Woo Hyun Jin Common Were Snake
Basic Information
Name Woo Hyun Jin
Pronouns He/Him
Age 24
Birthday June 10th
Height 5'10
Eyes Black
Face Claim Kim Jae-joong
Residence Location Valencia
Occupation Location Valencia
Occupation Ceramic Artist
Vampire Stats
Age turned 22
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 22
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 22
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
Animal Appearance A pinkish red eyelash viper that sits at only 2 feet. With a lovely snout to boop.

  • Fashion style is on the edgier side, although he's a sucker for comfy cloths as well.
  • Doesn't usually notice when he gets clay or paint in his hair until someone points it out.
  • Develops dark circles around his eyes after missing only a day of sleep, he blames it on past stress levels.
  • Dyes his hair more often then a shifter probably should.
  • Personality
    Diplomatic | Neat | Pessimistic | Superstitious
  • Born on Jeju island to a single mother and with no knowledge of who his father was
  • Woo Hyun was able to see ghosts from a young age, an ability that appeared to be passed down through the family as both his mother and grandmother held the same ability. Worried his mother left him with his grandmother, who was a practicing shaman, while she went to the mainland to find work.
  • He was raised in a rather strict environment as his grandmother feared that he would attract evil ghosts. Often sewing jade into his cloths or plastering talismans around the house.
  • When he was seven his mother came to collect him and he moved to Busan with her. She disregarded the rituals of her mother but continued the practice of making sure Woo Hyun always had jade on him.

  • Teenage years
  • Woo Hyun tried to fit in at school but found some difficulty trying to acclimate given his ability and the ridicule that happened when he did weird things such as talking to the 'air'. He ended up becoming a bit withdrawn socially which only increased the bullying.
  • As things tend to do the situation escalated, one night he ended up being locked in a 'haunted' shed until the police showed up.
  • His mother sent him back to live with his grandmother on Jeju island, where he finished middle school and high school in relative peace.
  • At his high school graduation his mother came back to announce her engagement to Beom Seok Jin, a hotel mogul worth an amount of money that Woo Hyun couldn't even comprehend. His grandma immediately went to offer up thanks while he was showered with graduation gifts and a party he can only vaguely remember.
  • In the next couple months he was formally adopted by Beom Seok and moved to Seoul to attend university.

  • Young Adult
  • Moving to such a large city turned into something of a disaster as there were countless amounts of ghosts as well. His grandmother had moved with them and tried her best with rituals to keep the ghost at bay but the strain caused her to collapse from a stroke.
  • It was while visiting his grandmother in the hospital that he first met Dae Jung, a Seonbae (think senpai) from university. Dae Jung was the one that made sure Woo Hyun didn't crack his head when he fainted in the elevator. It wasn't long before they became close friends.
  • Still uncomfortable with the sudden wealthy environment at home Woo Hyun often stayed over at Dae Jung's dorm room. Seeming to sense the problem Beom Seok started taking Woo Hyun out on father son trips when he came down to Seoul on the weekends.
  • In his second year of university he took a trip back to Jeju island with Dae Jung, where he confessed to being able to see ghosts.
  • By the third year ghosts became a constant and Woo Hyun was prone to fainting spells , worried Beom Seok arranged a trip to the mountain resort where he and Woo's mother had been staying. A day before the departure Dae Jung came over, at some point Woo Hyun left the room to take a call and when he came back Dae Jung had been replaced by a snake which gave him two deep bites before find an escape route. Woo Hyun's scream brought some of the workers and Beom Seok was called. Before the night was over Woo Hyun was bundled up and all but thrown into the backseat of a car to be driven to the resort.
  • When he reached the resort a fever had set in and he could only half deliriously listen to Beom Seok's explanation about shifters, but he does vividly remember when his step-father's hand changed into a tiger paw and made a scratch over the snake bites. Though the days after are a mess of fever dreams and meeting people he can't remember clearly.
  • His next completely clear memory is waking up naked and extremely cold with the worried faces of his mother and step-father above him. Over breakfast he is given a second explanation about shifters, and given the startling news that he can now shift into a snake. It takes a few weeks for him to come to terms with this new change, and as he does so he starts to notice the abrupt absents of ghosts.
  • He stays at the resort for a year to get a better handle on new were life. Discovering several of the drastic differences between warm blood and cold blood shifters, such as when some of the young tigers tried to stuff him with more food then he could eat. Or getting a blast of winter air and having his muscles freeze up on the spot.
  • Returning to Seoul he finished his degree and started working as an apprentice to a master ceramic artist. After about six months an opportunity to learn in america came up and he decided to go.
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