Grigori Golovin Human
Basic Information
Name Grigori Vasiliev Golovin
Pronouns he/him
Age 33
Birthday March 27th
Height 6'
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Logan Lerman
Residence Location Camp Baron
Occupation Location Camp Baron
Occupation Stablehand
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Animal Appearance

↭ Keeps himself lean and strong. Can’t really afford to be a noodle when you’re working with horses for most of the day, after all. Prefers to keep in shape through dance, particularly ballet. His lithe, strong form doesn’t always stop the horses occasionally dragging him across the field but it helps to make such events a little more manageable….

↭ Likes to keep his outfits practical and comfortable. Again, he works with horses. Just makes sense to wear clothes that are easy to clean and to replace. He tends to keep copies of the same comfy items, such as hoodies of the same type and colour, or several of the same jeans. Only has a handful of “high quality” sets of clothing, with most of his clothes being cheap.

↭ Mostly clean-shaven, though not always. Does not own an iron, though. He never really goes anywhere fancy, so why would he need one? Barely manages to brush his hair, which makes people joke that he spends longer grooming the horses than he does himself, which… is pretty accurate, honestly.

↭ Prematurely greying, though at times you’d have to be within kissing distance to notice. In certain lights though, it’s fairly obvious. It doesn’t really bother him too much, though. He just likes to keep his hair manageable and that’s about it.


⏭ Generally a pretty quiet man, he tends to appear shy, eyes never quite meeting yours, hands deep in his pockets, shoulders pinched tightly. If his eyes do meet yours, even in passing, he’ll give a gentle smile and a nod in acknowledgement, then continue on his way.

⏭ Despite his seemingly shy demeanour, he is friendly and will happily chat away to strangers if they speak to him first. It can be hard to get him to be quiet again once you get him started, but he won’t exhaust you; he’ll take the hint when you start looking at him like you’re ready to strangle him. He’s more inclined to exhaust his friends with incessant chatter.

⏭ A little whimsical at times, he can seem dramatic and animated, especially when talking about things that interest him or when waxing philosophical. He doesn’t just speak with his hands - as a dancer, he speaks with his entire body. Arms flail, back arches, legs become tense. It shows that he was raised somewhat theatrical.

⏭ Friend to all animals, but particularly to horses. He’ll go out of his way to pet a dog and put himself in danger to rescue an animal. He’d sooner drown than watch a puppy freeze in a lake, and would have an easier time pushing a person onto train tracks if it meant saving a pigeon. That’s not to say he’s necessarily anti-human, but who else will rescue animals if we won’t? A person can get themselves off of the tracks! And if they can’t? Well… okay, let him help them up...


⇰ Born into a military family in Sochi, Russia, the youngest of three children, the baby of the family. Older brother Vasily was Dad’s favourite (because he wanted to be a soldier like his father and grandfather before him), and the role of Mother’s favourite was shared by sister Sonia and Grigori, since both took to dance like they’d been built to perform. While Vasily Sr. was an electrician (having had to retire from military duty relatively early due to sickness), Karina was a ballet instructor who led her own small school. She and Sonia coached Grigori from a very young age, to his father’s chagrin. He would have much preferred Grigori took up a sport like his brother and boxing, but it was some form of exercise and it wasn’t easy, so he allowed it.

⇰ Fascinated by animals, Grigori would spend any time he didn’t have to spend at school or in his mother’s ballet classes watching street cats playing or trying to catch rabbits or bothering the neighbours’ dogs (until his father relented and got the family a puppy). Whenever they brought the dog to the vet for check ups (or because the dumb mutt ate a piece of plastic and Grigori cried so hard that he threw up) the awestruck child would ask constant questions. How does this work? What does that do? How do you know if this is normal? How long do you need to go to school to be as clever as you? The vets were generally rather charmed, his parents would shush him and tell him to have some restraint.

⇰ When he was thirteen, he met Theodore Blackfeather, son of an important businesswoman and new student in his ballet class. Other students tried to get close to Theo, encouraged by parents who thought that his mother’s connections would get their children closer to stardom and riches. Naturally, however, Grigori and Theo became best friends, practically attached at the hip. Grigori’s mother would scold them often for not paying attention or misbehaving and there was talk of separating them. The talk didn’t last long as Theo settled in and soon became one of the top dancers, and after a few years he was suddenly withdrawn from the class, and Grigori never saw him again. Losing his best friend was difficult, and life was only about to get a little more woeful.

