Cam Brooks Intermediate Were Lynx
Basic Information
Name Cam Brooks
Pronouns They/Them
Age 21
Birthday Jan 14
Height 5'8
Eyes Brown
Face Claim King Princess
Residence Location Las Almas
Occupation Location Reignhart
Occupation Retail Associate
Vehicle Public Transportation / Bike
Vampire Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability None
Second Ability None
Third Ability None
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 18
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Animal Appearance
  • A Eurasian Lynx named Link.
  • Undeniably a majestic cat and no they aren't biased.
  • 67 inches in length. 9 inches of tail.
  • 40 inches at the shoulder.
  • 60 pounds.
  • Short, messy brown hair.
  • Dresses in looser clothing.
  • Built in a way that's slightly under average of everything but height.
  • Almost always looks like they're up to something even if they're just relaxing.
  • An endless source of energy. Not necessarily in a positive way.
  • Not totally reckless but does like the bolder way of doing things.
  • No problem being all up in your business even if they shouldn't be!
  • Irresponsible financially. Isn't above doing things to get around this hurdle.
  • Born in Vancouver, British Columbia. Mom traveled a lot for work so was primarily raised by Dad.
  • Around ten the family moved down to Oregon for Mom's work. Not much changed beyond that.
  • Got into a little bit of everything growing up, never excelled at anything in particular though.
  • They were just pretty excited to graduate and get into the world.
  • Surprise, responsibilities and money mean a lot.
  • Had no problem helping out some shadier friends to make some extra cash.
  • Got close with one of the dudes in their little group. Oops infected after a few flings with him over the course of a summer.
  • Realized there was a loooot of people around them that were also like that. Wowza!
  • Things were hard at first. A few months spent being babied under someone more experience.
  • Found their way around with the help of the others. Good support group for a few years, tried their hand as an nontraditional mentor.
  • Life seemed like a bit of a richer experience with these new things in their life and growing power.
  • Granted they got cocky after a while and tried to bully their way into important things rather unsuccessfully.
  • They got frustrated, called everything a dead end and bailed. After a few long drives and odd jobs ended up around here.
  • Sold their car to get some extra cash for a place and picked up a job in a snobby city. Life seems okay for now.
  • Loves climbing with their whole being. Partly because of Link and part because of their own accord!
  • Open to crash threads as a nosy person. Need an awkward party? Tag @crypt in discord and request the lynx.
  • Vapes. ):
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