Grant Archer Common Were Jaguar
Basic Information
Name Grant Marcus Archer
Pronouns He/him
Age 44
Birthday Apr 29
Height 6'2
Eyes Green
Face Claim Chris Pratt
Residence Location Starling Hills
Occupation Location Other
Occupation Landscaper
Vehicle 2013 Toyota Tundra [dark green]
Group Cloud Cove Prowl
Vampire Stats
Age turned 28
Supernatural Eye Color Brown
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 28
Supernatural Eye Color Brown
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 28
Supernatural Eye Color Brown
Animal Appearance
  • Inquisitive, likes to figure out puzzling situations
  • Absolutely loves climbing--consequently, absolutely loves killing by ambush from above
  • Hazelnut brown eyes
  • 3'7" at the shoulder, 10.5 ft long, and a little over 350 lbs, hefty build
  • Shaves basically two or three times a month and lets the facial hair do what it wants after that
  • Eyes aren't entirely green, but it's close enough
  • Naturally broader in build, definitely goes to the gym
  • Dresses in whatever, he doesn't feel like he needs to think about it too much these days
  • Often looks more dopey than he actually is
  • Active, ambitious, and occasionally broody
  • Obnoxiously self-assured, typically only listens to his sire for correction or differing opinion, might be overcompensating
  • Absolutely a bully, but will always play it off like it was a joke, you were supposed to LAUGH
  • Will totally apologize but rarely means it and sometimes that's very obvious
  • Regrets? He has a few
  • Knows he got a second chance at life, doesn't always act like it
  • Easy to frustrate, especially when things don't go his way
  • Born 1979, Washington DC. Youngest boy of three, father an accomplished lawyer, mother a passive homemaker wrapped up in the social scene of the 80's.
  • Grant was a smart student, but not the nicest classmate (or brother). The sort that frustrated teachers but got away with it by doing well when it mattered the most, skipping class but passing tests.
  • Spent childhood being moderately spoiled and doted on needlessly, learning that the world was his for the taking, right?
  • Took a year off for himself after high school. Eventually went on to get a Bachelor's degree in Political Economy with a minor in Mathematics at Georgetown University.
  • From there it was a little fight to get into law school, but he secured a spot at American University Washington College of Law.
  • The future seemed honestly pretty bright, but at a mere twenty-seven years of age he was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia.
  • He had put off treatment too long, writing off early symptoms as simply stress. He did not respond well to chemo.
  • Barukh--an old family friend of many years--provided a miraculous recovery just before he turned twenty-eight.
  • Off track at school, all his plans disrupted and with no real stability in the immediate future, Grant took a while to really figure things out, both as a man and as a jaguar. He relied on his sire for a lot of it.
  • Doubled down on working his way independent from his family, working at first in jobs that would pertain to law eventually but then working his way into other things, feeling less and less connected with his former priorities, and also regrettably not feeling like he was good enough at it anymore.
  • Feeling adrift meant he just gravitated more and more to the older jaguar, tightening that circle of support and trust as much as either of them were capable of such things.
  • With the bad blood between his sire and the closest local prowl, he never really got a taste off what genuinely being a part of something larger in the were community was like, but he's told himself he doesn't mind.
  • Feeling stagnant in office jobs after over a decade of trying to claw into a niche, Grant leaped at the opportunity to leave the east coast and join Barukh in a venture westward with plans for a business of his own. Eventually. Trading in his city slicker sedan for a truck felt pretty nice, if he's honest.
  • Jaguar face is modeled on Autano
Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
09-11-2022 at 01:59 PM