⇰ At the age of sixteen, he became terribly attached to a boy in his biology class and made excuse after excuse to spend time with him. He would suddenly need help with a concept or an assignment, one time he even ‘twisted his ankle’ and the boy bound it for him so he could still dance that evening. For a long time he had been passing off extreme affections for male classmates as just being very incredibly good friends, but for some reason with this one, he couldn’t ignore the truth any longer. Maybe raging hormones, or the first time he’d truly been “in love”. Who can say? Nowadays Grigori would admit it was probably just the hormones, though. In any case, he began to accept that he was gay, but didn;t dare share that realisation with anyone. No one would ever understand; he’d be cast out from his friends and family! So he kept quiet, snuck furtive glances at certain classmates, played dumb.

⇰ Another dancer figured out that he was gay and began to tease him about it in front of his mother, who thought of it as hazing and put a quick stop to it. Grigori began to more aggressively express his wishes to become a vet during this time, only to be continually shot down by his father who wanted him to be an army officer.

⇰ By the age of seventeen he couldn’t handle keeping his secret to himself anymore, and he came out to his siblings, who were sympathetic to his plight but agreed that their parents could not know. Shortly after that, his parents found out anyway. It didn’t go well exactly, but they also didn’t throw him out. Rather, after days of agony and arguments, they demanded he keep quiet about it and not to act on those feelings, and they would simply forget about it. Grigori didn’t think he would really get the opportunity to act on those feelings and decided to live firmly in the closet, but with the door open a crack.

⇰ Upon leaving school, Grigori stood up for himself once more and insisted he would go to university to become a vet. He didn’t achieve good enough marks to go to the better schools, and with his father threatening to kick him out with nothing he found himself unable to make enough money to support himself while studying, and had to come home, giving up on school. Instead, he started volunteering with animal charities and working at the stables owned by one of his mother’s friends.

⇰ Unable to evade being drafted, Grigori begrudgingly completed 12 months in the Army, which he hated. It was the longest year of his life, and though he made a couple of acquaintances who made the experience a little more bearable, he spent much of the time exhausted and demoralised, just counting the days until he could go home. He was always just about average in performance, doing enough to not get in serious trouble.

⇰ The only good thing to come out of being drafted was the second chance to go to university. His father, who had hoped his son would stay put in the military instead of leaving the very second his compulsory year was up, remarked that it was more disappointing that he didn’t want to follow in his brother’s footsteps than it was to discover that he was gay. As a result, he didn’t speak to his father for nearly a decade.

⇰ At university he met an American man. A scholar from a long line of engineers, but someone who wanted to teach Russian and Russian literature in America. And his family actually encouraged him, and were proud of him. Grigori could not relate, but very much enjoyed Alexander’s company, his passion and his warmth, the way he could talk for hours about a single sentence in a novel that Grigori had never read and make it sound like the most fascinating thing in the world. Unfortunately, Grigori wound up dropping out of university after two years, unable to handle the pressure. He went back to his job at his mother’s friend’s stables and began to accept his lot in life. Alex kept in contact with him and they became especially close. Believing that he could confide in Alex unlike anyone else he knew, he confessed his sexual orientation to him. Luckily he was right and Alex was accepting. Then, within a few months, they were in a relationship. And just as quickly as that, it came time for Alex to go back to America, and Grigori had to decide just how serious his feelings were.

⇰ Grigori happily moved back to Ridgefield with his lover. They bought a flat together in Alder Heights, Alex completed his education and became a lecturer, while Grigori worked at an animal shelter. When same-sex marriage became legally recognised they began to save up towards a modest wedding, to be held on a significant date for the two of them. Unfortunately things fizzled out and the engagement was called off.

⇰ After six years together, Grigori and Alex split, having simply fallen out of love with each other. They harbour no hard feelings towards each other and still speak frequently. Grisha decided to move to Hollowstone and became a stablehand. He knows he could have used his savings better, but he doesn’t regret spending his wedding money on his rescue horse.

⇰ A couple of years ago, his father reached out to him, looking to mend their relationship. Grigori accepted the olive branch, and now tolerates the occasional dig about settling down with a nice young woman on Facebook. Luckily, he doesn’t really check Facebook all that much.


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His American Paint Horse (rescue mare!) is called Magic and is the only woman he needs in his life uwu

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