Miron Korzeniewski Common Were Hyena
Basic Information
Name Miron Korzeniewski
Pronouns He/him
Age 45
Birthday June 18th
Height 5' 8
Eyes Hazel
Face Claim Trent Reznor
Residence Location Alder Heights
Occupation Location Alder Heights
Occupation College instructor/teacher
Vehicle Public transport
Vampire Stats
Age turned 35
Supernatural Eye Color White
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 35
Supernatural Eye Color White
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 35
Supernatural Eye Color White
Animal Appearance

A ridiculously large brown hyena is Miron's inner beast, dominant, vicious and insecure. It shares its final quality with its host, something Miron is loathe to admit, but otherwise its general demeanour is often in constant conflict with the human who tries to repress it. In ten years they've learned to live discordantly, but it's also meant that the human suffers greatly trying to keep the beast under lock and key. Rather than leaning into it and trying to understand his own individual animal, he tries to treat it like it's a stranger to him, like he can simply apply his knowledge of hyenas in general to it and everything will work out. One would think that his dismal efforts in reaching a higher level of control and harmony with the creature would clue him in that he's doing it wrong, but he remains terrified that 'giving in' to the hyena means accepting a life of bloodlust and chaos, and hopes for a cure to put an end to the suffering for them both.

The Beast stands approximately 40 inches tall from shoulder to paw, its body 72 inches long. Its coat is largely long, coarse and shaggy, dark brown in colour with highlights of auburn and darker black strands underneath. His slender limbs are striped with white, and around his neck is a band of cream-coloured mane.


↭ Short and somewhat broad, Miron is otherwise fairly unremarkable. He wears his dark hair short, though did go through a period when he was younger when it was worn longer and draped over his face. Not that he was ever actively participating in any sort of counter-culture; it was a stylistic choice, and a phase. Though sometimes he does wonder whether he should just grow it out again. He is muscular (due to restlessness and increased activity to soothe the hyena within), but overdresses in jackets that almost downplay his size.

↭ Makes an attempt to always be at least decently dressed and almost everything in his closet is dark. It’s not a subconscious attempt to fade into the shadows. It’s an earnest, deliberate one. He does try to ensure that everything he wears is also practical, having no use for gaudy or unnecessary style. ...Anymore.

↭ Almost always has his face tilted towards the ground, as if he’s afraid that eye contact will make him spontaneously combust. Gives him the look of someone who doesn’t know where he’s going, or who is in a trance. Which is sort of true; he’s more often than not enraptured by cascading thoughts or seeking distraction for the grumbling beast he finds himself burdened by.

↭ I swear he knows how to smile. He does smile. Quite often! It’s a broad smile with many white teeth showing. He takes very good care of himself these days. He learned the hard way that it’s better to be kind to himself than to incur the wrath of a grumpy animal that shares his body. He’s woken up sore and surrounded by destruction too many times to not have learned his lesson.


⏭ Seemingly quiet and pensive, Miron comes off as timid and anxious, which is oftentimes true. His fear comes from his status as a shifter, something which has stunted his ability to form close relationships for the last seven years. While he has gained a good amount of control over his beast, he still tries to hold it at arms’ length (figuratively speaking), like it’s separate from himself. It’s a savage terror and it frightens him that such a creature lives inside of him, and causes him great anxiety in his belief that it cannot be tamed. As such, he does what he can to pacify it until each full moon, when he takes himself somewhere secluded and hopes no other creature crosses his path. Maybe it’s a metaphor for not allowing himself to feel anger because of guilt? Hm...

⏭ Clearly passionate about his interests and will talk at great length and with growing enthusiasm if given enough reason to talk about those interests. Mentioning them should be plenty of encouragement. He will often catch himself and make an attempt to restrain his excitement, but if his companion gives even the slightest indication that they were anywhere between neutral and enraptured, he’ll start talking again, animated in his gestures, as though dancing with joy to be able to share his knowledge with someone.

⏭ Kindly and compassionate, Miron cannot ignore a person in need, and is the kind of neighbour who just seems to know you need that cup of sugar or rice or pasta and has it ready for you before you even knock the door. On the rare occasion he invites someone into his home, they will be plied with tea, cookies, half of his dinner, wistful tales of the past, laughter and dandelion wine, and sent home with leftovers, and then he’ll send you some peach pie because he forgot to offer you some when you were visiting and that’s unforgivable!!

