Axel Hohlt Intermediate Were Jaguar
Basic Information
Name Axel Hohlt
Pronouns He/Him
Age 23
Birthday October 13
Height 5'8
Eyes Hazel
Face Claim Bill Kaulitz
Residence Location Hawknell
Occupation Location Ridgefield
Occupation Mermaid @The Cove
Vehicle 2013 Low Rider Harley
Group Cloud Cove Prowl
Vampire Stats
Age turned 19
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 19
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 19
Supernatural Eye Color Amber
Animal Appearance
  • Big were Jag. Meaty boi
  • Fur is a brownish black not fully dark so his rosettes can still be seen.
  • Appearance
  • Was really into the punk scene in high school and still wears a lot of the cloths from that phase.
  • Really likes leather jackets
  • Is way to into eyeliner
  • Thinks people should wear whatever they want and often wears makeup
  • Personality
    Friendly |Talks to much| Thinks he's hilarious| Insecure|
  • Born in Santa Monica, CA. To a Doctor and a Lawyer. So he grew up in a rather upper middle class household Had a relationship with a boy named Chris in 7th grade. They broke up when Chris moved away

  • Teenage Years:
  • Gained a close group of friends, they often hung out in the cemetery listening to music and drinking
  • Started dating Gabriel, a rich boy whose parent's were very anti-gay and so their relationship had to be kept a secret.

    Senior Year :
  • Chris moved back and started hanging out with Axel again.
  • Gabriel broke up with him and started to go out with Chris.
  • Spring break came around and Axel went with Chris and Gabriel to spend the vacation in Sausalito, CA. Where Gabriel's parents had their second home.
  • While on vacation Gabriel and Chris began to fight and Chris went to Axel for comfort. Chris ended up kissing Axel and a large fight broke out when Gabriel caught them.
  • Feed up with the two of them Axel decided to go into San Francisco for the night. While on the way there he ended up in a car crash.
  • The crash paralyzed him from the waist down.
  • He was only able to finish high school by completing an online course. Since he missed the rest of the year.

  • Adulthood :
  • Spent the next year unable to do much and mostly confined to his house.
  • He spent a lot of time with his childhood friend Ryan. Ryan's older brother Chester often visited and they began a friendship that developed into something more. Things got a little to passionate and Chester ended up turning into a jaguar in Axel's bedroom, which of course ended up with Axel getting bitten.
  • The first full moon gave him back his legs. But unsure how to break the news to his parents he decided to simply leave town.
  • Joined a group in Oregon for a year to get a better understanding of how to live with the cat.
  • Relationship with Chester deteriated so he guilted his sire into giving him enough money to move to Colorado.
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