Heidi Wolff Intermediate Were Coyote
Basic Information
Name Heidi Mathilda Wolff
Pronouns She/Her
Age 44
Birthday Nov 15th
Height 5'5
Eyes Hazel
Face Claim Anouk Tweeuwe
Residence Location Camp Baron
Vehicle Clover Green 2001 Honda Civic
Group Dusty Mutt Band
Rank Second
Vampire Stats
Age turned 32
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 32
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 32
Supernatural Eye Color Gray
Animal Appearance -The appearance of a Mearns Coyote
-Reddish coat, mottled with brownish greys and blacks. Like clay.
-4ft long, 3 ft tall, 50lbs soaking wet
-Her style is focused around comfort and functionality, nothing she's afraid to get dirty
-She does her best with doing simple makeup.
-Her hair is usually down
-She's got a half sleeve of tattoos on her upper right arm.
-Dogmatic, straightforward, and honest to a fault. Heidi can be your best mom friend or the one you don’t want to make eye contact with if you’ve done something wrong. She’s got that ‘put the fear of God in you’ look on lock.
-She’s efficient in her work, but she can be swayed into fooling around every once in a while. Her humor is made entirely of sarcasm and personal jabs, but there's times she privately can’t take what she dishes out. You’ll never know it, because her poker face is an impenetrable force. Instead, it presents itself in pettiness and snide commentary.
-She’s fiercely protective of her son and those she deems deserving of her love, but by no means does that make her coddling. She’ll sit you down and have a come to Jesus moment, but she’s also not afraid to sock you in the teeth if you need it.
-Born in Munich, Germany in 1977
-Father was the son of an American soldier that married a german woman after the end of WWII. They settled in the states, but her father returned to Germany for a few years after serving in the Vietnam War, and married Heidi’s mother. Together, they had Heidi and her brother, Charles.
-In 1983, during the time of great political tension in Germany, the family moved to the states and settled in San Jose, CA.
-Cue the ‘girls just wanna have fun’ montage of growing up in California in the 80’s.
-She had her fair share of heartbreak, concerts, drugs, and one major car accident that gave her chronic hip pain at the age of seventeen.
-When she was twenty, she fell into the wrong kind of crowd, and became a 'roadie' to a bunch of random skeevy bands that traveled across the states.
-When she wasn’t selling band merch with her tits out, she was stripping. She hit rock bottom when she miscarried a baby that she didn’t know she was carrying.
-At 24 she moved back home with her parents, and tried to swear off drinking, drugs, and partying. She cleaned up her act, and for a while she was successful as a quality inspector for GM. Until she met the love of her life, Hector. A tall, dark, and handsome from Brazil, who also happened to be a coke dealer. It was a slippery slope back into a dangerous lifestyle.
-Most of her mid to late twenties are a blur of drugs, gang tension, and running from the cops on a few occasions.
-When she was 32, she discovered she was pregnant with Hector’s baby.
-Determined not to lose this one, she swore off everything, and moved back home when Hector refused to clean up his act.
-On a night that she was coming to collect her things, Hector confronted her. When she refused to move back in with him, be began to shift into some sort of huge, hairy monster. Afraid for her life and her child’s life, she ran as he chased her into the bedroom, and pulled a gun from beneath the bed.
-It took more shots that it should have, but she killed the creature that tore through the door like nothing, and he reverted back to his human self. Devastated and in shock, she stayed there until Harriet, a woman Hector was close with and respected, and a few other people she didn’t recognize came to the home, as if they were called.
-That's where she was told what he was, and that she was going to have to be turned, too. Aware that it would kill her baby, she begged and begged and promised to let them turn her when she’d had him. Harriet agreed, but under the condition that she moved in with her and stay under surveillance until she carried the baby to term.
-On the night that she gave birth to Jonas, in the upstairs loft of a warehouse that was converted into a medical space, she was infected by Harriet, and promised that her baby would be kept safe from the others in the Band and Heidi herself until she could control herself.
-The first year of Jonas’ life, he was cared for by a few different members of the Band. Around full moons, Heidi would drop him off with her parents, and promise she would come back for him soon. Sometimes, it would be for days at a time that she went without seeing him. It was unfair, but it was safer for him.
-Eventually, she came to control herself, and felt safe in keeping him full time in an apartment she managed to afford by dancing and working in whatever gas station or grocery store would accommodate weird hours.
-Nine years with the Band went well enough. She grew stronger, smarter, and learned how to fight, and when the Second was demoted, she took on the title.
-Cue the tenth year with the Band. Jonas was tougher than any kid she knew, didn’t struggle making friends in school given he understood the importance of community, and she herself was on the way to getting her job back with GM.
-Then, at the ripe age of sixty, Harriet was killed in a coup that Heidi had no part in. It was violent, bloody, and it happened while she was attending one of Jonas’ soccer games.
-She was called by another member of the Band, and instructed to pack as much as she could as fast as she could, and leave town with Jonas. Apparently, there were plans to take her and her son out of the equation as well. Having lived through stuff like this long enough to know when people meant business, she did as was told, and fled the entire state.
-It’s landed her in Mountainside, the news drawing her in with accounts of Were activity. With Jonas in toe, her main priority is finding a safe place to rework her life for the hundredth time.
-Carries a small, concealed Taurus G2S Slim
-Jonas is Heidi's 12 year old son. He's skinny, with brown hair and hazel colored eyes, and wears glasses. His skin is tan, and he has more features that take after his hispanic father. His birthday is October 26th.
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