In the summer of 1683, the Ottoman army arrived to seize the city of Vienna. The siege would last for months before the armies of the Holy League arrived to relieve the city from the Ottomans, setting up what would later become a battle for the city. Itxaro and Hilargi leave before the battle takes place, heading to the city of Prague.

Prague provides the relief Itxaro and Hilargi seek, and are able to live in peace in the city. They become friends with other psychics in the city, practicing their powers and helping other psychic women in the city with theirs. Life is tranquil.

Sadly, in 1689, a fire ravages the city while Hilargi and Ixtaro are visiting a nearby village. They return to find their city and their own house in ruins. Thankfully, they are taken in by friendly psychics just outside the city and are able to rebuild.

The mother-daughter pair enjoys their time with their friends, living in harmony with them for many years. Unfortunately, the peace doesn’t last long. At the turn of the century, the psychic begins to suspect that Itxaro and Hilargi are murderous monsters. Not knowing what else to really do, the pair flee to head to Paris.

The elegance of Parisian life is intoxicating and the women, having spent the last century in caves or very humble dwellings, decide to indulge. They use charisma and some vampire powers to climb the social ranks. Ixtaro, especially, found it all very thrilling as many young men and women found her striking (though some of that may have been from suggestion as well). During this time, she began going by Reine de Laroche.

Parisian nightlife still had its dark underbelly, and while her mother feasted on the blood of religious men, Itxaro went after the criminals; mainly, the criminals who attacked women. While out one evening, Itxaro came upon a crime in progress where a man was attacking a woman. She went to step in and was surprised to find that the man attacking the woman was another vampire. Even though she had been a vampire for over a century, she had never come across another vampire who was a male and had originally thought that vampires could only be women.

Upset by this, she bloodlusted and got into a fight with the other vampire. While neither killed the other, they both received nasty injuries. Itxaro ended the fight when she came down from bloodlusting and ran off to hide out in a cellar for the rest of the night and into the day, worrying her mother as she had never been away from her mother during the day before.

Unfortunately, the fight quickly brought their time in Paris to an end. The male vampire belonged to a clutch, who was not happy to have two rogue vampires in their area causing problems. Itxaro and Hilargi quickly leave Paris, heading north.

The mother-daughter duo finally settle in the maritime city of Calais. Itxaro hated the city, as she longed for the Parisian grandeur and elegance. However, she also understood the importance of laying low. She stayed away from criminals now, instead feeding from men attempting to return home from work during the night. She mostly kept to herself, not talking to the psychics her mother befriended.

Over the years, the port city began to lose a lot of its operations to other nearby port cities. Growing ever restless, Itxaro finally snapped and told her mother that she wanted to leave. She didn’t care where they went- she just wanted to get out of Calais. Acquiescing to her request, Hilargi and Itxaro made their way towards Brussels in the Austrian Netherlands (known today as Belgium) when learning about some of the political unrest brewing in parts of France towards the aristocracy.

For the first few years, life in Brussels went just fine. Itxaro enjoyed being back in a city and watching as it continued to be built up. Most notably, she enjoyed the construction of the Royal Palace of Brussels being built in 1783, and a part of her wanted to suggest her way into the royal court. She doesn’t.

Itxaro continued to keep distance from her mother, mostly because of Henri, her mother’s familiar psychic who constantly complained about wanting to be a vampire. Even though Itxaro knows that male vampires exist, she still believed that men should not be vampires. She at least kept these thoughts to herself.

Even with getting out of France before the revolution, the group still has to contend with a revolution. In 1789, the Brabant Revolution reached Brussels. Throughout the political upheaval, Itxaro and Hilargi did their best to lay low and keep out of politics. The uprising was short-lived and the group continued to stay in Brussels for a few more years, until Hilargi recommended traveling to England.

Knock, knock- it’s the 19th century and the group is crossing the English channel at their former home of Calais to head to Dover. Henri came in handy as the vampires needed somewhere to safely stay throughout the day on the multi-day long trip across the channel. They stay in coffins, of course, with Henri making sure they’re kept safe.

The group arrived in Dover safely, which was seeing a rapid expansion thanks to the harbor being built up. Henri, now quite old, demanded to be turned into a vampire to travel with them. Itxaro finally spoke her mind, telling him that men have no business being vampires. Upset by this, Henri threatened the group with fire. Hilargi wasted no time in wasting Henri. Sucks to suck.

