Nousha Sukkasem Common Were Jaguar
Basic Information
Name Nousha Sukkasem
Pronouns She/Her
Age 21 (9)
Birthday January 25
Height 5'7
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Urassaya Sperbund
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Hawknell
Occupation Online ESL Tutor
Vampire Stats
Age turned Birth
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned Birth
Supernatural Eye Color Green
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned Birth
Supernatural Eye Color Green
Animal Appearance
  • Noushrrrrrrrr
  • About six and a half feet, from nose to butt.
  • Throw an extra two and a half feet on the end for a tail.
  • From paw to shoulder, about as tall as her tail
  • Weighs in at a saggy 230 pounds.
  • Thin, delicate, angled features.
  • Pale skin, kind brown eyes.
  • Leggy, physically expressive, long and wooshy hair.
  • Loves pretty clothes - plunging necklines, exposed skin whenever she can get away with it.
  • Vibrant, loving, and outgoing.
  • A bit wild, a bit na├»ve, and a bit spoiled.
  • Prideful, can't always keep her mouth shut, a little too ambitious.
  • Embraces her passions with her whole heart.
  • Vocal and aggressively expressive - princess of social faux pas.
  • Born and raised in Bangkok, Thailand.
  • Was kept relatively sheltered, due to her family's somewhat violent past; her parents didn't want to see their daughter struck down in the street.
  • She would be incredibly destructive as a result of this, having an excess of energy to release in either form.
    • Her parents would eventually cave and they would take family hikes into the jungles once a week.
  • In order to stave off her destructive and violent baby outbursts, they poured into her education.
  • By her third birthday, she was fluent in both Farsi and English, and conversational in Thai, loved math, and was decent at the bassoon.
  • Roaming the jungles sparked an interest in botany that led to her room being turned into a little jungle (which kept her from destroying it).
  • Fairly well-educated, but not entirely socially educated, her parents agreed to let her travel to America to spend time with her grandmother and learn the ways of the world without too much risk.
  • Fluent in Farsi and English. Conversational in Thai and able to read it, but cannot write it.
  • Typically sleeps from 10am to 5pm; right when her tutoring sessions are done to right before dinner.
  • Lives with her grandmother.
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