Fitz-Lloyd Darling Common Were Opossum
Basic Information
Name Fitz-Lloyd Darling
Pronouns He/Him
Age 37
Birthday Sep 29
Height 5' 9
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Emun Elliott
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Hawknell
Occupation Butcher - Moody's
Vehicle 2019 Honda Rebel [black and tan]
Vampire Stats
Age turned 0
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 0
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 0
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
Animal Appearance
  • A yellow-eyed virginia oppossum
  • Goofy thing, white face, grey body, prehensile tail, lots of whiskers, and a pink nose
  • 13 lbs, 22 inches head to butt, 11 inches of tail, 13 inches at shoulder
  • "Junior"
  • Dark hair, dark eyes, facial hair. Nothing to write home about. How kempt he looks varies on the day.
  • Quick to smile, but somtimes it's a defense mechanism
  • Very fidgety
  • Takes very good care of his clothing but likes things that will hold up well
  • Fairly average in build and height, doesn't look as strong or as fast as he is
  • Still sounds like he belongs in Scotland
  • Prefers to be called Fitz-Lloyd, probably will let you get away with Fitz but won't let you get away with Lloyd
  • Friendly but painfully awkward about it most of the time
  • Will probably die of second hand embarrassment someday
  • Grew up incredibly sheltered, it shows
  • Very observant, often taking pains to pretend he didn't notice things he didn't want to notice
  • Sees things very black and white, follows rules rigidly for himself and will judge you if you don't (but may not say anything because he's not here to upset anyone)
  • Socially anxious, easily flustered, he rarely feels entirely like he fits in but tries very hard anyway
  • Anger is a weapon not wielded lightly
  • Has had to learn and re-learn a lot while in the 'real' world
  • 1995, near Portree, Scotland, with his twin sister Ava-Jean. His mother, Vivian Pye, was a wereopossum with a local passel. His father, a werefox commonly known as Pip.
  • Grew up in the tender embrace of a lot of opossums, a little boy who grew up much too fast and could hardly keep up with himself--but at least had his sister to keep him company
  • The passel lived just outside the city all together, a very close knit community that was more a family than a group. His father didn't live with them but did visit regularly, even frequently going out with them on the moon
  • On his sixth trip around the sun, Fitz-Lloyd and Ava-Jean turned some version of eighteen, and quickly integrated into the structure of the group
  • Tasked as a soldier, he always felt more like a scout and a hunter than something he would call a soldier, but Fitz-Lloyd took to it well, always deeply connected with his inner animal as he helped provide for those who had raised him
  • Living off the grid, so to speak, he didn't interact so much with regulars, and he knew he was an oddity even among his own kind
  • This was how he lived a long time, comfortable almost exclusively with those he had grown up with, who he didn't need to explain himself to, but his eye began to wander from home
  • 2015, he put on a brave face and ventured forth, curious to go and see where real opossums lived, as if that would give him any insight. It really didn't, but he did live in Virginia for a while anyway
  • Recently in a bid to escape an awkward situation he could no longer live through, he found himself a new place of employment further west
  • Pretty unsure what he's doing otherwise, he calls home at least once a month
  • Knows so much about bugs for some reason
  • Does a little bird watching, too
  • Nominated for Most Pettable Animal Form, Characters that Should Be Friends with Beauregard for Yearbook 2020
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