Austen Elliott Human
Basic Information
Name Austen Elliott
Pronouns she | her
Age 42
Birthday 4 August
Height 5'9
Eyes Green
Face Claim Kate Winslet
Residence Location Graupel Canyon
Occupation Location Ridgefield
Occupation self-employed
Vehicle 2020 Land Rover Defender
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
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Psychic Stats
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Animal Appearance

Austen is on the taller side of average, with wavy hair she dyes blonde from its natural brown, and cool dark green eyes. While no longer the slip of a girl she once was, she maintains a decent figure for her time of life and seems to have put on some healthy weight since coming to Colorado. Her manner of dress is as mercurial as her moods, but tends to be dictated to by her surroundings. When she occupies her luxury condominium in the heart of Ridgefield's city-center, her clothes are up-to-the-minute stylish and sleekly-tailored; when she is tucked away in her sprawling Graupel Canyon property, she opts for clothes that seem more suited to living, breathing, moving...but make no mistake, the price-tag of her wools and linens is no less than what she wears in the city.

She now has an underbust tattoo of a peacock feather on the left side of her torso.


Austen often resorts to dry humour, both with people she likes and dislikes, so it can initially be difficult to tell just what she thinks of someone until knowing her better. Collected and observant, she does not suffer fools gladly, though she has a soft spot for vulnerable things, and hates to see anyone being taken advantage of. Honesty goes a long way to winning her respect, and so she can seem bluntly direct to many; though she does try to control her outspoken habits if telling the entire truth may do more harm than good. (Not that she often sees the harm of lying outweighing the good of knowing what's real.)

She can be a bit of a meddler, used to being bossy and being obeyed, often supposing she knows what's best and not above a bit of subtle high-handedness to get her way. There are some who might call her arrogant or cold, and they might have a point--Austen is certainly capable of making mistakes...and much as it pains her to admit that, she will admit it...eventually.

She's a far angrier person than she ever used to be, and her temper is on a much shorter fuse these days. Patience is a virtue, and it's not one that Austen Elliott possesses in great quantities. That said, she is a generous person and gives liberally to good causes.


Austen is the daughter of a New York socialite and a London publishing house magnate, and grew up in England, wanting for nothing. She traveled the world with her parents on holidays, and attended a boarding-school in Switzerland for the majority of her schoolgirl years. Upon graduating, she wrote a very shi-shi weekly column in a national paper intended to give dazzling insights into the gossip and lifestyles of the sets of people she was in league with.

She finally ascended to the final upper echelon of British power when she married Nicholas Hurstlow, Lord Wellend, who was heir to the Marquess of Arlsthorpe, and discreetly gave up her column as the house-parties she attended now often included members of the royal family directly in line for the throne, and didn't everyone know better than to poke that wasp's nest?

It was somewhat remarkable for everyone to realize that the Hurstlow match had been genuinely affectionate (though Austen's family's money was a welcome revivification to the Arlsthorpe estates,) and they were the glittering young couple to watch for several years.

Money can't buy everything, however, and Austen and her husband were frustrated for quite some time as they tried to start a family, with no success. This caused friction between the pair, particularly as Nicholas' father's health has deteriorated and he had an eye on his own aristocratic legacy. Austen couldn't quite believe that she was living some wretched 19th-century melodrama where an heir was being demanded of her unobliging womb, and found it galling and painful to have her hospital visits and periods of marital strife splashed mercilessly across the tabloids.

She might have been able to weather it with the renowned British stoicism, had not the final nail been put in her marriage's coffin when she discovered her husband had been seeing a succession of several mistresses over the years, and impregnated the most recent--a woman 20 years Austen's junior. It was humiliating and infuriating to realize that Nicholas had become such an utter stranger to her that she truly hated the man he had become, and the self-serving, vicious, sickening things he was capable of, when she had given him everything she was capable of giving. Austen found the finest solicitor she could, and, with ample evidence of her husband's infidelity, had no difficulty securing a spectacular divorce wherein she clawed back as much as she could of what she had brought to the marriage, materially, ruing the fact that over the years so much of it had been sunk into improving the estate holdings, which she abandoned to Nicholas and whatever pack of slobbering brats he could have for himself.

Where better to escape to than some place she's never heard of? Austen jabbed her finger at a map and finally settled on Colorado, after some research of Ridgefield. (She wasn't going to be an utter slave to the fate directing her blind pointing. The first attempt would have plunked her down into the middle of the Pacific Ocean.) She flew in long enough to purchase and immediately move into a lavish condominium in the heart of Ridgefield, from where she was able to view more remote properties, eventually settling on a secluded house nestled in Gaupel Canyon, with enough property to keep a few horses and outbuildings for a guest-house and any on-site staff.

Given the NDA she signed as a part of her swift divorce proceedings, Austen is unable to write the tell-all memoir that she is itching to fling at the world...but she's been toying with the idea of a dark, racy sort of novel...with all the names changed, and just enough consulting with a lawyer to keep herself out of trouble. When she's not involving herself with charity work or her horses, she's sipping something from a glass and typing at a feverish pace...

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