Matthew Lovett Human
Basic Information
Name Matthew James Lovett VI
Pronouns he/him
Age 45
Birthday December 8th
Height 5' 11
Eyes Blue
Face Claim Alex Kapranos
Residence Location Ridgefield
Occupation Location Ridgefield
Occupation Forensic analyst
Vehicle 2014 Nissan Ultima (Black)
Vampire Stats
Age turned
Supernatural Eye Color
Power/Animal Description
Psychic Stats
Age turned
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Animal Appearance

⇉ Lean with a head that seems kinda too big for his body. Mum always said his head's so big in order to carry all that brain matter, but it still doesn't make him feel better about it... not that he's insecure or anything.

⇉ Not underweight but he does look like he could use a decent meal. And he probably could, but food isn't allowed in the lab while people are watching. Doesn't really strike an imposing figure. Almost forgettable. Gets over that hurdle with oodles of confidence and a tiny bit of smugness.

⇉ Little bit pale with striking lips and sharp cheekbones. It almost seems like dark eyes would look more drastic in his face. Practically no eyebrows though, It's a curse. How are you supposed to know how he's feeling? Spoiler: he just tells you.

⇉ Isn't in love with any style over another. Will sit around the house in a dress shirt and tie and happily rock up to give a lecture in sandals and a tracksuit. Would probably wear a unicorn onesie to a lab if he could get away with it.


↷ Caring and genuinely passionate about helping people, Matthew can get far too emotionally involved with his work. On occasion he's been known to stay up until nearly seven or eight in the morning trying to solve tricky problems or complete lab work. This usually means that he will be tired and inattentive until his next day off, when he will either sleep until it is time to go back to work or continue working despite his knowledge that he really should be taking it easy. Due to the stress he puts himself under, he ends up frequently unwell, which makes him more tired, but still he keeps working, which makes him sick... It's a vicious cycle.

↷ Quick to give out advice but incredibly reluctant to take any. If he sees another person prepared to stay up all night to work, he will warn them against it, though he's often reminded that he does the exact same thing. It makes him quite unhappy when people refuse to listen to his advice; he hates to see people suffer. It could be called arrogance that he believes his solutions are the best and only solutions, though.

↷ When he feels an emotion, he feels it very strongly. As a result, rarely backs down from a fight. Kind of amazing he hasn't been turned, actually. However, he also isn't afraid to cry and would rather just talk about what's bothering him. And you will be hearing about it. Several times. Unless he thinks it'll hurt you, in which case he's gonna bottle everything up.

↷ Some people don't understand his sense of humour and he may come off as harsh. It frustrates him if he has to explain a joke or sarcastic comment, which sets off the anger-guilt cycle (usually). Often sarcastic or dry. Likes to joke around and get under people's skin. Little bit flirty but it rarely means anything, except that he's winding you up.


⇛ Born in Glasgow, his parents were killed in an alley by a mugger dressed as ManBat. Inspired by this incident, the tiny two month old baby disappeared into obscurity, training against Jackie Chan and Chuck Norris only to return as Batman. No, I'm totally kidding.

⇛ Way back in 1974, in a tiny council flat in the heart of Glasgow, a small, premature baby boy was born to Bernadette and Matthew Lovett. The family had barely any money and Matthew Junior (actually Matthew VI) had been pretty unexpected; when the couple realised that Bernadette was pregnant and not just getting fat, it was far too late to really plan anything. Although a total accident, the small family were very excited about having their first child. Both sets of grandparents were unsure; the couple had married only weeks earlier. Any hint of disagreement was quickly silenced when the tiny baby boy was born, just minutes after the ambulance was called. At hospital, the boy was put straight into an incubator. For a while he refused to feed, resulting in the decision being made to tube feed him. He barely cried for the first year of his life, though Granny Lovett warned that once he found a voice, it'd be a loud one and he was never going to shut up.

⇛ In school, Matthew was a very ordinary young man. He played sports, hung around with other boys, played tricks on the girls, that sort of thing. As he matured, however, he found he enjoyed the company of girls and though he wasn't one of the popular crowd, he was quite happy being "normal". Puberty went as well as could be expected, too; spots and hormones and embarrassment abound. After leaving high school, he was accepted into the University of Glasgow to study zoology. Since his parents didn't have any money to pay for his education, Matthew took out a loan and worked part time at a bank to raise enough money to be able to pay it all off when he left university.

⇛ While studying zoology, he became very interested in genetics and once he had his zoology degree, he decided to pursue a degree in genetics as well. Unsure of what he could possibly do with these two seemingly unrelated degrees, he spoke to a lecturer, who pointed out how useful it would be in forensic sciences. Now twenty seven, he got a job with another university in Glasgow, where he quite happily performed lab work. Later he would complete a PhD in Forensic Science at the university. There, he took part in several research projects, one of which he is most proud of involving the investigation of illegal 'medicine' made using the crushed bones/teeth/tusks of endangered species.

⇛ In the mid-00s, he was called in to help analyse an unusual murder scene. At first, it seemed that the victim had been stabbed with some sort of curved knife or sickle twice in the gut. The marks were unusually well-aligned. Thinking of it as sheer coincidence, Matthew's colleagues were prepared to search for the likely murder weapon, though Matthew wasn't so sure. It kind of reminded him of a snake bite... but who would miss a snake that big skulking around Glasgow? Against his better judgement, he agreed with his colleagues that it was some kind of ritual killing and left it at that. Unbeknownst to him, that was a sensible decision.

⇛ Early 10s, he was called in once more to investigate a similar scene, due to his involvement in the previous case. Again, he just had this gut feeling that something was weird about it, and once more he gave an assessment he wasn't really happy with. During that time, he became somewhat 'in demand' and took up offers of travel, advancing his career and trying to just forget about those weird murder cases. He taught at universities across the globe, assisted several law enforcement agencies through forensic analysis, and spoke in court as an expert witness a number of times (that number being three, but still).

⇛ When shifters became public knowledge, Matt thought back to those cases that had bugged him before. Not being in Glasgow kind of had the effect of not being able to do a great amount about it, but in his annoying way he raised merry hell until an old colleague agreed to reopen the case. Turned out it was a weresnake. A very powerful one at that. Matt doesn't take the credit for catching the guy, though. He is, however, glad he wasn't crazy after all.

⇛ Has managed to live and work in Ridgefield County for three years now without being turned by something. Or killed. Considering how close he's come before to uncovering the truth, that's maybe a little more impressive than he realises. Definitely nothing bad is going to happen to him at any point. Yep.


⇝ Has a scar across his hip from an accident in the morgue. Everyone who was present is sworn to secrecy over what happened. Which is just himself. I wouldn't want to tell people I tripped while holding a scalpel either. Likes to tell people it was a fight with a zombie/guy who wasn't really dead/very angry gardener.

⇝ DNA analysis is his jam, blood spatter analysis a close second. Used to do paternity testing early in his career and found it soul-destroying.

⇝ Likes sneaking naps on display beds at furniture stores.

⇝ Has luminol at home. For fun glowy blood times! May have stolen it from a teaching lab but he's pretty sure they won't miss it.

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