Liu RuShi Intermediate Vampire
Basic Information
Name Liu Ru Shi
Pronouns She/Her
Age 1836
Birthday June 7th
Height 5'2
Eyes Black
Face Claim zhang xinyu
Residence Location Reignhart
Occupation Location Reignhart
Occupation Independently Wealthy
Vehicle Silver Lexus LC500
Group Rhiannon Court Clutch
Vampire Stats
Age turned 25
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
First Ability Illusion
Power/Animal Description
  • Can turn into a lovely White Wagtail
  • Illusion - can change the sense so that people perceive something to be there that isn't, works for all five senses. She's had this ability for a long time so the side effects are mild headaches that grow into migraines if she over does it.
  • Psychic Stats
    Age turned 25
    Supernatural Eye Color Gray
    First Ability Illusion
    Power Description
  • Can turn into a lovely White Wagtail
  • Illusion - can change the sense so that people perceive something to be there that isn't, works for all five senses. She's had this ability for a long time so the side effects are mild headaches that grow into migraines if she over does it.
  • Were Stats
    Age turned 25
    Supernatural Eye Color Gray
    Animal Appearance
  • Has a hard time adjusting to the flow of fashion, prefers traditional clothes over anything new.
  • Has always had long hair, which was a big thing in old times, so continues to keep her hair long. Although finds the maintenance a bit time consuming and often puts her hair up if she doesn't want to deal with it.
  • Bit of a sucker for jewelry, she has more then one person would ever need and is never without.
  • One thing she has embraced is makeup and skin care, although not going as vibrant as some fads. Sticking instead to the soft look.
  • Personality
    China 184 - 208 CE
  • Born in Luijiang, Yang Province as Bai Qiao.
  • When she was thirteen Sun Ce conquered her home and they met. He fell in love with her and they married.
  • She bore him two daughters.
  • In 200 CE Sun Ce was killed, and a couple months later she gave birth to their son Sun Shao
  • Sun Ce’s title was given to his brother Sun Quan though Bai remained in at the family estate with her brother in law and her children.
  • In 208 CE the northern area ruled by Cao Cao attempted to invade the south causing the battle of the red cliffs. During this time Bai remained at the family estate, though most of the security was gone as solders were sent off.
  • One night some strangers arrived, and she allowed them to stay. This ended badly for her as they turned out to be vampires. One attempted to feed from her causing a scuffle between, her, the vampires, and some guards. This ended with her getting stabbed in the stomach. While bleeding out she was offered a chance to live which she took.
  • The vampires were afraid to have her remain in the kingdom as she would most likely get discovered given her position. She was given the night to pack while the other's went about faking her death. Her son at the time was only eight.
  • With some help from the group who had changed her she was sent out to the silk road with a caravan who had been suggested into taking her to Rome and one more senior vampire.

  • Rome 209 - 220 CE
  • She arrived in Rome with a nearly empty caravan, the problems of traveling a long distance with two vampires. Here her companion handed her over to an unknown group, who she was informed was a well-established clutch.
  • One of the members, Tiberius took her in and adopted her into his household. She was given the roman name Seia.
  • She had a hard time adapting as she did not speak the language or know the customs, it took her a couple years to become fluent. Compared to what her life had been it seemed like a step down. The only good parts where the time spent with Tiberius where he taught her how to feed, how to suggest, and the other rules of their kind.
  • She was discovered feeding by one of the household members and fearing being discovered she attacked the woman. Unable to fully control her urges she ended up nearly killing the woman and was forced to turn her. This destroyed her relationship with Tiberius.
  • Unable to stay in the household she was handed over to a different vampire in the clutch. But she was unable to cultivate a happy relationship with them and decided that Rome was not a place she wished to stay.
  • Seia pleaded to the Dominus who agreed to send her to Roman controlled Egypt, unwilling to allow her back to china so soon

  • Egypt 220 - 221 CE
  • Unlike her travel to Rome she didn’t have someone to introduce her to a clutch and she was left to fend for herself. After a hard year she made acquaintances with an older vampire who was traveling through the region. He offered to take her to a clutch he knew, and she accepted.

