Dante Orion Intermediate Were Wolf
Basic Information
Name Dante Orion
Pronouns he/him
Age 39
Birthday November 12
Height 5'11
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Kevin Creekman
Residence Location
Occupation Truck Driver
Vehicle 1990 Dodge Dakota (blue)
Group Pyrite Hollow Pack
Vampire Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Red
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Red
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 29
Supernatural Eye Color Red
Animal Appearance Timber Wolf
Black and grey coat
Average size (for a were)
Dark red wine peepers
Reference image THANKS RAYLEE
Relatively average height
Athletic build
Long hair, long beard
Tattoos on entire body except for face, palms, and feet
Clothing style can be summed up as "biker aesthetic"
Pierced ears
Succinct, blunt, and tactless - Dante is a man of few words who prefers to get to the point and does little to spare feelings.
Reserved - Doesn't do much to share his opinion where it isn't needed, and doesn't show a wide range of emotions. Yay, toxic masculinity!
Opinionated - He's been around the block and obviously knows what's best, even if he doesn't share it.
Sarcastic - Totes a dry sense of humor that might sometimes be mistaken for no humor at all.
Were-brained - Prioritizes his own kind over others 24/7. Humans need not apply.
Growth?! - Trying, very awkwardly, to be more accepting of the newer generation of weres in his life and to adjust to their points of view.
Born in a tiny town in Oklahoma to a pair of mostly useless parents - two younger siblings who often fell under his care.
Mediocre grades at best, until high school - grades got worse as drugs and rebel-rousing took priority.
Spent a few years tangling with the cops, or running from them. Wound up in military basic training at eighteen.
Combat veteran for seven or so years - several tours to the Middle East. Still has nightmares about the sand in his ass crack. Not a big fan of the war stuff, either.
Discharged and got back to Oklahoma. History repeated itself, and despite his mark as a war hero, Dante caught a criminal assault charge that landed him in prison.
After serving two years of his sentence, a lucky mishap turned him loose long before he was meant to be free. Suffice it to say, he wasn't sticking around to make it right.
Landed in Alaska for some reason. Not as hot as Afghanistan. Fell in with the drunks and the criminals. Life continued to be fucking meaningless.
Got lost in the snow in the midnight sun at the age of twenty-nine. Not sure how that happened. (Spoiler alert: very drunk.) Slowly dying of probably alcohol poisoning, he was mostly lucky to cross paths with a werewolf. The great beast bit him on a whim, infecting him and sending him on an adventure!
It was not fun at first, but Dante eventually found purpose in life through his new state of being. A sense of discipline and family that echoed that of his time in the military helped to ground him. Eventually, he was found suitable for the role of soldier. Ironic!
Left the pack in 2017 to follow a fellow wolf to Ridgefield. Eventually came to serve the role of Second, until early 2020, when there seemed to be a threat of his life of crime catching up to him. Time to skip town.
Slithered back in in early September of the same year, trying to keep a low profile.
○ Natalie: The only person he has ever (knowingly) turned. Their relationship is awkward and tepid even after many years because Dante is a shitty sire, but he is trying to be better.
○ Dakila: Another somewhat awkward relationship, as Dante is hard-wired to respect a good leader, but also hates cops!!

Other ○ Asha: A long history of few and far between, scattered interactions, the most memorable one being a proverbial roll in the hay during the 2024 eclipse.
Doggy Daycare
Doggy Daycare
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Bipedal to the Metal
Bipedal to the Metal
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