Jordan Carter Human Inactive
Basic Information
Name Jordan Carter
Pronouns He
Age 24
Birthday June 8th
Height 5ft11
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Charlie Hunnam
Residence Location Alameda
Occupation Location Alameda
Occupation Mechanic
Vehicle Black 90's Dodge Charger
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
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Animal Appearance
Dirt Blond and bearded like a Hollywood Viking. A thick jaw and even thicker shoulders, he's got his share of muscle mass and upper body strength, giving him a stocky but solid appearance. Hair that is either neck or shoulder length depending if he's been bothered to get it cut. Usually in leathers, denim, or slacks, his clothing is clean but never new. Steel blue eyes look right through you, often seeming hardened, much like the leathery skin on his hands from working all day with metal and oil.
A mechanic at heart, Jordan loves nothing more than taking engines to pieces to put them back together again, somehow better than they ever were before. At any given time there are at least three cars and four bikes in pieces around his garage, porch and possibly kitchen. He loves animals, and treats them probably better than most people. His dog Tepps is the longest lasting relationship he's ever had with any living thing by a mile. There is an angry streak in him that comes out if people push too hard on what matters. There is also a loyal friend in him underneath the biker bravado, the layers of drugs he's just snorted or the arrest warrants that may or may not exist.
Jordan Carter's history starts and ends in the prison system. At least his sisters would tell you so. The way they'd say it he was born there and found it a better home than their traveling carnival, which to be honest is harsh. Born to a circus group that never spent more than a month in the same place, meant he treats travel like a way of life and in the end found that life to his tastes. He has no expectations of a normal life, only what is in front of him right now.

He would say he was born to a group because he has no mother or father. Dead or long gone, the circus raised him as their own, and they did their best to see he stayed out of foster care. Carter can juggle, he can fix up a generator and you better believe he can repair anything that moves, that was his entire life growing up, keeping the carnival moving.

Travelling carnivals can be a rough place, and once or twice they fell afoul of the authorities. He learned how to scrap more than fight, which suits him fine. There were some drug busts, and eventually the carnival were shut down for shipping cocaine across state lines. After he got out, he was a model citizen, only with a chip on his shoulder the size of a house.

Straight into the first bar he could find , the first thing he did was hit a man who spilled his drink, trouble was the man never got up. Maybe he just had a concussion? Heading way out of there and ending up in Alameda. So far nobodies come knocking for him, maybe he just dreamed it all in a drug fueled haze, then again maybe not.


Jordon has a large black doberman named Zepps. It's got silky smooth fur and a fierce looking jaw. Zepps is loyal to a fault, attentive and a well trained guard dog. Not aggressive but alert and defensive, somehow having better control of his temper than his Master does. Probably because Jordon dotes on his favorite pet. At work Zepps never leaves his side, not unless he's getting bribed with food which happens at least a dozen times every working day, how he's not shaped like a house is anyone's guess.
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