⏭ Deals poorly with big changes, often becoming distant while he tries to process things. It was one of the major factors in the dissolution of his relationship following the death of his child. Sometimes becomes so consumed by his own self-guilt that he forgets to be emotionally available for others. However, he is aware that this is an issue of his and endeavours to fix it. Whether he does so in a healthy manner remains to be seen, though the distance he keeps between himself and new people will undoubtedly make it even more difficult to see self-improvement in how he handles relationship problems. A bundle of contradictions.

⏭ Can be melodramatic at times. Every bad thing that happens to him becomes The Worst thing to happen, and he takes unfortunate events to heart so much so that a relatively good day with one or two bad events becomes cloaked in melancholy. Forgot his keys and had to rush back home for them? Day ruined, 100%, even if he wins a contest later on in the day and gets to return home with a bouquet of his favourite colour roses. Not quite Eeyore-levels of sustained misery, but dismal all the same.


⇰ It’s said with tongue firmly glued to cheek that Miron grew up in a mixed household, not referring to his English mother’s marriage to his Polish father, but rather to the fact that one side of his family was staunchly Protestant, while the other side were thoroughly Catholic. While his mother remained a faithful Church of England-goer, the compromise in their marriage was that, since Grzegorz’s family were all still living in Poland, their firstborn would be raised Catholic. They hadn’t discussed what exactly would happen after the first, but it never mattered, since Miron wound up an only child. His English family would tease him “good-naturedly” for anything. For being Catholic, for being the only Bell of their line to go to Catholic school, later for being a dutiful altar boy, for joining the choir, for being half-Polish, for speaking Polish, for having black hair when the Bells had not-so-dark hair, for his ‘mongrel’ accent. Still, Miron generally took their teasing in stride, but stuck for the most part to his more timid cousins, with whom he loved to run wild in the garden or the park, chasing butterflies and making flower crowns. His father one day put an end to his son making flower crowns, but never did successfully douse his love of plants. Or flower crowns. He just doesn’t tell his dad about it anymore.

⇰ Miron was always a studious boy who found joy in learning, and who excelled in most of his classes. At least up until high school, where he remained above average, but never quite top of the class. He enjoyed sports and played football with his school’s team, but also loved gardening, particularly growing colourful flowers and vegetables. It was pointless to punish Miron by making him clear the small garden at the back of their family home; he loved toiling away, pulling weeds, raking the grass, planting flowers and maintaining the greenhouse. By the time he was sixteen, most of the plants in the greenhouse were his own, and on Christmases when family would visit the vegetables served had been grown by Miron’s own hands. Supplemented on occasion with supermarket-sourced vegetables when the yield was particularly low, of course, but to his doting family, it was no less impressive. Except where his boisterous cousins were concerned; it became something extra to tease him for.

⇰ As he transitioned into young adulthood and left the nest to pursue an academic career in chemistry, he also began to question religion, which became a source of agony and guilt for a time. He’d once been deeply invested in the religion of his upbringing, and had volunteered his time to the church rather than being pushed into it. Indeed, it became something that made him question the roots of his identity. By the time he achieved his Masters, he had more or less overcome the existential drama and decided that he was not religious anymore, but the Catholic guilt would continue to gnaw away at him in random moments for… the rest of his life. Aside from this, his life at university had proved to be eye-opening, allowed him to grow as a kind and gentle young man with a love for life and everything in it. At first, he found a job working with dyes in the textile industry, but grew concerned about the environmental impact and elected to pursue an academic career further.

⇰ At first, he made an attempt to study towards a doctorate. It was during that time that he met and fell in love with Penelope, nicknamed Lolly by her friends. Miron took to calling her Penny instead, which she found adorable. Over the span of five years, during which Miron took periods away from study due to family’s ill health and the unfortunate death of his grandfather, they became close friends and transitioned almost naturally to lovers.

⇰ It’s something of a blur in his memory now. He doesn’t remember exactly when he decided to propose, but he does remember the resplendent summery dress she wore to the ‘gala’ and the look of genuine shock on her face, blue eyes squinting hard against the sunlight. Why he hadn’t thought to move her out of the direct sunlight for this and under the shade of the nearby willow is beyond him and still haunts him a little. The ‘yes’ she uttered is burned into his memory, one of the most beautiful tones he’s ever heard in his life.

