Calliope MacAsgaill Common Were Bear
Basic Information
Name Calliope
Pronouns She/Her
Age 35
Birthday September 14
Height 5'5
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Deborah Ann Woll
Residence Location Graupel Canyon
Occupation Taking a break
Vehicle Dark Red BMW i8(teched out)
Group Cobalt Ridge Sleuth
Vampire Stats
Age turned 33
Supernatural Eye Color Orange
Turned By: Lydus Cevell (Heart break)
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 33
Supernatural Eye Color Orange
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 33
Supernatural Eye Color Orange
Turned By: Lydus Cevell (Heart break)
Animal Appearance Kermode Bear (also called spirit bear or ghost bear)
Height; 5.7 ft as the shoulder. 9.6 ft standing.
Length; 6.6 from nose to rump
Weight; 300 Ibs
Looks; Fluffy, 'dirty' looking Spirit bear
Attitude; Unknown
Pretty Picture!
Long red semi curly hair
Steel blue eyes
Freckles for days
Feminine figure
Chill but also fiery
A bit blunt
Refuses to take shit from others
Tends to sing when doing random tasks and really doesn't care if people hear her.
Not overly shy but can be reserved when around too many people
Stubbornly refuses to talk about anything that could be depressing to her. Just won't do it without someone using a prybar to get the information from her.
Is open though about her sexuality and not shy to give those sort of talks
>Born in Edinburgh, Scotland to a native-born Scotsman and a Greecian woman, she was a rather happy mix of both cultures. From a young age, she would be emersed in culture from both sides of her family and learning from them. Her parents would foster a love of the arts with her.
>When she hit her teens, that would be when she started to dabble in music and singing, both things that she was able to thrive in. Her parents often joked that she has a muse on her shoulder to help foster her love of music and oftentimes, she felt that was right. Calliope never thought much about her psychic gift at this time but yet she would use it on small things; mostly to keep herself hydrated and cool while singing. It proved rather useful for that. She would go to make time in between her music talents to practice though so as to not accidentally turn things into ice again.
>Traveling a bit in her twenties, she would start to enter the DJ scene as well as the nightclub singing scenes. It grew to be one of her biggest passions out there and she would go to work at various nightclubs around the world; from Dubai India and then all the way to Califonia USA.
>Landing now in Colorado, she heard about a great spot opening up and felt she could test the waters there. With her trust Australian shepherd at her side and her parent's support from over Zoom calls, really, she knew she could only flourish here.
+Speaks; Greek, Scottish Gaelic, A small amount of Hindi and Japanese (only enough to understand the basics), and can use sign language. Also speaks music fluently as well as sarcasm.
+Has her DJ dog, Dj Khan or just Khan for short :) He has his own headphones to cover his ears if he's able to go to gigs with Calliope and has a backpack of emergency snacks/glowsticks/glitter and epi-pen
+Horribly allergic to bees/wasps(mostly anything with a stinging butt)
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Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
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