Kaida Eomeonieobsneun Intermediate Vampire
Basic Information
Name Kaida Eomeonieobsneun
Pronouns She/Her
Age 106
Birthday 9/01
Height 5' 0
Eyes Brown
Face Claim Sora Choi
Residence Location Lauderhill
Occupation Location Lauderhill
Occupation Financial Advisor
Vampire Stats
Age turned 20
Supernatural Eye Color Red
First Ability Levitation
Power/Animal Description -Levitation- Can. Motherfuckin'. Fly. With concentration, anyway. Drifting along the ground is easier. Lifting others into the air with her mind is harder, and only has an effective range of about twenty feet. Propelling herself is draining, with use driving her need to feed. Each minute of sustained levitation pushes her two hours closer to withering. Lifting another ignites her thirst twice as quickly. Both at once? Bloodlust imminent.

-Animal form- A nebelung cat, golden eyed with a medium length coat of gunmetal grey tinged in brown.
Psychic Stats
Age turned 20
Supernatural Eye Color Red
First Ability Levitation
Power Description -Levitation- Can. Motherfuckin'. Fly. With concentration, anyway. Drifting along the ground is easier. Lifting others into the air with her mind is harder, and only has an effective range of about twenty feet. Propelling herself is draining, with use driving her need to feed. Each minute of sustained levitation pushes her two hours closer to withering. Lifting another ignites her thirst twice as quickly. Both at once? Bloodlust imminent.

