Usui Sasaki Common Were Snow Leopard
Basic Information
Name Usui Sasaki
Pronouns He/Him
Age 38
Birthday Jan 21
Height 5' 7
Eyes Black
Face Claim Gen Hoshino
Residence Location Reignhart
Occupation None
Vehicle Bus Pass
Vampire Stats
Age turned 36
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 36
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 36
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Animal Appearance
  • Very shaggy, thick fur coat in grey and cream with large black rosettes
  • ~108lbs, 33 in at shoulder, just over six feet long from head to booty with three more feet of tail
  • Usually has earbuds in, probably can’t understand you anyway
  • Dresses either very sharp or very casual--rarely any in between, and the latter… mostly at home, but not exclusively
  • Dark hair is fairly short--generally covers his forehead but not his ears
  • Fairly faint beauty mark on the right side of his lip
  • Doesn’t grow facial hair especially well and doesn’t try
  • Aloof, watchful, sharp
  • Has little need for the approval of others unless it's professional opinion
  • Does have a sense of humor, come and find it!
  • Difficult to embarrass, but easy to irritate - short tempered
  • He figures persistence is his best trait
  • Don't touch him >:[
  • Does not like his current living conditions
  • Enjoys music, uses it as a respite
  • Born in 1983 in Asahikawa, Japan. Only child. Father a security analyst. Grew up in a risk-free, protected environment.
  • Grew up in a very “tiger parenting” household, always pushed to do his best and then better. Learned quickly to be responsible for himself or face consequence.
  • Didn’t have a lot of time for friends, spent years doing little more than studies.
  • Went to school for business--an adaptable education--, graduated swiftly and with high marks.
  • Moved to Sapporo, got into a security team at a tech company, protecting mostly physical but also digital assets. Liked to think he was next in line for Chief Security Officer.
  • Didn’t vacation often, but a couple of short years ago a “team building” skiing trip made him regret even that one. One ill-advised and out-of-character risk later and he found himself buried crushing snow.
  • He was rescued by, of all things, a snow leopard, but did not come out unscathed for the effort despite living
  • Broken leg healed up real fast, along with scratches, no one believed him about the cat and eventually he gave up the story as a stress hallucination--embarrassing.
  • More embarrassing was sneaking out of the office one morning after his first full moon shift took place when he’d stayed after hours on his own.
  • He never did find who turned him, but he was able to get some answers from a few individuals--one of whom was a coworker, of all things, who just happened to be a part-time bear.
  • He didn’t care much for any of this, finding himself both a risk and at risk. He became less and less of a valuable employee as he scaled back and hated that fact.
  • Eventually things went strange at work. Someone broke in and stole something--something that even he didn’t know about. Something incredibly sensitive. People were killed for it.
  • A deal was struck to get it back at a price, but assurances had to be made. Several people, himself included, were moved around as ‘insurance’ but what essentially amounted to hostages.
  • Usui was removed from Japan for the first time in his life and told to sit tight in this high-end but tiny apartment in America. No contact.
  • Something must have gone wrong because he has heard from no one and he has no means to reach them--and it doesn’t seem like a good idea to make himself a target, either. Better to be forgotten, and yet...
  • With a bus pass, an apartment, and a single credit card to his name, Usui starts his time in Ridgefield at… something of a loss. Is this his new life?
  • Seems so.
Other: Speaks Japanese and other than a few choice words and phrases in English, nothing else
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