Around 1810, Hilargi discussed the possibility of the pair opening their own store. Itxaro agrees to this and they open The Healing Leaf Apothecary. Their English tutor, John Thomas, manned the store during the day and Hilargi and Itxaro manned it at night.

After living in Dover for a few years, the pair decided to change their names once more. Hilargi switched to Mary Jones and Itxaro changed her name to Eliza Jones, to try to honor the Eliza she once knew.

Life is a little boring in Dover, but mostly peaceful. The group remained in the small city for a few more decades before it was time to move on to avoid suspicion. Itxaro was thrilled to learn that they were finally heading towards London! John Thomas was left behind to continue manning the Healing Leaf Apothecary.

The pair arrive back in a big city and Itxaro felt like she could finally breathe again (even though she doesn’t). Hilargi recommended they open another apothecary shop since the one in Dover did so well. Itxaro wasn’t as thrilled with this idea as she was more interested in the social life. Luckily, they found compromise in using Hilargi’s new familiar, Charles, to run the shop.

As they had done in Paris, the pair indulge in the best that the Regency Era has to offer, working their way up through society and being invited to fancy balls and events. Itxaro loved every minute of it and this time, knows to avoid other vampires.

The Industrial Revolution began and London became heavily polluted. This doesn’t matter to Itxaro, who doesn’t need to breathe. With the advance in technology comes the advance of medicine and the pair suggest a few scientific men into working at the apothecary to advance their selections. Not long after, they both get their picture taken, which was quite scary to Itxaro. They each receive a copy, which Itxaro keeps in a bag she always carries.

While Itxaro continues to enjoy the lavish balls and high society of England, Hilargi spent most of her time connecting with psychics to help them with their powers. There are discussions of starting a clutch, though Itxaro isn’t as interested. When her mother finally grows bored of London, it takes a lot of convincing to get Itxaro to leave.

Once more, they move to a small town on the Eastern side of the island of Anglesey in Wales: Llanfairpwllgwyngyllgogerychwyrndrobwllllantysiliogogogoch. Itxaro is deeply unhappy about being in yet another small village. The pair got into spats more often and Itxaro began to spend more time away from her mother.

While away, Itxaro met a psychic named Carys Edwards. Carys, like Itxaro, had the ability to use a shield to protect herself. What started out as a friendship eventually developed into something much more. Itxaro told Carys that she was a vampire and to her shock, Carys was okay with this.

After finding out that Hilargi wished to move to the United States, Itxaro panicked, thinking she would be forced to leave Carys. She decided to confront Hilargi, with Carys as her backup, to explain that they were going to stay behind. This causes a massive argument between mother and daughter, resulting in Itxaro using her power against her mother and attempting to leave the house with Carys. Hilargi, upset by all of this, bloodlusted and went for the nearest human: Carys. Despite everything- Hilargi proved too strong for both Itxaro and Carys and Hilargi killed Carys.

Devastated over the fight and the loss of Carys, Itxaro left, telling her mother that she never wanted to see her again.

Itxaro returned to Paris and though she had always found happiness in a big city, this time, she just felt empty. While she stayed in a little apartment in the city, she never indulged in the parties and social events she had before. Instead, she invested her time in education; hiring educators to teach her to read and write in English, French, German, and Spanish.

From there, she learned more about history and art and began working for some of the various museums around Paris. Her heart aches for her mother, but her mind is still unable to forgive Hilargi for killing Carys.

In 1914, war broke out across Europe. Itxaro decided to at first stay where she was, but as fighting neared France, she feared for her safety. After the assassination of Jean Jaures, a prominent French politician, Ixtaro knew Paris was no longer safe and decided to flee back to England.

Initially, Itxaro went back to London, thinking that being on the island and in a large, populous city would keep her safe. After the first German bombing of the city, she quickly discovered that was not the case and fled north, to a small village that had, thus far, been spared from the bombs of war. It is in this village that she runs into a small clutch of vampires also hiding out. One vampire in particular, a man with heterochromatic eyes, struck her as being particularly loose-headed, and avoided the vampire and the clutch he was in as much as possible.

War truly changes people and even though Itxaro was largely unaffected by the Great War, she did find that she greatly missed her mother. She had no idea if her mother had survived the war, but she decided to start looking for her in hopes that she had.

For the next two decades, Itxaro travels around Europe, avoiding the large cities in favor of the small villages she knew her mother had liked to live in, to search for her. She sought out psychics in hopes that her mother had worked with them and would know where she had gone. She gets a few promising leads, but all seem to fizzle out into nothing.

