Gideon Alexander Human
Basic Information
Name Gideon Alexander
Pronouns Male
Age 26
Birthday Dec 27, 1995
Height 5'9
Eyes Green
Face Claim Cameron Monaghan
Residence Location Rice Bluff
Occupation Location Rice Bluff
Occupation Bartender
Vehicle 91’ Red Honda Civic
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Animal Appearance
Gideon has bright red hair and a chiseled face to the point of looking villainous. He does not stand exceptionally tall at a humble five feet nine inches, but his presence is imposing for some reason. His eyes are sunken, like that of someone who never sleeps which offers more to his villainous composition. He is slender but not skinny and relatively conventionally handsome. He is often seen in flowery or more feminine clothing as it fits his frame well and because he likes it.
Gideon is a strange individual, if there is such a thing in this place. His motivations drift towards seemingly unruly desires and a more chaotic nature from first glance. The ways he goes about existing are underhanded and ‘back alley’ giving them the aura of vileness and treachery. In truth, Gideon simply means to fight fire with fire. This world has been a hard adjustment for him with the knowledge he is considered powerless before the far reaches of the lycans and vampires and psychics. This has lead him to monitor the goings on of their struggles and take note of them. All beings have moral compasses that lead in one way or another, and he tries his best to do what is good for his town. He believes the ends justify the means and he will steal, lie and backstab those he finds to be causing those around him and his town harm.
Gideon hardly reacted when the vampires announced themselves to the world. So the mystifying proved real, was it really all that surprising? It felt no different than entire countries being dedicated to faith or people leading others to distant lands for mass poisoning. Perhaps different tone, but the insane happened everyday in this world. While religious zealots cursed the millennial generation for bringing the devil to our planet and the freakish fanatics fetishized the realization, Gideon Alexander did not flinch. He did two things different, and at a patient pace. He got a bartending job, and he bought a gun. Both with much less resistance than he’d expected considering his lack of experience in both regards. The job was for intel. The lowlifes he shared a life with would wander in and spew rumor as if it were their purpose and in turn he would learn what he’d need to about the goings on with the supernatural. The gun was a bargaining chip more than anything. He was unsure of the effect it may actually have on a werewolf, but if he was to dip his hands in the darkness of Ridgefield County, it was best to have. No one wanted guns involved, if it could be helped. Gideon had no intention of causing problems that needn’t be nor instigating any type of conflict. But, Gideon loved Rice Bluff. This was the place that offered him a hand in the streets when his mother disappeared at 17. There was enough for him to do while trying to be rid of dealers offering death to the youth, and the occasional kidnapper. He had learned that it was quite easy to make filth disappear if you were smart about it. Not quite a protector, not quite an executioner. Something betwixt, is what Gideon Alexander is.
Gideon has made lesser named criminals vanish. He will do so again.
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