Veronica Richards Human
Basic Information
Name Veronica Ann Richards
Pronouns She/Her
Age 24
Birthday December 28
Height 5'9
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Sophie Turner
Residence Location Reignhart
Occupation Location Other
Occupation Influencer/Model
Vehicle Whatever her rental car is
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Animal Appearance
- No hair is ever out of place. When it looks messy, it's because Ronnie decided to look messy.
- Is a natural redhead and sometimes lets her hair go back to its roots. Right now she's digging being a blonde.
- Loves to stand out in a room, so she often wears bright colours or big patterns.
- Cleanliness is important.
- Her cell phone is almost always in her hand.
- Pretty vapid on the surface.
- Absolutely adores the supernatural; is secretly envious of people who have magic. Fascinated by vampires!
- Will befriend you in five minutes and act like she's known you her entire life then will forget you exist. Oops!
- Works fucking hard to perfect her image but acts like it's easy.
cw: mental health

Ronnie was a surprise to Dean and Catherine Richards. Her father works in finance; her mother a tycoon in the fashion world. Ronnie spent more time with a governess than she did with a parent figure growing up. The youngest of four children, Veronica worked hard to be noticed by her mother and father. She played piano. She painted. She excelled in school and extracurriculars. She learned to look out for herself early on in life.

High school was a perfect time to break out of her shell. Veronica started modelling when she was sixteen. When she was nineteen, she hit 50,000 followers on her socials after going viral doing make-up tutorials.

Veronica had a couple of boyfriends when she was still in England. She thought she was going to marry one of them and have babies but he was a total fucking asshole.

Four years on social media platforms partnering with various brands took its toll on her. She deals with anxiety from the pressure of maintaining her brand. In August 2022, Ronnie snapped from the pressure and moved from London, England to Reignhart, Colorado of all the fucking places in the world after her finger landed on it on a map. Now she lives in a fancy apartment she bought with her own money near Brickley Street and is looking to start anew. Her parents don't approve and have stopped sending her money. Fortunately, she's always been very good with money.
- Ronnie is having a difficult time driving on the opposite side of the road.
- Bryn's younger sister.
- Apartment in Reignhart.
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