Yue Jiang Common Were Rat
Basic Information
Name Ying Yue Jiang
Pronouns She/Her
Age 22
Birthday April 20th
Height 5'3
Eyes Gray
Face Claim Kina Shen
Residence Location Hawknell
Vehicle 1995 Buick Riviera
Vampire Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Turned By: Ben Jones
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Green
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Turned By: Ben Jones
Animal Appearance A palm (roof) rat with brownish black fur. Referance
  • Wears dark clothing, a remnant of her fashion choices from a year ago.
  • Known for her 'doll' eyes (copywrite by Beauregard Inc)
  • Personality
    Resilient| Adaptable| Tenacious
  • Born and raised in Seattle to a college professor and an editor
  • Her younger brother of six years was born
  • She became friends with her neighbor Liam
  • Teenage Years:
  • In middle school Yue fell in love with bad gothic novels and started to dress in black
  • Yue meets Aria, a girl who just moved from Colorado. They fall in love
  • Fearing her parents disapproval Yue kept their relationship a secret from her family.
  • Aria taught Yue how to ride a longboard
  • They spend the summer before junior year together on road trip down the coast
  • Yue gets a job at a museum and they start spending less time together
  • They grow apart. Liam asks Yue out, and pressured by her family she accepts
  • Young Adult:
  • Yue gets accepted to Seattle university.
  • Her relationship with Liam is soured when she freaks out when they try to sleep together, she ends up exploding a nearby bedside lamp making it the first time she uses her powers.
  • She breaks up with Liam.
  • Unsure what to do with her life she drops out of college.
  • A post on social media shows Aria in Colorado. In a moment of passion Yue buys a ticket to Ridgefield.
  • She doesn't find Aria, but finds the town charming. She rents an apartment.
  • 2019- December 2020 Ridgefield
  • Yue applies for a job at the Planetarium where she gets suggested into revealing her power by Beau, she does not get the job
  • Yue meets Ashley and gets a job at the stadium with her
  • At some point Yue meets the somewhat friendly Ben twice, the second time she gets bit
  • After almost running into Asha, literally, the two have a meal and Yue finds out she's been turned into a were.
  • An altercation at Costco between Alice and Yue results in a shift that's videotaped and put up on social media
  • Yue looses her job and apartment but Asha takes her in.
  • 2021
  • Yue decides to visit Seattle to settle things with her family after they find out about the video. Telling Asha she would be back in a few months.
  • Her return is not met well by her father. There is a fight and when he tries to physically force Yue out of the house she ends up shifting. A shifted were in a house of humans never ends well. Her father gets a bite to the leg as Yue rat tries to flee.
  • Yue frantically tries to get a hold of her family fearing that she had infected her dad. She finds out from her brother that her father is in the hospital. Her brother also gives her all her stuff and lets her know her parents never wants to see her again.
  • Still worried about the bite Yue stays in Seattle until the full moon, and although she confirms her father was not infected she also meets an angry shifter. Yue remembers fear and pain from that night but the memory of what happened is hazy at best.
  • The next time she wakes up is in an unknown cabin with several broken bones, such as ribs, and a missing finger. The cabin ends up being the home of a rat king, a group which she had apparently joined the night of the full moon, though the memory is hazy at best.
  • The king offers to heal her if she stays, she decides against. One of the other shifters offer her a ride and things would have ended well if they hadn't run into the vampires.
  • At some point in the fight Yue abandoned the car to drag the other now hurt shifter into the woods. A chase ensued and when dawn came she had no idea where she was or where the road was.
  • Yue is lost in the woods that make up a national park for four months. When she finally finds help the other shifter is nowhere to be found.
  • When Yue came out of the woods the pandemic had already been in full swing, airports were down and quarantine made it impossible to get back to Ridgefield easily. Lack of money didn't help either. She got whatever job she could to save up enough money
  • When Yue got enough money to buy a busted old car she packed up what few things she had and began the trip back to Ridgefield
  • Other
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