Solomon Laroche Common Were Wolf
Basic Information
Name Solomon Laroche
Pronouns He/Him
Age 73
Birthday July 4th
Height 5'9
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Jeff Bridges
Residence Location Lauderhill
Occupation Location Alder Heights
Occupation English Professor
Vehicle 2001 Honda Accord
Vampire Stats
Age turned 22
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned 22
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
First Ability
Power Description
Were Stats
Age turned 22
Supernatural Eye Color Yellow
Animal Appearance -What was once a large black wolf is now a slender, almost rickety looking fella with no small amount of grey fur mixed in.
-His yellow eyes are gentle, and his snowy eyebrows are expressive.
-Keeps is salt and pepper (more salt than pepper) hair ear length.
-Hasn't seen his bare face in over fifty years.
-His clothing style is what you would expect of a middle class man of his age.
-Not heavy set, but not exactly slender either. "Hale" is a good word for it.
-Patient & Caring
-Stubborn & Questioning
-Solitary & Unhurried
-Forgetful & Insightful
-Born in Vancouver, British Columbia to a lower class working family. His father was a fisherman, his mother was a telephone operator.
-Despite their constant struggle to make ends meet, his parents did all they could to provide for him and his brother.
-Growing up, he did especially well in writing class, and took great interest in English as a subject.
-At the age of eighteen he left for Seattle, enrolled in school and was excited to settle into the new and exciting world of the neighborhood of Fremont.
-There, he was introduced to many, many different experiences. Drugs, sex, women (and men), philosophies, spiritual exploration.
-When he was twenty, he met a girl named Lainey, who he very quickly fell deeply in love with.
-They settled down in a little house, got married, and were content to live their lives together as happy hippies in the heart of Seattle.
-Then Lainey got pregnant, which wasn’t the plan, but exciting nevertheless. They had a beautiful girl whom they named Eloise.
-Things were looking up, Solomon finding a job at a publishing company with his degree in English, Lainey working from home as a yoga instructor.
-Of course, this is the part of the history where things get bad.
-A camping trip with a two year old was difficult enough, but Sol and Lainey were making it work. They did it often, and treated that particular evening in 1969 as any other.
-A rogue wolf who Solomon now knows must have been new to it all found their camp as they were making dinner, and when Solomon did his duty of running it off, it attacked.
-The mauling was worse than anything Solomon was prepared for, and had it not been for Lainey chasing the thing away with fire, he might have been killed.
-It turned out that he was lucky enough to have been infected, which saved his life. Of course, neither knew at the time, and the doctors at the hospital they rushed to had no answer as to why his wounds healed so quickly.
-The two were shaken from their near disaster experience, but they knew what they’d seen. They dedicated the next month to research into what could have attacked Solomon, and what was to come.
-Their wild suspicions were more or less confirmed when Solomon hiked out into the mountains as a precaution on the Full Moon, and woke hours later, naked in the woods with no memory of what had happened the night before.
-Adjusting to life as something from a storybook was not at all easy. For months, Solomon was certain that Lainey was on the verge of leaving him as they worked through what to do next. But she never did. She kept his secret, and supported him when he found what they’d been looking for; another were-creature.
-This one was a man that turned into a bear. He told Solomon all there was to know about life as a Were, and stressed to him that if anyone found out about him, he would need to either turn or kill them.
-Having no interest in either of those things, Solomon resigned himself to a life of solitude. At least, solitude from other Weres. He was determined not to allow any threat to his wife to come about because of what he was.
-There were many disasters, and many near-misses, but Lianey loved him. Eventually, things got easier to handle, and Solomon found some balance between man and wolf.
-He was able to resume life as normal, scheduling himself around the moon and the specifications of the beast’s needs. But he always found time for Lainey and Eloise, and they always had time for him.
-A thirty, Solomon went back to school to pursue a teaching degree. With it, he got a job at a high school as an English Literature teacher.
-When Eloise was sixteen, Solomon made the decision to tell his daughter what he was, so that she would understand if ever there was the occasion that he and Lainey had to flee.
-This put a strain on their relationship for many years, as Eloise was emotional and had a hard time coming to terms with it.
-When Eloise finished college and fell in love with a man she met that lived in Ireland, Solomon and Lainey were nothing but supportive of her choice to move overseas with him.
-At 52, Solomon was offered a job as a professor at University of Denver in Colorado. It was a big life change, but Lainey was supportive and willing to leave behind their life they had built.
-Soon after, there was news of a granddaughter on the way. Solomon stressed to Eloise never to tell another soul about what he was, for fear of putting more of his family in danger.
-As little Zelda grew, Solomon and Lainey did what they could to stay in contact. A few visits every few years, and the troublesome task of FaceTime. Still, it was very hard to stay involved in the girl’s life.
-In 2012, when Solomon and Lainey were 65, Lainey was diagnosed with a brain tumor. She fought hard, but ultimately, she passed away just days after Solomon’s 66th birthday.
-Devastated, Solomon fell into a spell of depression that still haunts him, but after some years, it became easier to manage. He turned to teaching and hiking (and shifting) often as therapy.
-In 2018, he took a position at Alder Heights Community College, but settled in the city of Lauderhill
-In late July of 2020, Solomon got a call from his daughter that he never expected. His granddaughter was the victim of the same sort of attack he’d survived so many years ago. And now, the best thing for her was to move overseas to stay with him and learn how to manage life as a Were. After so many years of only worrying about his own wolf, he’s not so sure that he’s prepared to have a pup hanging around.
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