Simon Radley Common Vampire
Basic Information
Name Simon Radley
Pronouns He/Him
Age 506
Birthday July 16th
Height 5'7
Eyes Green
Face Claim Matthew Gray Gubler
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Hawknell
Vehicle Bicycle
Group Rhiannon Court Clutch
Vampire Stats
Age turned 30
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
First Ability Plant Manipulation
Power/Animal Description Plant Manipulation-
Only capable of growing plants from seeds or remnants of seeds that are already planted within the ground. Best at growing plants native to the area.
Psychic Stats
Age turned 30
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
First Ability Plant Manipulation
Power Description Plant Manipulation-
Only capable of growing plants from seeds or remnants of seeds that are already planted within the ground. Best at growing plants native to the area.
Were Stats
Age turned 30
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
Animal Appearance
-Tall, willowy, with all the features of a personified golden retriever
-Kind of doesn't know how fashion works! He explores different patterns and textures, forget about matching
-Keeps his hair shaggy, and will switch between clean shaven and moderate scruff frequently
-Eccentric & Benevolent
-Friendly & Mellow
-Impractical & Obsessive
-Impulsive & Fickle
-Born in Eton, England in 1517. His father was a stonemason that worked on the college and his mother did embroidery.
-Grew up well enough off, but things got troublesome when his younger sister was born when he was twelve.
-Got his first job as a newsboy at thirteen, and hopped around to different jobs in the taverns and inns that populated the area around the school until he could afford to attend Eton College, with a study in biology.
-Studied education, and eventually landed a job at the school as a professor of human anatomy.
-Fell in love with one of his student's sisters, a scandal that nearly got outed many times. Eventually, they married and had three sons.
-At thirty, he fell extremely ill. He was losing his battle, when his wife traveled out of the city to retrieve a doctor she had heard of from one of her friends. Unbeknownst to both, the doctor was a vampire, and his cure was to feed Simon his blood in hopes to cure some of his symptoms.
-The illness took him anyway, but he woke an hour later to a live of undead existence.
-Unable to stay with his family, both for their safety and the insistence of his sire that secrecy was to be prioritized, he was forced to do one of the worst things, to this day, he has ever done. Suggestions were made to his wife and his children that he had been involved in a serious carriage accident, and passed away. They were lead to believe that he was too mangled for his body to be seen, and they were to bury him with a closed casket. His sire attended the pseudo funeral to assure things ran smoothly.
-Simon was forced to leave his life as he had known it, and travel with his sire; Andre; to London. It was there that he was introduced to his first Clutch. It was there that he was assimilated into supernatural life, and became something of an assistant to Andre, whom was an apothecary by trade and acted as the Clutch’s medic.
-Taking work where he could, furthering his study of the human body as science developed and expanded.
-Simon lived as normal a life as he could, but he never did forget about his family. He would travel home every year and leave anonymous gifts for his children, or send bouquets of flowers to his wife. He watched as she remarried, and had a fourth son whom she named Thomas, after his own middle name.
-In 1579, at the age of sixty two, his wife fell ill with an incurable disease. He could not bring himself to spare her life in the way his had been, a he was forced to see her die. He lay with her as she passed.
-In 1629, after the death of his last son, Simon removed himself from the Clutch he’d grown so much in, in search of a new path.
-He allowed his work to carry him across the country, and even ventured across the channel for decade or two, learning more of the expanding world around him.
-When the opportunity arose in 1790 to ship himself along with a small collection of other vampires across the Atlantic, he did not hesitate.
-In Boston, Simon marketed himself an affordable, discreet pharmacist. In his studies of herbal medicine, Simon discovers he can manipulate the plants he grew in his greenhouse.
-Simon took to growing herbs and plants of all sorts, and this aided him in becoming well respected throughout the colonies and over time as he traveled to avoid suspicion, taking on various identities. He settled in with a Clutch in the early 1800’s, serving as a Medic for the first time.
-When the Civil War divided the country, Simon struck away from his Clutch to sneak into surgery tents after battles to assist in tending to the wounded. He observed a traumatizing amount of death, and succumbed to bloodlust so many times that he has blocked out a significant amount of the memories surrounding that time.
-It took a heavy toll, and Simon coped with it in strange ways. He became fleeting, never staying in one place for more than a year. Often developing short lived obsessions, collecting strange things, occasionally secluding himself for months on end.
-Eventually, he fell into the routine of picking a place on the map, and dedicating a single decade to it. The 1900’s in New York, the 20’s in Chicago, the 50’s in San Jose. Always someone different, yet entirely the same, searching for somewhere to truly grow.
He is discovering how deep his roots may actually grow in Ridgefield county.
-Delicate, faded English accent
- House, but more of... everything.
Owns a white cockatoo named Fitzgerald, whom he is teaching to speak with a much more significant English accent.
A Real Boy!
A Real Boy!
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