  • Persia/Sassanid Empire 221 - 624 CE
  • Arrives in the area when it is still under Roman control and joins a clutch in the area. Just as when she was in Rome was adopted into a household and given a new name this time it was Esfir.
  • Three years later the Romans are overthrown, and the Sassanid empire is established.
  • In the new empire Esfir found herself with more privileges, and under new leadership within the clutch she began learning how to write, read, and more.
  • During this time her illusion ability developed. She mostly used it to embellish stories she told to the other vampires and create scenes of her homeland.
  • As the empire descended into civil war the clutch, she was a part of was torn apart in the chaos.
  • Seizing the opportunity Esfir tried to make her way back to her homeland.

  • China 625 - 830 CE
  • It took her a year to make it back to China, but when she arrived the country was under the Tang Dynasty.
  • She settled back in the southern area of China going under the name Jingyi. There was a small clutch in the area which she joined.
  • She purchased a shop and became a silk merchant with the help of another member of the clutch.
  • The shop became prosperous and she eventually allowed it to become the center for the group.
  • Overtime she decided to pursue learning and left the area to a bigger city, there she updated her knowledge of etiquette, music, poetry, and calligraphy.
  • She became a teacher to some courtesans, one of whom she took a liking too. Fearing the woman would be taken away by marriage she changed her.
  • After changing the girl Jingyi took her back to the south and to the clutch.
  • Time passed and she decided to try and make another vampire, this time searching out a man who seemed similar to her long dead son. This was a mistake. He did not fit in well with the clutch hierarchy and often clashed with the others of the group. She attempted to mediate but in the end was forced to kill him.
  • Somewhat devastated by his death Jingyi gave her shop over to her other vampire offspring and left the country taking a boat to the nearby island of Japan.

  • Japan 830 - 1181 CE
  • Taking up residence in Kyoto she changed her name to Ichika and set out to find a clutch, at this point having spent most of her undead life in the comfort of one.
  • Before she found a group, she met Eiichi, a member of the Minamoto clan who had a residence within the city. He caught her attention by drunkenly falling into a nearby pond. She helped him home and after a few failed suggestions managed to get one in for her to stay as dawn approached.
  • After a few days she settled in with a clutch.
  • Over the next year she would continue to run into Eiichi, who asked her to tutor him in Chinese. Seeing it as a chance to get a meal she agreed.
  • Feelings developed between the two of them and complications arose as it became more and more likely that Eiichi would discover what she was.
  • With no other choice between leaving him or turning him Ichika decided to make Eiichi a vampire. Using suggestions, and emotional manipulation she got him to agree.
  • Using a great deal of illusion and suggestions she managed to keep people from finding out what had happened to Eiichi for a few months. But seeing that she could not maintain the secret she pleaded for them to leave the city and make a new life somewhere else.
  • After much crying on her part Eiichi reluctantly accepted the idea and they left Kyoto.
  • In some romantic idiocy they settled down in a remote village with a breath-taking view, only to figure out quickly that neither of them was suited for such a life.
  • Ichika tried to take them back to China but Eiichi strongly refused, in the end, they settled in a city with a clutch.
  • Pulling money from her shop back in China she has Eiichi buy a ryokan
  • She taught him about suggestion, magic, and everything to do with vampirism. In return he taught her swordsmanship and archery. Eiichi and Ichika married a few years after they bought the inn.
  • Around 1100 CE Ichika noticed that she was rising earlier then her husband. At first, she attributed it simply to age, but meeting with another clutch member affirmed that it was because she had become stronger.
  • Nothing much changed except for Ichika developing the ability to turn into a bird. Until the Genpei War broke out in 1180. When the head of the Minamoto clan called for aid Eiichi felt a need to go, even though Ichika tried to dissuade him of the idea. They argued but for the first time Ichika lost. Not willing to let her husband lead himself into danger she decided to go with him, even going as far as dressing herself as a man to be a part of the fighting.
  • They met up with the Minamoto in Izu Province and ventured with them down towards Hakone Pass. During the travel they were attacked in the night by the Taira. In the darkness Eiichi and Ichika were able to fight, but the numbers soon proved to be overwhelming as the Minamoto side perished around them. In the fight Eiichi was decapitated. Seeing his death, and the clear loss Ichika changed into a bird to flee the fight as dawn was approaching. She just barely managed to find a place to rest for the day.
  • With Eiichi’s death she returned to the inn disheartened. Giving ownership over to the Domina of the clutch Ichika decided to leave the country.

