Kheira Ali New Were African Wild Dog
Basic Information
Name Kheira Ali
Pronouns She/Her
Age 30
Birthday Sep 21
Height 5’6
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Azza Slimene
Residence Location Graupel Canyon
Vehicle Subaru Outback
Vampire Stats
Age turned 30
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 30
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 30
Supernatural Eye Color Silver
Animal Appearance Looks a lot like this.

Note: Was originally infected by Dante Orion.
  • Lean muscle.
  • Short hair that is often left to do whatever it pleases.
  • Loose tops, well fitted pants.
  • Minds her own business up until it becomes her business.
  • Early morning kind of person. Tries her best to avoid the night crowds.
  • Enjoys the romantics of things but tries her best to be grounded when she needs to be.
  • House cat behavior. Will come around when she wants attention and leave when she doesn’t. Also naps in the sun.
  • Collects mugs and brews more tea than she can drink.
  • Adopted and raised by her grandmother from a young age.
  • Learned to love the outdoors with a knack for gardening and an enjoyment of hiking.
  • Liked to imagine that she was deeply connected with the world around her. Then discovered she was?!
  • Tried to practice her ability in private. Ruined (or redecorated if you look on the bright side) plenty of gardens doing this.
  • Was busted one night when she got more than she bargained for in her terrakinesis practice. The ground had been raised and the commotion awoke her grandmother.
  • After a lot of explaining and conversation circles, she was encouraged to learn more but also...somewhere less populated than neighborhood gardens.
  • Granted with no one to guide her, it was a long slow process until she controlled things. Eventually left with enough confidence to use it in productive ways rather than aimless power.
  • It was time for her to move on with her life soon enough, dabbled in some business classes for college but never managed to see it through to the end.
  • Moved around Colorado for some time until she met someone in Denver and settled. A significant other who, as far as Kheira can tell, is perfectly normal in every way.
  • A few years ticked by and both of them grew tired of city life. Moved down to a cozy little cabin in Graupel Canyon where she has found work as a dockhand at a marina. Eager to return to nature.
  • Her life had been going mildly well after meeting with a few individuals like herself. Only to have some disruption in her personal life and finding the best way to deal with it was to toss herself into work.
  • Vampire 'attack.' More like a suggested feeding that left her thoroughly spooked.
  • A really weird woman shows up in her life. Tally. That weird woman now lives with her apparently.
  • Then she got infected by a Dante and closed herself off from the world.
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