Elena Álvarez Common Were Jaguar Inactive
Basic Information
Name Elena
Pronouns She/Her
Age 31(19)
Birthday May 31
Height 5 ft1
Eyes Supernatural
Face Claim Selena Gomez
Residence Location Camp Baron
Occupation Location Alameda
Occupation Mechanic at Cormyr Garage
Vehicle Dirt bike
Vampire Stats
Age turned Born like dis!
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned Born like dis!
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned Born like dis!
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Animal Appearance ~Beautiful black jaguar appearance!
~Rosettes have a rusty color to them in the light
~ 3'1 tall from paw beans to shoulder.
~ 7 ft long (From nose to booty) with a 3 ft long tail
~Affectionately called Jellybean or Jelly
Is tall (In her mind)
Long dark brown, nearly black curly hair. Most of the time it's kept in a long curly mess
Baby faced
Has her cat eyes
A bit thin but not unhealthily so
Girly Tom Boy
Wild and playful with friends and fam
Shy and reserved with strangers
Kind and sensitive soul; tends to take things to heart
Lives by the motto; Curiosity killed the jaguar but satisfaction brought her back.
Will pout when her way is not gotten (even if it's for the best)
-Born in Brazil to a single jaguar mother, she was raised to be confident from a young age. It mostly worked but she has always struggled to not take what strangers say to heart. It was hard though to fit in, since she was always growing and changing faster than her peers so she often was in the loner grouping of things. Her mother saw this and tried to help by putting into possible friend situations but often times it didn't work and made her a clam around strangers.
-El was a wild kitten and child, she loved to take things apart and then put them back together again. With El's mother being in the car industry, she was introduced to various auto salespersons and mechanics and at a young age, that was where her love of taking care of cars started.
Because her mother didn't tell her, once she turned 6(18), she was put on a plane and sent to live in Mexico with her human aunt whom she didn't know. It took her weeks to just get comfortable living in the states with her, only because she didn't know her nor did she feel comfortable shifting around her.
-Because of the move, she had started to shift more than needed; spending more time in the woods. Her Aunt would call her mother who warned her to be careful, to not spend so much time like that but being young she didn't listen until her eyes never changed back from being a cats eyes. It was enough to scare her into shifting less often; even fit made Jellybean unhappy that she wasn't out a lot. Being that were weren't really out and El had no group, her mother stressed the point across even more.
-After five years, El was more comfortable with her aunt. She was even getting into fixing all sorts of cars and machines thanks to her Aunt and mother helping her find work like that. She seemed to have a knack for cars so she had the goal of one day opening her own mechanic shop! Working with car and bikes helped her focus on something else other than the urge to play around in the woods.
-It would only be recently that El and her Aunt would move to Colorado due to a job opportunity for her Aunt. Elena was not really ready to live without family close by and couldn't go back to Brazil due to how her mom sent her away, so she went with her Aunt. Now she is trying to fit in but struggling because she once more doesn't know anyone and is once more spending a lot of time as Jelly while she tries to get comfortable in her new environment.
+Will claim she can hunt anything, even though smaller animals always escape her claws
+Loves to get her hair and nails done but also about 10 minutes later is elbows deep in an engine without thinking about it
+Lives in a little Tree house cottage; Her Happy Place (garage off to the side with stuff)
+Has a garage with various engines in different levels of repair/disrepair
+Eyes are her Jaguars from shifting too much; she hopes that nothing else changes o.o
+Recently got her Mechanic license with a specialty in bike repairs and is now working at Cormyr Garage :D
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