-Animal form- A nebelung cat, golden eyed with a medium length coat of gunmetal grey tinged in brown.
Were Stats
Age turned 20
Supernatural Eye Color Red
Animal Appearance
-An intense, imperious sort of gaze she learned from her mother and perfected by turning into a housecat.
-a goth sort of wardrobe, finding a lot of joy in torn fishnets, boots (that compensate some for her short stature), and the color black.
-And then sometimes pretty dresses.
-Light makeup, though often vibrant lipstick.
-Perhaps they were fishers. Perhaps farmers. The vaguest memories exist of a river, a tiny hut, but the faces of the people living there, the name they called her, these things are long gone.
-This is when some dead girl was born. This is where she was taken from.
-Taken? Or is she given away? The girl would never know, but given her understanding of motherhood these days, she cynically assumes the latter.
-Initial travel is not far, a small local prostitution ring rather than some grand international endeavor.
-There is not much fight in her; out of fear and a feeble desire to survive, she does as she's told.
-It's bad.
-Unknown to a largely despondent child, the enterprise she's a part of is subsumed by a larger organization. Girls are shuffled about to meet fresh demand.
-What she does know is that she spent some interminable time in the bow of a ship, and afterward the men she entertains no longer speak words she understands.
-Now seen as a stupid foreigner on top of everything else, her treatment grows less gentle than ever.
-It's worse.
-Organizational restructuring strikes again. This time the racket goes broke. Assets are sold off at bargain prices.
-Neither particularly spirited nor a standout beauty, she is surprised to have her contract purchased by a higher end establishment. The girl is never told that it's because of her Korean-accented Japanese, how it reminds someone of someone.
-While the work remains, it's hard to be bothered by it as she knows nothing else. However, what is new is some semblance of respect, care, and safety. Bruises are no longer the expected norm.
-It's better.
-Under even this simple nurture, the girl flourishes. A strength of personality never before present begins to assert itself as her self worth blossoms. Quiet ferocity grows within her as she determines never again to return to the treatment she knew before.
-This solidifying grasp on her self leads to a quickly escalating altercation when a drunken client is not gentle. She pushes back, and ends up beaten practically to death.
-Unconscious for the whole of the event, she has no memory of being fed the blood of the elusive madam who bought her contract, no memory of dying.
-Only recalls waking up feeling cold. And hungry.
-Guided and supervised by Yuna Tsumura, her madam and sire, she finds the still besotted fool who murdered her and makes of him her first meal. She is not gentle.
-Learning what she is at the feet of Yuna and her husband Asao, what she is not any longer is a working girl. Promoted, as it were, she ascends to the shadows alongside the two elder vampires she comes to form a small family unit with.
-Gifted with a great honor, the name Kaida Tsumura. Yuna's little dragon.
-Intent to never again be a victim, she begins taking some combat lessons from Asao.
-Dragons can fly. Kaida, however, can only keep herself slightly above the ground, an ability she discovers when an embarrassing fall down some stairs results in gently floating to the lower floor.
-Excited to see what this new and powerful unlife has to offer, Kaida hides her disappointment that her world continues to revolve around the sex trade for several years more, even if no longer directly taking part. Still, overwhelming gratitude and a lingering humility see that these feelings are never expressed.
-Eight years seems to be the shelf life of any happy little family for Kaida. The ancient, capable man she's come to regard as a father is reduced to ash, all his swordsmanship meaningless to the indiscriminate damage of an American bomber. Kaida is stunned into uselessness, but Yuna's cold fury sees them both to safety.
-Flees with her mother into a more rural area to wait out the remains of World War II.
-Follows dutifully as Yuna takes them back to Tokyo and opens a new pleasure house.
-Inwardly incensed that Yuna would not only seek to reestablish their place in a world Kaida feels she's finally escaped, but to do so catering to those whom had taken Asao from them.
-Nevertheless knows she owes everything to her mother, that they are all either had left for a time. Serves and supports as best she can, burying her feelings of frustration. Mother knows best.
-Hopes that with the increasing societal and governmental disapproval of prostitution, they may at last move away from such entrepreneurship. But disappointment is a key part of life.
-While the business does well, Kaida spends this decade and the years surrounding it trying to distract herself. Discover herself. She shadows Yuna to try and acquire her business acumen and grows proficient at financial management, but also wanders a little more. Grows decently fluent in English and develops a better sense of just how wide the world is.
-Also discovers that her powers of levitation are not limited to her own person. Finds amusement and useful practice with this new facet by playing with her food.
-Despite all this, malcontentment grows.
-As a fresh clutch grows around her mother, Kaida eagerly takes up the positions of Regent and Praetor, fiercely protecting Yuna's person and interests even as she grows more and more distant from the latter.
-Yuna's development of a winged animal form has Kaida refocusing on personal levitation, determined to join her mother in the skies.
-The little dragon's first true flight.
-Others in the clutch, having developed their own dissatisfaction with perceived stagnation, begin to stir.
-Seeing opportunity here, Kaida attempts to subtly guide this uprising into putting her in charge. This could be her chance to finally break away from this accursed field of business, dragging Yuna along with her.
-Overly concerned with keeping word of her intent from reaching Yuna, perhaps she acts too subtly. Everything implodes and the clutch fractures. Mother and daughter are left alone once more.
-Exasperated by the tenacity Yuna displays in clinging so tightly to this one world they've known, Kaida expresses little interest in joining the fresh clutch her mother attempts to craft.
-Does she also feel petty annoyance at being less special as her mother goes and makes several more daughters?
-A breaking point. Believing that Yuna will never free herself of this tiny corner of the world, geographically and otherwise, Kaida flatly abandons her.
-Overwhelmed with possibility, she first travels back to the countryside where they stayed thirty years before. Eager to leave the familiar behind, however, she soon departs the Japanese archipelago entirely.
-Having quickly established that traveling, particularly alone, is hazardous, it has taken Kaida more than half a decade to gradually and cautiously make her way West.
-Arrives in Kraków and spends several months learning the area, the basics of the language, managing to survive and stay hidden in this prey-rich environment.
-Discovered by a large local clutch, Kaida humbles herself and supplicates membership. This eases her transition to this new life.
-By now well established in both the clutch and city, she spends the next several years making a tidy fortune as a financial advisor thanks to a generous investment of capital from a clutchmate.
-Her efforts are made easier by the power of suggestion and a penchant for casually floating people out over the ledge of highrises until they agree to her terms.
-Turns into a cat, which is fun.
-Consumed by a restlessness that never quite went away and again feeling some need for more independence, Kaida uproots her existence once more. Traveling with another clutchmate for mutual safety, she crosses the sea and arrives in North America.
-New York City seems a natural choice to her, again a place easy to disappear within and easier to find a meal. She's more judicious about clutch selection this time, shopping around and avoiding the largest few simply out of a desire for greater importance and control than she could likely find there.
-A founding member of a new clutch, she finds fifth from the top an acceptable starting position. Even on a team of five. And of course this is by her own reckoning, given this disorganized group definitely doesn't have strict hierarchy all the way down.
-Fourth from the top.
-The clutch, more violent than most, grows steadily as many young vampires seek to be unleashed. It would grow faster if not for some degree of infighting.
-Bursting with underinformed, reckless youngsters, the clutch undergoes something of a purge. Its populace drops by nearly half. Stricter rules regarding siring and implemented.
-Second. Now it's official, Kaida made Regent for the second time in her existence. She elects not to brag about the first time. It hardly counts. A treat from mommy.
-Speak of the devil. Thirty years to the month after parting ways, Yuna presents herself. Kaida is standoffish, not liking the idea of having what she's built for herself suddenly feeling as though just another part of her mother's legacy, seeing a threat to her independence where possibly none exists. She pretends as though she's just upset at being left alone for so long.
-But it's the revelation of Nightshade, Yuna's latest flesh peddling enterprise, that truly drives the daughter to fury. Still propogating that life. On threat of having her clutch destroy the cabaret (something for which she doesn't technically have the authority), Kaida refuses all contact.
-A second purge. Some part of the little dragon is growing awfully sick of this. There's opportunity here to grab at the throne, but consumed with uncertainty regarding Yuna's presence in the city and the beginnings of that same old restlessness, she elects to keep quiet and continue passive support. Her time will come.
-In a petty move brought about by a tentative attempt by her mother to make contact once more, Kaida has her surname legally changed. It's an absurd move, she recognizes, but takes great pleasure in it regardless.
-The existence of vampires is revealed to the world. Unstable as ever, the clutch shatters. Kaida is part of why, immediately rabbiting. Not since the death of Asao has she been so frightened and convinced of her own impending doom.
-Refusing to seek solace and safety under Yuna's skirts as before, Kaida flees the city. The state. She heads further west until her panicked flight lands her in Chicago.
-Coming together with several other "refugees," she attempts to iron fist her way into leadership of a fresh clutch.
-It goes poorly, in the violence and accidentally-getting-someone's-ash-in-your-mouth kind of way.
-Concerned about reprisals, she readies to flee again, haphazardly covering tracks by suggesting a few loose ends into being unable to provide any useful information about her.
-Paranoid yet between the shitshow in Chicago and broad knowledge of her kind's existence, Kaida spends most of the year traveling and avoiding major population hubs.
-An urban creature, however, by mid November she finds herself wandering uncertainly into Ridgefield County.
-Striving to keep a low profile while she settles in, Kaida avoids any clutch entanglements or indeed other vampires at all.
-Establishes(/fakes) local credentials as a financial advisor, communicating with clients almost entirely through email.
-Feels reasonably secure by late summer. And very bored.
-Fluent languages: Korean, Japanese, English, Polish
-Semi-fluent languages: French
Simple floral tattoo along her upper spine

IC Kills: Willow Simmons

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Winner: Bad Bitch Duo w/ Devin Kade (2020)
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