Amira Puri Intermediate Were Tiger
Basic Information
Name Amira Puri
Pronouns She/Her
Age 28(16)
Birthday January 13
Height 5 ft 2
Eyes Amber
Face Claim Digangana Suryavanshi
Residence Location Fringes
Occupation Location Camp Baron
Occupation Working at Pine Peak
Vehicle Blue Vespa
Vampire Stats
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Supernatural Eye Color Pink
Animal Appearance
  • Female Siberian Golden Tiger
  • Fur is a more white and the striping patters are a more strawberry golden color with two black dots on her pink nose. Her eye color isThis shade of pink!
  • 11 ft 1 inch long from snout to tail tip, roughly 750 lbs of floofy muscle
  • LOOKS, GASP looks!,HAPPY looks!
  • A little short in height
  • Waist length wavy black/brown hair
  • Lightly tan complexion
  • Often wears clothes that are more in tune with her mothers culture but on occasion she will wear something from her fathers. On a rare occasion she will wearing jeans and a shirt
  • Often her and her tiger are highly similar and on the same page. She has no issues shifting in the slightest and sees nothing wrong with shifting as they both like their time out
  • Has a lot of tiger-cub like tendencies still
  • Bold
  • Brave(but doesn't like heights but will pretend she's fine with them)
  • Easily excitable
  • Inquisitive
  • Can be shy and reserved around nonweres since she has no clue how to wholly interact with them
  • Kinda quirky
  • Amira's mother was both in Nagpur and met her father who was from Northeastern China. He would go on to infect and turn Amiras mother into a Siberan tiger and together they both moved from the strict culture of her homeland to the more lax state of Alaska.
  • They lived there in relative peace and found a small group of tigers to be apart of. During their time there, Amira's mother would go on to get pregnant twice. First having a son and then waiting until he was full grown(at 6) to then have Amira.
  • Amira stood out in the small group of tigers given her unique coating coloration but she seemed to have inherited her mothers deep pink eye color.
  • Both Amira and her brother would go through homeschooling to try and learn and keep up (relatively speaking) with kids 'thier' age. They both took to learning and graduating high school at around ten years old perspectively.
  • Due to some unfortunate events when the kids were both 13 and 19, their mother would pass away from her heart failing on a particular hard shift post fight with a fellow were. It would leave Heng, their father) alone with two children still that he was determined to care for.
  • With some hard feelings and the need to change their surroundings, Heng would take both his son and daughter to the cool mounainus state of Colorado to live in a rather comfortable Cabin.
  • Still being young, she was more then eager to move, her brother though, chose to stay behind for a short time in Alaska to meet up with them at a later time, so until then, Heng and Amira, would set up residence in the fringes of Colorado.
  • So until then, Amira would explore her new surroundings and to hopefully make new friends!
  • Learning Hindi and Chinese but knows English very well
  • Loves to climb things but struggles to climb back down because she realizes she's gone up too high
  • Really loves to try all sorts of things, no matter what they are
  • Is trying very hard to get a pet hedgehog
  • Chief Her new pet pup!
  • New Friends! Cute art done by Rose of Amira and Charlie playing <3
Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
Threw Were-kind Off Hell in a Cell
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