Tallulah Doe Common Were Cougar Inactive
Basic Information
Name Tally or Tallulah last name is fake
Pronouns She/her
Age 17
Birthday Jan 1
Height 5' 7
Eyes Supernatural
Face Claim Lauren Beatty
Residence Location Lauderhill
Occupation Location Other
Vampire Stats
Age turned Born
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned Born
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned Born
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
Animal Appearance —• 132 lbs (59.9 kg)
—• 9' 6.5" length (2.91m)
—• 3' 1" shoulder height (0.94m)
—• Unremarkable yellow eyes
—• 90% chance of shifting in stressful situations
—• Appears to be twenty-eight years of age as of 2022
—• Skin around her upper lips tends to be bumpy under light because she yanks out her whiskers fairly often and then covers the redness with makeup
—• Remarkably upsetting yellow eyes
—• Orbital cavities, eyes, pupils, and irises are all unsettlingly large for her face
—• No nails but not quite claws either; her first knuckles of every finger have become more keratin than bone and curl downwards slightly into a point even when her fingers are straight, so she keeps her hands gloved
—• Her incisors are somewhat smaller than her canines which gives the illusion of the latter being longer until you stare at her front teeth and realize they're really just too small!
—• She really only keeps up with the hair on her face and the rest of her is wispy and she just doesn't fucking care anymore
—• Voice is somewhere between chirpy and scratchy
—• Acts sixteen years old because she is, but more in an intellectual grasp sort of way than rudeness or defiance
—• Tends to zone out a lot... a lot
—• Anxious, presents it in a lot of tense observation and silence and long shifts
—• In a strong state of denial about her family life and childhood and its effects on her
—• Doesn't like eating around others, absolutely hates dining out
—• Likes looking at art
—• Doesn't like talking about herself please talk about anything else but also please stop talking actually
—• Does like cuddling though, and also prefers being told what to do rather than guessing at what other people want
—• Terrified of canine and bear weres
The branches of her family tree have been tangled for a while.
—• Was never physically abused, but was regularly emotionally manipulated by narcissistic and controlling parents and grandparents
—• Was not allowed to have friends that weren't her own siblings and cousins, led to believe anyone who wasn't family was going to hurt her in some ways
—• Was not allowed to have her own cell phone
—• Was supposed to matebond to one of her cousins when she had reached eighteen years, but several years ago he disappeared
—• She actually left to find him last year and did, but by then he had made a new life and new friendships for himself and did not want to return to the range
—• She ended up staying with him a while, but left to make her own way when he said point blank that he wasn't interested in being with her
—• Despite her embarrassment she accepted his and his friends' help and was able to land a stable job and a quiet place in Lauderhill
—• Still kinda messed up though
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