Christopher Basset Human
Basic Information
Name Christopher Basset
Pronouns he | him
Age 38
Birthday 22 April
Height 5'11
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Regé-Jean Page
Residence Location Las Almas
Occupation Location Las Almas
Occupation equestrian therapist
Vehicle Ford F-150 Raptor
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Animal Appearance
Christopher is a handsome man, made handsomer by the indifferent ease with which he owns it. Not given to vanity, his looks seem to be more the result of sheer blessing by the powers that be rather than any particular effort. His work, a liking for an active lifestyle, and chasing a toddler around keep him in fair shape, and he is equally at home in elegant formal-wear and dusty barn-clothes.
Christopher is sweet, loyal, calm, empathetic, and good-humoured. He can also be over-sensitive, impulsive, and unforgiving where he feels the situation warrants it, much as he tries to understand different perspectives. He had a temper when he was younger, lashing out due to his sensitivity at times, which he's worked hard to get under control, and though he now has a much longer fuse, it doesn't mean it doesn't end somewhere, and he can hold onto quiet grudges for a long time. With his training in psychology, the variations of the human mind fascinate him, and the idea that there is still so much unknown about the brain and its workings excites and daunts him all at once.

If working with humans inspires him, working with horses energizes him. He finds being around the animals just as soothing as his clients do, and he enjoys pitching in to help maintain the animals' wellbeing and the barns with some hands-on labour, though he has hired excellent staff who keep things running in the day-to-day as he manages every aspect of the business as well as personal client therapy appointments.
Christopher James Walton Basset IV was born in Oxford, England, the eldest son to a respected aristocratic family which boasted a ducal cousin. (Being a cadet branch offshoot, Christopher's immediate family were mere Misters and Misses, though they have their fair share of old money.) A fairly happy childhood followed, with three sisters--two elder, one younger--and the finest education money could buy. As the family had property but no titled responsibilities, Christopher's own ambitions were more freely indulged, and he decided he wanted to combine his studies with seeing something of the world beyond Britain (and European holidays with his family.)

Which was how he ended up heading to college in Hawaii. The idea of sunshine and surfing was impossibly alluring to the Englishman, and he maintained that he didn't need to impress anybody by boasting about Ivy Leagues or Oxbridge to do what he wanted with his life. He found a college with an entirely unobjectionable reputation for simple education, and threw himself into his studies for his psychology degree. (And the sunshine and the surfing, once he learned how to surf.)

Four years flew by, but he knew he didn't want to stay away from England and his family forever. An animal-lover all his life, he was intrigued by equestrian therapy, and found a contact in Britain who was willing to mentor him, so once he graduated, he returned to the UK permanently to pursue the necessary graduate degrees and certification in hippotherapeutics, with a focus on trauma.

A few years back, his girlfriend at the time decided to try to force his hand when it came to marriage and 'accidentally' got pregnant. Which was enough of a breach of trust and a severe misreading of the situation to end the relationship, though Christopher was totally willing to take full custody of their daughter Ivy, now three, as his ex-girlfriend hadn't wanted to actually be a mother so much as get a Basset heirloom on her finger. Ivy is the light of his life and it's scary how deeply he adores her.

Happy in his work, he knew he ultimately wanted to start his own center for equestrian therapy, bringing on proven professionals to offer physical therapy and the like, as well as his own specialty in psychological treatments; but somehow, Britain didn't quite feel like the place for it, or for him, anymore. He wasn't quite sure of himself enough to start from the ground up, but nor did he simply want to buy into someone else's going concern. When he heard about a run-down old retreat center in Colorado, inspiration struck, and it seemed like just the thing to build on, renovating the buildings to suit his purposes, and making it his own. He's spent the last year getting all his ducks in a row, and recently the Evergreen Center opened its doors to new clients to take part in its fledgling programmes and therapy sessions.
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