Maeve Kavanagh Common Were Snake Inactive
Basic Information
Name Maeve
Pronouns She/Her
Age 32(20)
Birthday July, 20
Height 5'3
Eyes Gray
Face Claim Jennifer Lawrence
Residence Location Valencia
Occupation Location Rice Bluff
Occupation Working at Beast Mode
Vampire Stats
Age turned Always been dis way
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned Always been dis way
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned Always been dis way
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
Animal Appearance Brazilian Rainbow Boa deets!
Size; 10.5 ft long
Weight;14 lbs
Thickness; She chunk n thick
Snakeatude; Sassy, loves to hug EVERYTHING, will hiss first ask questions later
Hug Strength; 30 PSI
Looks; Colorful Looks!
Not tall enough for her liking
Slender but with a soft curvy figure
Dirty Blonde Hair
Grey-blue eyes that seem to change in the sunlight (like from more blue to grey then to grey to blue)
Some random freckles
Dimples for days
~To the rest of the world
~Hidden personality Traits that pop up
-Rather freaked about people touching her
-Hopeful/Day Dreamer
TW; Talk of abuse/depressive thoughts
>Born in Dublin, she didn't even get the chance to know her mother as she passed after being reunited with her snake after birth. With her father lost after her mother's death, he would abandon her to the Pit once she was six due to not being able to just up and leave her as he wanted to.
>Living there with a father who didn't love her nor care much for her, she would try and befriend a few of the other snakes at the Pit. Meeting another born were and tried to be at least friends with him. When there was trouble with the fellow snakes; a war breaking out that she had no real practice in fighting, she would inadvertently find herself hurt and rather terrified of any physical steps towards her and would mentally shut down from it after.
>With the leaders always changing (at least to her) It felt unstable to her, so she found herself pulling into herself more and avoiding home. She spent a lot of time at work, which work for her with very little education was her becoming a local dancer at a club. To keep anyone from her Pit knowing what she did for work, her face was always covered by some sort of veil or mask so no one could tell it was her. She even went so far as to wearing wigs or dying her hair black or red sometimes.
>With how things were at the Pit, it didn't take long for one of the more assholish men from it to find the club she went to, to work at and find out what she did. Given that she didn't want anyone to know and he felt the need to 'teach her a lesson', Meave would find herself a punching bag to him as well as being forced to give him any money she earned.
>When she was finally eighteen years old, Meave would finally have earned enough money to escape her abuser and she just left the Pit with zero warning. Taking what money she had and a passport she managed to get, she was gone. First fleeing all the way to France and living there for six months and then finally taking another plane to Canada.
>Meave had already learned how to work with the cold winters, bundling up and were various heat-sucking items as she lived in cooler climates. It was hard being a snake but when she was home, she could shift and just enjoy being in her safe serpentine form in a terrarium big enough to fit her chunky size.
>After saving up for another year and a half, she moved again, her mind playing a little trick on her that she saw an unwanted familiar face, she would land in Colorado looking to start a new life hopefully.
Has no real education. She can read a bit and do simple math but anything else, she lacks.
Has never really lost her accent
Can cook, given everything, she is pretty good at it!
Has a scrap book filled with dreams/wants/wishes for the future
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