Divya Singh Infected Human
Basic Information
Name Divya Singh
Pronouns She/Her
Age 26
Birthday Sept 20th
Height 5'6
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Kavya Trehan
Residence Location
Vehicle 1960 Chevy pickup truck
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Animal Appearance
  • Grungy ripped jeans look unless she's doing a job that requires more.
  • as minimal makeup as she can get away with.
  • Borrows cloths from friends and boyfriends and always forgets to give them back.
  • Personality
    Stubborn| Straight forward| Impatient|
  • Born in New Delhi, to a sikh family.
  • Looking for more opportunities her family moved to San Jose, Texas when she was ten.
  • Never really fit in well at school.
  • Met Jeremy, her boyfriend when she was 14.
  • Started hanging out with the bad crowd, picked up smoking legal and illegal substances.
  • When her grades plummeted her parents found out about her boyfriend and threatened to send her back to india to live with her grandparents. She packed her backpack with a change of clothes and some of her parents money and ran away with Jeremy the next day. The cash got them up into Colorado before they ran out. Stuck living out of a car, Divya had to turn to odd jobs, some less savory than others.
  • A few years of a downward spiral and Divya ended up in jail for a misdemeanor for a few months. When she got out she found Jeremy had left, taking everything they owned with him.
  • Found a new partner in Eric, a member of the Sons of Silence motorcycle gang.
  • Divya helped out with some of the activities for the gang for a few year. Until one bad terf war had Divya stitching Eric up in their kitchen. Worried that this was going to lead to one of them dead in a ditch she begged him to leave the gang.
  • Divya spent the next few months saving up enough money so that they could leave.
  • The night they packed up Eric’s truck and set off would be the night they met the crocodile. A smoke break or maybe a breath of fresh air either way it turned deadly. The croc took Divya’s right hand when it dragged Eric down. Between bleeding and screaming Divya managed to scramble her way back into the truck. When the bleeding magically stopped she was able to make enough sense to step on the gas and slam the truck into the crocodile. It was too late for Eric though. She dragged his body into the truck but the damage made it clear there was no saving him. With no other options all she could do was drive off.
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