Yara Flores Intermediate Were Komodo Dragon
Basic Information
Name Yara
Pronouns She/Her
Age 31
Birthday Dec 1st
Height 5 ft 5
Eyes Hazel
Face Claim Kristal Silva
Residence Location Camp Baron
Occupation Location Other
Occupation Investigative Journalist
Vehicle Black TW200 duel motorcycle
Vampire Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Black
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Black
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 21
Supernatural Eye Color Black
Animal Appearance Komodo Dragon stuffs!
  • Body Length: 7 ft long
  • Tail length: 7 ft long
  • Height: 3.5 ft when standing fully
  • Weight: 350 lbs(she chunk)
  • Speed: 13 mph
  • Color: black with some grey
  • Fav food: Anything
  • Facts: Can climb trees(up to body length at least), razor sharp nommers, can see up to 300 meters away(only can tell what things are if they are moving <<), really loves to dig holes/dens, great sniffer but ears could use some work, sharp claws for digging, and tail makes a great whip
  • Calls her Pickles
  • Looks;Black scaley baby
Hybrid reference thanks to the lovely Sluggy <3
  • Long curly jet black hair
  • Warm tan skin tone
  • Dimples
  • Toned feminin body
  • Bite mark scar on her upper thigh on front and back
  • Always well groomed and dressed
  • Carefull
  • A lil snappy at times
  • Inquisitive
  • Mostly calm (can get worked up a bit)
  • Animated while talking or expressing herself
  • Questions most anyhing
  • Sticks her nose in where it doesn't belong
  • Generous
  • Natively born in Salvador, Brazil in South America to a loving set of mothers. They gave her every advantage at a young age and helped nurture her growth in school.
  • From an early age she was always interested in learning and investigating something. From just going and 'investigating' the newest baked good at the bakers to finally getting old enough to be curious about crime.
  • With her grades in school being rather decent, she would apply to a multitude of collages and got into Northwesern University in Florida when she was 18. She would spend in total six years there, the first four were earning her bachelors in journalism and reporting but the last three were spent dipping her toes into criminal science, drama clubs, and, law.
  • During her time in college though, she would meet a transfer student. He was charming and sweet and they ended up dating a year after she started college. She had no clue that he was a were and was wholly oblivious until he stress shifted while she was asleep in the room and he attacked her and bit a large chunk from her thigh, in the process infecting her and leaving her with a rather interesting bite mark scar.
  • Their romantic relationship ended then and there but he stuck around to help her and make sure that she graduated. It took Yara at least three years to forgive him and before he left the country they at least were on ok talking terms.
  • Learning to be a were suddenly in college was a challenge, she had to deal with the stress triggers of being a large lizard while also remembering to stay warm as well since her scaley friend was cold blooded. With the help of her ex who turned her, she would go through learning what was involved in being a were. Living in Florida helped, it was hot so that was preferred. She only made the mistake of getting cold once or twice because just keeping in cozy places during cooler months. The food bill was always being questioned by her mothers due to how much she had to eat in a single given time but they eventually just chalked it up to parties and her feeding everyone.
  • With no were group to mingle with, she learned to rely on her Ex but also just group up with any reptillian weres that were around. Even if they were different, they had similar needs and they could support and help each other if they needed to. It taught her how to handle dealing with other types of weres(mostly reptile and the odd wolf here and there) and that some of them were testy. With her being a loner and often living in other weres territories, she would go and figure out who was involved and just give them a heads up that she was there
  • It was hard to get to where she is today, several failures on her part with her animal side but she learned how to make it work and even love that side of her.
  • Currently now, she is very interested in the were community but also in keeping them out of the news. She decided to use her journalism degree to help cover up anything and point the finger elsewhere and she tends to move to whatever state has the highest noted count of weres. To date, that would be Colorado. She would take her time to set up her online journalism blog and get that ready and rearing to go before she did anything.
Is mate bonded with Ridell as of 4/8/25
  • Has 2 Meller's Chameleons (both females); Abra and Kadabra (yes she spoils them
  • Speaks Portuguise, French, Spanish, English, (is learning others on the side)
  • Has a hobby of metal working and calligraphy
  • House reference
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