Georgie Moran Human
Basic Information
Name Georgina Moran
Pronouns She/her
Age 43
Birthday Jan 31
Height 5' 1
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Kristen Bell
Residence Location Starling Hills
Occupation Location Starling Hills
Occupation Lawyer
Vehicle Black 2013 BMW 328I
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
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Supernatural Eye Color
Animal Appearance
—• Everyone has to dress up for work and special events of course, but she takes a particular pride in dressing down when she's allowed to.
—• Hair is just kinda there, but she manages to make it all look intentional. Except the coloring. Obviously gotta keep up with that.
—• Expressive face, most often used as a sarcastic weapon.
—• Exuberant, vibrant, radiant, kind of also an irritant. Not sorry.
—• Will devil's advocate until the conversation reaches its natural, withering end. But she will do her damnedest to win it, so, yay?
—• Honestly actually a nice and helpful and charitable person, if pushy as well. Shows her wealth in giving rather than showing off.
—• Does nottttt want anything to do with supernaturals. Please stay far away. Please also don't bite her brother, holy shit.
—• Grew up in Ridgefield county and lived here most of her cushy life, if mostly in the wealthier areas. Knew by around high school that she wanted to go into law!
—• Went to university in Montana, there met Flick. Adored him. Wanted to help him become more like her. Also fell in love with him pretty early on, but more or less kept it on the down low. Girl's gotta guard her heart.
—• That lasted until he drunkenly promised he'd marry her if she turned 40 and was still single. She took him up on the offer. Less than a year into dating, they were married.
—• And now, here they are. While she knows she's older, she... still wants a child. That fact has slowly started to creep into conversations. Subtly. Sort of.
—• Corporate lawyer: handles business entity formation, governance and compliance issues. Also reviews contracts and gives advice related to mergers, acquisitions, divestitures, financing, and securities laws.
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