Peacetime didn’t seem to last for long as just a couple short decades after the first great war, another one began. Frustrated by wars getting in her way, Itxaro hunkered down in Switzerland; unknowingly on the opposite side of the country from her mother. She worked with a few of the psychics in the area at this time, both teaching and learning from them, as her mother used to do. She told one of the psychics her story, just because the pain of it was weighing her down so much, and then promptly suggested the psychic into forgetting it.

The war is over and Itxaro returns back to Paris. With over three decades put between the last time Itxaro saw her mother, the vampire is convinced she had died. She spent the next few years grieving in different ways; mostly by stalking priests at night, telling them what their kind had done to her, and then feeding from them. She always suggested them into forgetting afterwards, though sometimes, the pain was just too great and she would kill them.

She lived alone in an apartment with no running water or toilet, as they were abundant and weren’t necessary for her. She bathed at some of the public bathhouses and mostly kept to herself. She watched as many of her neighbors contracted tuberculosis and died. Sometimes, she would sit with them on their deathbeds, talking to them and trying to offer them some comfort as they passed on. Many asked to be saved, though Itxaro would never turn them.

It’s been 350 years since Itxaro, Hilargi, and Magdalena were turned into vampires by Lucia. Feeling deeply homesick, Itxaro makes her way back to Zugarramurdi to see what’s become of it. She avoided the people of the still tiny village, though scoffed as they participated in the annual fires in the caves to commemorate the witch trials and summer solstice.

After the celebration ends, Itxaro makes her way to the caves to see them one last time. She planned to stay in the cave for one final night and then fall into dead sleep outside of them and let the sun take her away. But as she entered the cave she once knew as home, she found the message from her mother. She knew the message was old, but is filled with renewed hope that her mother is still alive and is waiting for her in New York City.

Itxaro immediately made her way to New York City and spent a few years trying to find her mother. She had no idea how to go about searching for her in this new city. She tried reaching out to psychics, but none of them seem to know anything about her mother. While Itxaro absolutely adored New York City, she assumed her mother would hate it and find somewhere smaller to live.

For the next several decades, Itxaro traveled up and down the East Coast, searching for her mother in many of the small towns. She decided to continue avoiding other vampires, but does find some friends with various shifter groups who have yet decided to hate vampires. She often regales them with stories of Seitz the werewolf. These tales endear Itxaro to the shifters and she remained friends with many of the shifters she encountered.

One fateful day, she was browsing the Internet at a local library in Ipswich, Massachusetts and, not having anything better to do, decided to search for her name and was startled to find her mother’s Geocities website, which showed that she had been searching and waiting for her. She quickly left the library, suddenly startled into bloodlust, but the next night returned to the library and found the site once more. Her mother had left an AOL email address and Itxaro quickly set up her own and emailed her mother, telling her that she had been looking for her too and was currently living in Ipswich.

On March 4, 2000, her mother’s 431st birthday, Itxaro was finally reunited with her mother at the train station in Ipswich. They both bloodlust upon seeing each other and accidentally murder a few other travelers. Oops. After they both come down from bloodlust, they make their way to Itxaro’s apartment and spend the rest of the night catching up on what they’ve been doing. Both realized how often they bypassed one another or were just looking in the absolute wrong areas. They spend the rest of the year in Ipswich, getting reacquainted with each other.

Over the next two decades, the mother-daughter duo spent their time in Salem, Massachusetts, learning of the history of the witch trials that occurred there. They visited the graves of those unjustly murdered, paying thir respects. Itxaro began working in one of Salem’s museums, intent to help right the wrong that she, and so many others, faced during witch hysteria.

Throughout this time, the pair grew happier and stronger in their bonds. Hilargi learned to drive and together, they purchased their first ever automobile: a 2003 Toyota Camry.

As all vampires experience, people began to get suspicious of the fact that Itxaro and Hilargi never seemed to age, and with the vampires outing themselves in 2017, there was even more suspicion thrown their way. The pair knew it was finally time to move once more. Having already spent much of her time along the East Coast, Itxaro suggested a move out west. In late October, just before Halloween, they settled on moving to Ridgefield, Colorado and packed up their Camry to make the move.
-Speaks Basque, Spanish, French, German, and English
-Daughter of Hilargi
-Carries a picture of her and her mother taken with one of the first cameras invented
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