Oleander Mullins Human
Basic Information
Name Oleander August Mullins
Pronouns He/Him
Age 37
Birthday May 8th
Height 6'
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Daniel Levy
Residence Location Reignhart
Occupation Location Reignhart
Occupation Life Coach
Vehicle 1966 Vespa VBC Super - Midnight Black
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Animal Appearance
  • Nicely angled face with expertly manicured five o’clock shadow.
  • Has some brow wrinkles - he is very expressive and it will be the death of his skin.
  • Dark brown hair typically brushed up and back - no hats, hoods fine.
  • Wears only the fanciest reading glasses - yes, he needs them.
    • Has a bad habit of pushing them up into his hair, so they are smudgey sometimes.
  • Does the bare minimum exercise (practice what you preach!), but is a meal planner, so it balances out into a decent physique, but he prefers to keep his clothes on anyway.
  • He prefers his clothes in blacks and white with small pops of color - refined, but visually interesting. Special occasions may call for special outfits.
  • Silver locket with a family photo, typically wears it tucked beneath his shirt.
  • Like a candle flame with a glass slowly closing around it - muted flamboyance.
  • Skilled multi-tasker; always needs to be doing something.
  • Neurotic via skin-picking - tries to make up for this with an overzealous skin care routine.
  • “Practice what you preach”, doesn’t particularly enjoy the hard labor part of this, but if he’s telling his clients to do something, he has enough decency to do it himself.
    • Definitely suffers some failings (debt, disorganization) in his life that he is employed to fix in others.
  • Deeply secretive, emotionally standoffish, preferring to keep friends at arms length.
  • Born in Boise, Idaho to a hippie farmer and a Victoria’s Secret manager.
  • The summer before 1st grade, their house caught fire, and his parents died in the blaze.
  • Bounced around decent enough foster homes, until he was popped out at the age of 18.
  • Did well enough in school that he managed a scholarship for the University of Idaho, where he eventually graduated with a bachelor’s in psychology.
  • Worked as an executive assistant for a woman fairly high up in some questionable make up company, which garnered him enough experience (and money), to kick off his own life coaching business. Because who better to coach you than someone who picked up the more inspirational, less questionable bits from some MLM diamond woman?
  • Somewhere along the way, he left scam woman and married a very nice man. But Oleander seemed a magnet for fun life experiences and that fell apart after a few years.
  • Made enough money and built enough business to kick off from Idaho into Ridgefield (nice apartments done cheaper than any of the other major cities).
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