Erik Satō Intermediate Were Snow Leopard
Basic Information
Name Erik Satō
Age 31
Birthday February 3
Height 6'2
Eyes Amber
Face Claim Tony Thornburg
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Hawknell
Occupation Owner of Hawknell Inn
Group Rogue
Vampire Stats
Age turned 20
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 20
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 20
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
Animal Appearance Fluffy the Snow Leopard
  • 3.15' at shoulder
  • 5.5' long
  • Fluff boy
  • Well kept and comfortable
  • Scars from claws and teeth on back from being attacked, especially near shoulder blades and nape of neck
  • Calm, collected, but will not allow himself to be trodden upon.
  • ISTJ
  • Well meaning.
  • Territorial of his own home and place of work.
  • Not afraid to tell things plainly.
  • Comfortable in what he is. At times animal and man blur.
  • Can overthink decisions.
  • Grew up in Atlanta, Georgia to a close-knit Swedish Japanese family. Oldest brother of three.
  • Interest in mechanical engineering
  • Went to university in hometown
  • Grows really close to those in his major

  • Best friend misses a final they studied for and he can't get a hold of him. Goes to check and is attacked outside the apartment by a giant snow leopard, effectively pinning him before realizing who he is. Turns out his close friend is a were which answers quite a few questions.
  • Joins the local Pard to understand and learn about this new lifestyle.
  • They stay in Atlanta past college and he takes random jobs, usually to work on something and paid for by the members of the Pard.
  • Getting the knack of this new lifestyle, he’s quick to bond with his leopard, enjoying the excitement and power it brings while getting a bit too cocky.
  • A scuffle against another shifter group brings things into perspective and he’s more careful and grows a new respect and need to protect the others.

Times Are Ch-Changing
  • Hunters visit town and the local groups have several run ins that force them further into hiding.
  • Erik becomes a mentor after a while to help their struggling group with any new members.
  • Hunters eventually catch onto where their query is when a newbie shifts in the middle of a concert venue.
  • To protect themselves, the group scatters when Erik is 30.
  • A full year more or less on the run and he’s ended up in Ridgefield. Since then, he has been staying in contact with previous group members with infrequent check ins.
  • To make up for not having a group, he’s taken a management job at Hawknell Inn, while also taking residence there. He's focusing on helping out any of supernatural variety that stays and offering support if and when needed.
Bipedal to the Metal
Bipedal to the Metal
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