Hei Ryung Hwan Common Were Lion
Basic Information
Name Hei Ryung Hwan
Pronouns She/Her
Age 29
Birthday April 19th
Height 5'3
Eyes Hazel
Face Claim Byeon Jeongha
Residence Location Cheyenne Point
Vehicle Public Transport
Group Sunset Point Pride
Vampire Stats
Age turned 26
Supernatural Eye Color Gold
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 26
Supernatural Eye Color Gold
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 26
Supernatural Eye Color Gold
Animal Appearance
  • 7.3 feet in length, and about 5 feet shoulder height.
  • weighs about 420 Ibs.
  • Reference
  • Appearance
  • Use to having money so she dresses stylishly even when home.
  • Never without makeup, though she tends to do more subtle looks even for dates.
  • Personality
  • Headstrong and goal oriented, challenges excite her.
  • Bottles up her emotions until they burst. Is more passive aggressive in getting any of her feelings across.
  • Will do things her way if she doesn't like the rules, this only extends to practical things such as medicine. She finds it hard to break social norms. Often leading to frustration with herself.
  • History
  • Born in Seoul, South Korea to an affulent family of doctors.
  • Is the second child, with an older brother.
  • Did well in school, and dated a new boy every month in high school.v
  • Followed her parent's path and entered medical school, got her degree and started her residency in one of the upper hospitals.
  • Her parents set up a match making session where she met the man who would become her husband.
  • She quit her job when she married and within a year became pregnant.
  • During a routine check up she meet an American woman, Katherine. They connected and started going on social outings.
  • Unknown to her husband Hei begins an affair with Katherine.
  • A few months away from her due date she goes to Katherine's place for a date, and finds instead a lioness waiting for her. There is a chomp, some screaming, and fainting on Hei's part. When she wakes up she is in Katherine's bed with no sign that she was ever bitten and no hint of any lion. She thinks it was a bad dream.
  • The full moon comes around and she once again heads to Katherine's for dinner. Things do not go as planned. All Hei can remember of the night is pain. She wakes up in Katherine's house to find out she lost the baby and that the Katherine is not completely human.
  • Angry and feeling betrayed Hei tries to block Katherine out of her life.
  • She tells her husband about the miscarriage. Her in laws and the rest of her family find out.
  • A year later her marriage ends in divorce.
  • Her brother invites her to come live in America with him.
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