    Traveling 1181 - 1400 CE
  • Spends the next few centuries traveling round Asia, stopping in India, Thailand, and the like. Eventually settling down in Korea.

  • Korea 1400 - 1530 CE
  • Settled into Korea as the Joseon kingdom was established. Had planned on buying a shop but found that impossible with countries views on woman. Initially annoyed she was about to return to China when she happened across the possibility of becoming a female entertainer for the upper class. Seeing it as a easy way to keep a blood supply along with money she settled in the capital city.
  • Learned Korean and used her knowledge of calligraphy, poetry, dance, and music to keep a well paying position.
  • A clutch began to form in the area and she met with the soon to be leader to potentially join, but found him uptight and stuck in Confucians ideas of woman and men's roles. Without allies to back her up she took up residence in a different section of the city.
  • With the problems of a nearby clutch she considered making her own and even went about turning a few people, the few that didn't end badly weren't enough to form a group and she gave up on the idea.
  • She was occasionally nettled by members of the clutch but passed almost a hundred years in relative peace.
  • Internal turmoil within the group spilled over and she was forced to deal with a flood of fledglings taking refuge in her part of the city. At first she was accommodating, but grew tired of cleaning up the messes. In the end she gave them an ultimatum. To leave her area or she would force them out. Some of the younger ones pushed back and she made an example of them.
  • The clutch finally re-solidified and they came to her for compensation for the ones she had killed. When she refused a fight broke out. With the help of her illusion and bird form she was able to flee the fight after doing some damage. But with the certainty of a bigger retaliation she decided it would be better to leave the country.

  • Japan 1530 - 1894 CE
  • Arriving in Japan during a turmoil period she became a sell sword of sorts, fighting for which ever side she felt like in the moment. While doing so she meet a number of other vampires using the war as an advantage. They tended to group up though there wasn't enough of them to form a clutch and they moved around often.
  • She would occasionally turn warriors in battle, keeping them beside her until she felt they were able to make it on their own. Never having more then two fledglings at a time.
  • The fighting came to an end with the establishment of the Edo period. Seeking to secure herself a well off position she found a fudai to suggest and established herself as part of his household. She continued this trend for a few decades before making her way back to the inn she had once owned. It had fallen into the hands of some human family and she was quick to buy it back.
  • Life was relatively quiet and she settled into running her inn. A few times she attempted to establish a clutch but never fully realized it. After a few decades she meet a woman with a similar mind and they were able to make a clutch together with Rushi acting as second.
  • She remained as second until a war between japan and china broke out. Worried that her heritage would provoke undo attention to the clutch she resigned her position and decided to venture to the Untied States.

  • America 1895 - 1945 CE
  • Moved to America with some trouble. Was forced to use suggestion a number of times to get over a pesky law forbidding chinese immigration.
  • Settled down on the west coast in one of the larger china towns.
  • Joined a clutch but quickly grew tired of it and decided to move somewhere else and make her own.
  • Did move, did not end up making a clutch instead finding one she could become a mentor in.
  • Lived untroubled by the world wars until the news of the bombing of japan. Fearing for the clutch she had left she abandoned the new one.

  • Japan 1945 - 2019 CE
  • Returned to find a number of her close friends dead due to the war and was somewhat devistated. Settled back in her inn and tried to rebuild her clutch.
  • Able to set up a somewhat stable leadership and began moving about the country trying to find others she had known.
  • Helped stabilize a few other clutches before returning to hers and reclaiming the position of second.
  • In more recent years as the clutch settled and life in japan returned to normal Rushi thought about returning to america to tie up any loss ends she had from living there previously. That was the idea at least she got waylaid for a few years trying to set up someone to take her place in the clutch.

  • Ridgefield 2020 - Current CE
  • Arrives in Ridgefield.
  • Other
  • Speaks a great deal of languages fluently, only of the asian variety and english though.
  • Can play the Guquin, Shamisen, Guzheng.
  • Achievements
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