Emmett Bower Common Were Bear
Basic Information
Name Emmett Bower
Pronouns He/Him
Age 27
Birthday March 22
Height 5' 11
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Jack Harries
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Camp Baron
Occupation Camp Counselor & Pine Peak Sanctuary Groundskeeper
Vehicle Dusty the Blue 1970 Chevy C-10 Pick Up Truck
Group Pine Peak Sleuth
Vampire Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
Animal Appearance Grizzly Bear
  • 5ft at shoulder
  • 10ft long
  • 825lbs
  • Brown fluff, long claws, loves to dig holes and pretend it can hide behind trees

Bear reference

Lovely Bamsy art
  • Twin to Locke, have fun
  • Bite mark scars on left bicep from attack
  • Good with kids, bad with adults
  • Very close to Locke
  • Hard time adjusting to were life, but he's getting there!
  • Misses his dog, Bacon
  • Dry sense of humor
  • Bratty
  • Loyal(Ride or die fam)
  • Reactive
  • Encouraging
  • Imaginative
  • Dramatic
  • Born one minute before his twin brother, Locke Bower, on March 22, 1995
  • Grew up a little north of Leavenworth, Washington
  • Went to a different college than his brother
  • Degree in Wildlife Conservation
  • After graduation, planned a two week long camping trip in Okanogan-Wenatchee National Forest to reconnect
  • Attacked by a crazy giant bear and thought they were going to die. Passed out from the pain and shock and woke up the next morning to a destroyed camp, with bruises and minor injuries
  • Authorities didn't believe their report, so yolo
  • First full moon he woke up a mile apart from Locke. They found each other trying to get back home and successfully got back in without waking up their parents D:
  • Have lived together ever since as they helped each other through their new life while figuring out what was going on
  • Moved around for new jobs after various incidents. Usually it was because they'd destroyed their apartment in some way
  • Had to move from last place because Locke went ballistic on the popcorn guy in the movie theater. Extra butter wasn't worth it man
  • Moved to Ridgefield to start fresh... hopefully with less tackling down of apartment doors
Camp counselor during breaks, Groundskeeper at Pine Peak Sanctuary
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