⇰ Fate had something quite different in store for them, however. They set their wedding date far in the future after a long discussion. They each had other goals they wanted to reach before settling down, and they were content until Penny discovered that she was pregnant. Miron was agitated. Excited!! But agitated!! Nothing was ready yet and everything was supposed to be perfect! But somehow they managed to make things work. They weren’t living in the home they expected, but they transformed the smaller room into a nursery and filled it with toys and enrichment, with pretty colours and books and Penny’s old crib from when she was a baby, passed down through her family. Miron was with her every step of the way, at every appointment, every check up, up through the nights with her. On the 23rd of May, at 5.39am, little Poppy Carter-Korzeniewski was born, and Miron and Penny fell head over heels for their little one, and deeper in love with one another. It hadn’t been planned, but everything seemed so perfect. Poppy was a healthy, happy little girl, both her parents were healthy and happy.

⇰ On the 3rd of December, days away from Penny’s birthday, at 7.12am, Miron checked in on Poppy and realised she wasn’t breathing. Attempts were made to resuscitate her, paramedics were called, but it was futile. It was no one’s fault. It was a tragedy that both parents would spend their lives reliving and wondering what they could have done to prevent it, over and over, sleepless, grieving. A post-mortem examination revealed a heart defect, which did little to assuage the guilt. For a time before the revelation, eyes were on Miron as a murderer, and Penny admitted that she suspected him without any real reason. Miron began to withdraw, sullen and sorrowful, distancing himself from his fiancée who was left with little support of her own. It began a cascade of destruction within their relationship, Penny citing Miron’s sudden ‘unfeelingness’ as a catalyst to ending it. She labelled him cruel and callous. He accepted the labels solemnly and let her go. He withdrew his thesis and for a time returned to the textile industry, finding solace only in work.

⇰ Miron began to move around a lot, chasing after better paying jobs no matter where they happened to be, hoping they would drag him out of his rut. He found himself at one point back where he had started, home in Cumbria. He learned that at some point, a rumour had started, a superstition of a great black dog terrorising the churchyards and savaging young men. Just last week, Harry got bit and since the full moon, no one’s seen him! Miron laughed and opined that he was no longer a young man nor religious, so he needn’t worry himself about any big black dogs mauling him in churchyards.

⇰ Turned out that lack of religion and youth didn’t save people from the mauling. On the next full moon, Miron was out too late and disturbed the wrong scavenging dog, resulting in being bitten by the weirdest looking dog he’d ever seen in his life. Lucky for Miron, a wolf bounded through and chased the weird dog away, but left the bleeding chemist shivering on the pavement. A month passed, during which Miron had been to hospital and promptly discharged after healing quicker than anticipated, and a strange woman waited for him outside of his place of work. She was crazy strong, dragging a confused and complaining chemist without explanation to an abandoned factory far on the outskirts of the town. She explained that he’d likely been turned by a rogue hyena and was bound to cause her and her pack problems if they didn’t keep an eye on him during his first few turns. Madness, he was sure. Until he began to transform.

⇰ The wolf pack planned to kill him if his hyena turned out to be as destructive as the one who turned him, but thankfully for Miron it seemed to get along with the wolves. The chemist, however, did not want to accept what was happening to him. For two years, the wolf pack leader had to drag him to safety every single month to allow him to shift without causing wanton destruction. Sick of his stubborn refusal to cooperate, she one time left him to shift at home, causing him to wake the following afternoon to half his flat in ruins and his bedroom covered from ceiling to floor with chicken entrails, trash and carcasses under the bed and every room in his “territory” thoroughly marked. Miron became more cooperative after this.

⇰ Still seeking fulfillment out of work in a different career path, he embarked on training to become a college tutor, cleaning up his little flat before moving on to the next town, the next city, country, continent, as if trying to outrun the demon he carries with him somehow. He doubts he’s going to settle in Ridgefield County, but there happened to be an opening and he happened to be ‘just what we’re looking for’.


⇗ As much as Miron likes to pretend he is now above superstition and religion, the Catholic guilt is strong in this one, at least as far as his shifter status is concerned. Sometimes spends sleepless nights wondering what he did wrong to deserve the “curse” of infection.

⇗ Loves plants. There’s never a period of time during which there are no flowers in his house. He has a few long-lived plants and likes to press flowers for preserving in a scrapbook, and makes dandelion wine yearly.

⇗ Despite growing up in Carlisle, speaks with a neutral-sounding accent more reminiscent of a posh received pronunciation accent. Bitterly regrets losing the accent and dialect he developed in childhood due to his fussy grandparents “correcting” his manner of speech, wanting him to sound “educated” over being able to properly interact with his peers.

⇗ Speaks English, some Polish, a little German and can translate several Northern English and Scottish dialects for non-UK natives.

⇗ Stands closer to 5’ 9” at around 5’ 8 ¾”, but rounds his height down when asked, rather than rounding up.

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