Mia-Louise Mulligan New Were Lion
Basic Information
Name Mia-Louise Mulligan
Pronouns She/Her
Age 19
Birthday December 31
Height 5'7
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Paloma Elsesser
Residence Location Lauderhill
Occupation Location Cheyenne Point
Occupation Clerk- Papa's Pop
Vehicle 2008 Black Dodge Ram
Vampire Stats
Age turned 19
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 19
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 19
Supernatural Eye Color Purple
Animal Appearance
  • Lioness
  • Height- 5'1" at the shoulder
  • Length- 12'3" from note to tail
  • Weight- 457lbs
  • Appearance
  • Style varies on occasion, tends to wear pants but isn't shy about wearing a dress.
  • Curvy and proud of it, very confident in herself and her body.
  • Long dark hair, probably won't ever cut it.
  • Makeup is limited because expensive, and she's a girl with priorities.
  • Personality
  • Reserved Finds it hard to open to others, prefers to rely on herself.
  • Thick Skinned: She's been called a lot of things, doesn't let it bother her anymore.
  • Defensive: When it comes to needing or not needing help, Mia will always choose the latter. Tell her otherwise and you will be met with resistance.
  • Compassionate: Likely to deny this since it goes against that hard image that she's built up. Will deny it if asked.
  • Passive: Isn't likely to argue back, and quick to step away. Feel honored if she does, because that means she cares enough to put in the energy for it.
  • Growing: Trying hard to be a good adult, but didn't have a ton of good role models for it.
  • History
  • Born and raised in Fort Collins, Colorado by two "parents".
  • Parents never really seemed to get along, but stayed married because it was supposedly better for Mia. She says otherwise.
  • Arguments were a constant thing in the house, hardly a night went by where there wasn't at least one scream fest.
  • As Mia got older, the anger would start being directed towards her rather than each other. Got really good at holding her tongue and just tuning it all out.
  • Got a job at fifteen just so she would have an excuse not to go home and so that she could start saving up to move.
  • Dropped out of highschool Juinor year so that she could get a full-time job instead, and got her GED online.
  • Just recently saved up enough money to move to Lauderhill, didn't tell her parents she was leaving, but definitely slept with one of her mom's coworkers the night before.
  • Woke up about a month later naked and in the middle of the woods. Still doesn't exactly know what happened there, but the incidents keep happening.
  • Also there's an imaginary lion in her head now? Has her suspicions about what she is, but can't admit to them just yet
  • Other
  • Still believes that she has two first names because her parents couldn't agree on one.
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